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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Fe fi fo fum I smell something fun...

Other than the obvious answer, yarn....
What kind is it? 
My friends, IT IS Madi fur spun into yarn...
Mom and I have a very, very, very (to infinity) dear
friend who is also a very, very talented fiber artist. She has a spinning wheel. She told Mom to save the fur from my brush after each brushing. For the last year, Mom has brushed, and brushed, until I was certain I would becoming hairless...
but lo and behold I did not.
What you see below is 70 yards of yarn. The majority is my fur
with a little colored wool mixed in. 
I knew it smelled familar!!!! MOL

Not only did our friend spin my fur she made a story book of the progress. Oh my goodness, I wish you all could have heard (maybe you did) Mom squeal as she turned through the pages of this book.
 Below are a few pages out of the book.  On the left
are the bags of fur Mom stole from me. 

Here is the finished yarn.
 She left two blank pages in the book.  One is for a picture of
Mom brushing me and the other is for a picture of what Mom 
crocheted with the yarn, which Mom will do.
Since our friend is not in the business of spinning yarn, we will not reveal her name.  However, she is in the business of being one fantastic friend with a great big heart.  We thank her from the very bottom of both our our hearts!!!  This package arrived over the weekend and we can truly say it is the most unique gift we have ever received and we will treaure it FOREVER!!


  1. Oh My!! That is a Fantastic idea!!! I Love it!!!
    One of a kind for sure! can't wait to see the finished project :)

  2. All I can say is OMG! What a wonderful, wonderful treasure. I can't WAIT to see what y'ur mom creates with your fur-yarn!!! OMG.

  3. That is just the most awesome idea!

  4. That's pretty cool, Madi. I have heard about this before, but never actually knew anyone who did it. Is she going to make you a nice cozy bed or a sweater for your mom with your beautiful yarn?

    Your pal, Pip

  5. That's incredible! What an amazing thing to do. The mom wishes she had Chumley's fur and could have it spun into yarn, as a remembrance of him that she could wear.

    This is just a fabulous, truly wonderful gift.

  6. Wow! Wow! Wow! That is AMAZING! What a Most Special gift from a super terrific furend. What are you gonna make out of it? I can hardly wait to see!

    I'm pretty sure they couldn't spin my very short brindle furs but wouldn't it be great if they could? My mom would look so good in a brindle sweater!

    Wiggles & WAgs,

  7. Oh, that is such a pawsome idea. I also, too, can't wait to see what Mom makes out of the Madi furs.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  8. Madi, that is a purrfect fur friend!
    Spinning your fur into a ball of yarn!
    What will Mom crochet it into?!
    Thank you for showing us the photos!
    Now don't go unwinding the ball like most kitties! MOL

  9. What a creative and fantasic friend you have. Now you are making me look up what's needed to spin hair into yarn......

  10. Cool cool cool cool!!!!!!
    What a fantastic thing to do, and have.

  11. PAWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PAWSOME!!!!!!!!!! PAWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We can't wait to see what your mom makes out of your furs, Madi. It is going to be sooooooooooooo special.

    Love to you, your mom and your dad.

  12. That is really neat!! What love from a friend!!
    Merry Christmas to you, Madi, and your Mom!

  13. I would say that you are a special friend to do such a great post for your friend. She is lucky to have you as a friend! Can't wait to see what you are going to do with it! Enjoy!

  14. That has got to be the best gift ever! And your yarn is beautiful, just like you. I can't wait to see what your Mom crochets out of it. I hope it's something that she can hold close to her, when she's not around you.

  15. Oh Wow Madi, that is the most pawsome idea we have ever heard. Your fur tuned into very beautiful yarn. We can't wait to see what your mom will crochet. Maybe a scarf so she can have sweet Madi near all the time.

    Cindi Lou's college student step sister is arriving today. It is going to be a short visit but a fun one.

    Hugs & Purrs,
    J and Cindi Lou
    wild kitten bunch!!!!!! Stay tuned for details.

  16. Well that is one of the sweetest ideas I have ever heard special, indeed!
    Can't wait to see what you create from the priceless yarn.
    Perhaps Madi Mittens or a Madi Cap...

  17. That is a lovely and unique gift. If your mum makes it into something for herself, she can take a piece of you with her wherever she goes Madi.

  18. Madi, that is the coolest!! We can't wait to see what your mom makes out of the fur-yarn!! It will be a piece of you!!

  19. miss madi,

    this is the coolest thingie evarrr! your friend is super sweet to do that for sures. me and asa and mama can't wait to see what your mama is gonna make with your special yarn! mama loves that gray color. :)

    the booker man

  20. that is one special friend and what a lovely thing to storyboard the process - how thoughtful! Gorgeous colour which is all down to Madi. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx


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