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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday Tale...

We are sorry we don't have a post for Thursday Theme Song Day.
Mom and Dad were supposed to be in the mountains on vacay this week; however, due to my Grandpa Peep's sickies they canceled their trip so she moving previously prepared posts around to fill in gaps.
Update:  We are in a holding pattern nothing has changed since Tuesday's update.  Hopefully the doctor will read his X-ray today.
NOW FOR our Post

I love the Bird Channel I get outside my window;
however, I have found the reception is 
lousy after dark.  I cannot see one single bird.
If you are having the same problem with your reception,
I'd like to suggest you subscribe to WILD BIRD Magazine
 I found the article on hummingbirds very enjoyable and
informative and the pictures are gorgeous!!
Happy Reading


  1. We haf trubble wif reception at night, too. Howefur, the crickets and frogs more than make up fur what is lost. We also like to watch The Outdoor Channel wif the Dad. There are lots of good noises on it. Our Mommy would prolly like Wild Bird magazine. She entertains easy. MOL! Nosetaps from all of us at Prancer Pie. xoxo

  2. Madi, I don't get to see the birds at night either but we do get lots of these burglar looking guys with black masks on their eyes. They sneak around outside and sometimes get in our garage. I hope you find some good information in your magazine. Do you just like to talk to the birdys? I have heard about some kitties that like to do other things with birds.

    Loveys Sasha

  3. The reception on our channel isn't very good at night either. We keep seeing funny looking birds that our mama calls moths. You have some great reading material Madi. That hummer is really cute.

    Keeping our fingers and paws crossed that you get some information from the doctor.

    Purrs & Hugs,
    Cindi Lou and The Kitty Krew
    and J

  4. What a good reader you are Madie! I sure hope everyone is feeling better in your house by now!

  5. Have you considered installing Arc lights to create artificial daylight? That should fool the little bu**ers Hehe! Deccy x

  6. You really do study so well, Madi. Quite brilliant.

    Still sending prayers and good thoughts.

  7. We have terrible reception for Bird TV too Madi. Funniest thing. But that magazine looks like some really good pictures of the birds. Hope all of you have a super day.

  8. I love the Bird Channel too! Last night we saw a BIG eagle from our living room window! It was AWESOME! Your grandfather is in our thoughts and prayers....

  9. Have our Mom put a big light outside the window so you can see at night! Have fun with that! We still praying too.
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  10. M&M....just caught up on the updates from the previous posts...hope he will be able to begin soft foods. And, as far as I'm concerned, sitting up for even just a short period, is a good sign. Glad to read that the blockage was caught in time.

    And don't worry yourselves about'll be here whenever you feel there is time!!! Life is just way to important to think about memes.

    Enjoy those hummingbirds when it's dark!!!

  11. Hello Madi! I will be praying for your Grandpa peep. ... and just what are your intentions with these birds your learning about? Just wondering.... :-)

  12. Yes... same thing happens here! Thank you for the wonderful idea 'bout the bird magazine. I'll get my peep right on it!

  13. ok so are you reading that magazine or admiring a smorgasbord? hummm? MOL i pray your grandpa peep will be all better soon. we get the same reception out our windows to

  14. I love hummingbirds too. We haven't had any show up here yet, but maybe that snow we had earlier this week slowed them down.


  15. Did you really read the article Madi or just lick, oops I mean look, at the pictures? :-)

  16. Still sending postive good wishes for Grandpa Peep. Tell Mom the mountains have been foggy, dark and raining so they didn't miss much.

  17. Madi, I feel so bad that Mom and Dad didn't get to up to Asheville for vacation!
    But understand with her Daddy being sick and taking care of Mama, this wasn't the time!

    "Wild Bird" is an excellent bird magazine, with great photos, especially the hummers!!
    Hmm, I wonder what could be hampering your night time reception?! LOL

    Give Mom some extra love, she's been working hard lately!

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. I hope you Grandpa gets better! Echo also wants him to get better. So do all the cats. BK

  20. You are such a smart kitty, Madi. We can't seem to see the bunnies here at night either so maybe we can find a Wildlife magazine too and check out the furries:)

    Hope Mom and Dad get to take that vacation soon and that Grandpa will be well enough to go home and do fine.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  21. Bird watching is the BEST! Sorry your mommy and daddy had to cancel their vacation....things like that happen....(sad face)....I hope your grandfather gets well soon!

  22. I'm hoping Grandpa is better.

  23. Hey Madi, I actually have a kitty brother (Scribbles), a kitty sister (Pigeon), AND my sissy Cinderella, yet Mommma always jumps to blaming me when the trash gets spread everywhere anyway. SO not fair. Anyway, now my kitty siblings are VERY annoyed that you forgot about them. Worse, they're bugging me to get blog space. I keep telling them it's a BOXER blog, but they're yowling at me anyway. Thanks for getting me in trouble!

  24. OH VERY COOL! You are so smart getting to read.



  25. Our reception isn't very good at night either Madi. Maybe mum will get the bird magazine for us too.
    We are continuing to purr for your grandpa.

  26. Madi that is an excellent suggestion.
    YOU are right we can't see any birdies after dark either. Ummmm is this a conspiracy?
    We are still purring for your Grandpa and we hope he got good news today.

  27. We never can see those birdies at night! We're gonna "borrow" our mom's credit card so we can order that magazine!

    Purrs for your grandpa peep.


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