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Monday, April 23, 2012

PURRS for my Grandpa Peep

Addendum to our previously prepared post for today....
My Grandpa peep (Mom's Dad) was taken to the hospital late Saturday night.  He has an extensive history of intestinal blockages and has numberous surgeries.  In 2008, he was told he could not have any more surgeries due to lack of tissue to close up the surgical area. This time it is only partially blocked. We would appreciate your purrs that the stomach tube is able to clear up this blockage. Mom will not be around much to help me with my blog except very early morning and late afternoon. We'll try to keep you updated.  My Grandma Peep needs some help too at her house she is confined to a walker.  She does have a home health aid who comes in 3 days a week.
Thank you 
Madi and Mom

From my 2nd floor diva perch, some of our deck thingies* purchased last  Fall are currently experiencing a second wind due to our mild winter.
 Such as this lovely pot of posies.  Dad noticed in early March the tall thingies*  were getting new buds. So he started to water and tend it.  Lo and behold they bloomed again.  The short puffypink flowers did too!!
* Scientific terms
 After noticing a new crop of these critters, I asked Dad 
how he managed to keep them so healthy.  He said it had absolutely
nothing to do with their survival BUT if they kept eating our deck...
well this is a family blog so I can't print what he said.  
Mom says since they love wood she thinks they are a new species called

 Here is another pot of posies purchased in the Fall that had a second wind. Dad was happy both of the pots of posies survived 
'cause he didn't have to fork out any green papers for Spring plants
for the planters.


  1. 1. Purrayers bein sent immmediately fur the grand'rents.
    2. Your *thingies are looking lovely.
    3. Squibeav are evil. Trust us on this one.
    4. You are looking absolutely diva-ish, Madi!

    Purrs from all of us at Prancer Pie. xoxox

  2. Sending our best wishes for both your mom and dad!! Hope he gets to come home and feeling better very very soon!

  3. Keeping your Grandpa and Grandma peeps in my thoughts and hoping they can fix Grandpa's problem soon. I guess with the mild winter your annuals became perennial!


  4. Madi, I am crossing paws and hoping my best hopes that Grandpa and Grandma are feeling better soon. Mommy will say a prayer. The flowers are so pretty and how cool that they survived for you. You must have a green paw.

    Loveys Sasha

  5. We will be keeping your Grand peeps in our thoughts and sending lots of healing purrs their way. We hope the blockage can be cleared.

    The squibeav looks pretty ferocious (where the wood is concerned), he'd better watch his step around your deck.

    Purrs & Hugs,
    Cindi Lou and The Kitty Krew
    and J

  6. We are saying prayers for your grandpa and grandma. The flowers sure are nice!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  7. Your grandpa and grandma are in our thoughts and prayers....take care of your mommy too....she needs you....

  8. Lovely plants and photos!

    I am praying for Grandpa and Grandma and for your Mom and you too, Madi. *HUGS*

  9. Stay away from the Squibeav, Madi...those guys are evil!!

    We are purring for your grandpa and grandma...and all of you.

  10. Purrs and prayers for the grand peeps, Madi. xoxoxoxo

  11. sorry to hear about the blockage, i do pray all will be well with him. my husband has said the same words about the same critters... LOL and the flowers are beautiful, i love the porch and the deck. you live in a beautiful home Madi with beautiful people

  12. Dat dere Squibeav looks scary and dangerous. Don't go after dem. Jus call me if dey cause you trouble.

    Sending extra prayers and crossed paws for Grandpa!

  13. We are sending tons and tons of purrs and prayers to your Mom's dad Madi. We sure hope they can clear that blockage. Madi, we love your flowers on your wonderful porch and that varmit needs to move on. Hope all of you have a great day.

  14. The flowers are gorgeous, Madi, so lovely.

    We're sending lots of purrs and purrayers to your grandpeeps and to your mom too. Paws crossed!

  15. Hope your mom's dad gets well very soon.

  16. Lots of paws crossed for your Grandpa!

  17. My goodness...squibeav and learning a new scientific term *thingies*. You two never cease to teach us lessons of the learned!!! Beautiful deck...awesome posey thingies!!!

    And hope your grandpaw will recover quickly and our thoughts and purrayers are with you always.

  18. Madi, I really hope & pray Grandpa gets better really soon!
    Are those tall flowers Snap Dragons?!
    Don't worry, they don't look like the fire breathing dragons!! LOL
    I remember those varmints eating our deck, the redwood fence and some of our bird feeders!
    They definitely must be a new species! ;)

  19. Oh Madi, I have all my paws crossed for your Grandapa Peep, as do the kittie siblings and my Peeps. We're sending lots of healing vibes his way!


  20. Sending lots of prayers and hugs to you all!

    We're certainly going to miss your beautiful face while we're gone!!!
    We might have to call and have a little purr time!

  21. Oh no your poor grandpa peep! I hopes he is gonna be okays! Let us knows how he is cuz you knows we will worry. Oh and gives him a hug and tells him it be from Me, Puddles.

    Your dad looks likes him has a green thumb...and he don't eat none of da plants eithers....I mean I know of no doggie dat would do such a thing but whereevers.
    Them Squirbeavs will even eat through vinyl sidin' too...okays maybe i made dat up.


  22. Praying for him. A full recovery.



  23. We sure are all thinking of your grandpa here in Collie-rado, Madi. Give your mom extra purrs and snuggles. I know she needs 'em.

    Those flowers sure are pretty. We don't have any flowers here yet but we have green grass and I've been munching down on it. Oh, and guess what? Our squirrels eat our deck, too, and it's not even REAL wood! It's something called Trex. Makes my momma kerazy! Stoopid squirrels.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  24. Paws and fingers crossed here for a good recovery. We will keep your peeps in our thoughts.

  25. Oh Madi and Mom, we are so sorry to hear about Grandpa/Dad. We have all our 16 paws crossed for him and for Mom. And Mom is adding lots of prayers too. We hope all goes well.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  26. Oh you must look after Grandad Madi.. Grandparents are the best. Give him my best good Greyhound vibes won't you? Deccy x

  27. Woof! Woof! Sending Golden Thoughts n Crossing my Golden PAWS to your mom's grandpa. LOVE your deck ... beautiful. Are you allowed to hang out there? You should ... Lots of Golden ALOHA n Woofs, Sugar

  28. Madi and sweet Mom,
    I´m sending my best vibratios to your Grandpa (and Dad)!!!!!!
    Madi, youré so cute and gourgeous Diva. Love you!
    Have a nice week and send news, all right?

  29. TONS and TONS of purrs coming your way!

  30. Oh Miss Madi, I am sorry I am so late! Don't you worry I am sending all my very best yorkie wishes and prayers for your Grandpa! Please keep us posted.

    And about those squirrels, just leave them to me or maybe Puddles because she is much tougher than me. I will hold her beer while she chases them down!

    Your pal, Pip

  31. We are sending lots of purrs for your Grandpa and hope the blockage can be cleared without too much trouble.
    Your flowers are very pretty.

  32. Oh Madi
    We are sending you extra special purrs for your Grandpa. WE will keep him in our prayers and wait to hear word from you on his condition. You tell him he has lots and lots of kitties and woofies sending healing purrs and woofs his way and make him smile.

    Your flower boxes are absolutely stunning, just like you.

  33. We will be sending your Grandpa peep all the Power of the Paw we can muster. We really hope he's just fine. We're glad to see that you are lovely as ever and please give our love to your Mom and tell her we're thinking about her during this very ruff time.

  34. My paws are crossed for your Grandpa!
    I hope he will be much better soon!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  35. Our paws are also CROSSED for your grand daddy !!!!
    We will think on him.

    (Take also your rest Cecilia...!!!)
    Your Mom will need you also.



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