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Friday, September 10, 2010

Pot Luck Friday #8...Pack Power

Mom and I are really going to stir up the pot today...we're going to answer
a question many of my kitty friends have asked?
"Madi why do you love K9's so much"?..
Well scroll down for the answer.....

I, Madi, am a member of

THE North Carolina State University WOLFPACK.

My love of K9's was inherited from Mom and Dad
Today Mom and I are sharing some very pretty pictures of Carter Finley Stadium aka


(you may click to enlarge any of these pictures)

I wish everyone could see these magnificent Wolf sculptures. This is actually a fountain
but due to our very long, hot and dry summer we are conserving the water.
The next picture explains what each Wolf sculpture represents.

Mr. Dick Idol is the artist and a NC native and a former NCSU football legend.

We have lots of NCSU PRIDE in Mr. Idol's artistic abilities!!!

This will tell you a little bit about Wolfpack Turf

Thank you for coming by for Pot Luck Friday.
Madi and Mom


  1. Great info - we are still newcomers to the wonderful state and learning more each day!

  2. I always took Madi for more of a Blue Devil type of girl! :)

  3. The wolf sculptures are awesome, it must be something to see when the fountain is operating.

    Madi, we think it is fantastic that you are a card carrying member of the wolf pack but we have one question. How do you carry the card? MOL!!

    Hugs & lots of purrs,
    J and Cindi Lou

  4. wow, wow, WOW!! That sculpturing of wolves is so excellent. I'm in total awe. the way, I just wrote a little 55 word challenge about the Maco Light this morning after I read about it searching Google. :o)

  5. Hi Madi, we loved those sculptures! We are so proud to know you - imagine a member of the wolf pack!
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  6. Madi,

    Mom and me like Pot Luck Friday cuz we learns sumptin' new. :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    maggie Mae

  7. Oh, I love those wolves! I think that one of them looks like my great, great, great, etc, etc. grandaddy. Madi, as cats go, I bet you're a wonderful wolf. Simone could hold her own in a wolf pack, too.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  8. ps....if your photos didn't show up, do repost them another time...I've had that happen before, and this is what I did:

    That is, IF you uploaded them to your POST and not an image storage like flickr or photobucket accounts. If you did post them in the editing of Blogger, then, go to picassa and delete them, then try uploading them a 2nd time.

  9. That is awesome info! Madi, you are a very smart kitty to love doggies! I will be waiting to see the other pics!

  10. Wolves are cool but don't get too close to them, Madi. You may have to bring out those claws and tell them who is boss.... Great pics!

  11. Do you think there was a Mr. Dick Idol having lunch by you yesterday?

  12. Madi,
    That sculpture is so beautiful, I can almost hear them howling!

    So, what is the mascot for them Chapel Hill rascals? tee hee hee

  13. Hey Madi, We love K9 football teams too...Go Dawgs!
    HiC, Beautiful pillow on the bed!

  14. We have lots of great woofie friends; we do not discriminate here=if you have a kind heart, that's all that matters for a beautiful friendship!...Happy Friday, beautiful, kind hearted Madi!...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  15. The sculptures are GORGEOUS! Our mom loves wolves too! We have quite a few woofie furriends too, and relatives as a matter of fact! Love makes the world go 'round.

  16. Madi--You are a gracious kitty indeed! Go Wolves!

  17. I bet da Wolfpack is proud to have such a fine feline specimen as a fan!!!!


    yeah...and whats up with da blogger today??? I thought it was just me..

  18. hi Madi! We totally understand liking doggies - we have a lot of dog blog friends so we totally get it!

    And that is a very cool wolf sculpture/fountain!

  19. I comes from a, really.
    You know my vet sculpts outta bronze...purty cool huh?
    You will always have an honorary place in our pack.


  20. Doc used to do shows but right now he be workin' on his foundary...wants to be ables to do it himself instead of other people. He showed mum da whole process and it is very interestin' AND time consumon'


  21. WOW, MAdi,
    those sculptures are really cool. Thats great that you belong to the wolfpack!!


  22. Happy Friday! We are back to commenting again. Mommy is so aggravating sometimes...

    Madi, thanks for clearing the K-9 thing. We DID sorta wonder...but now we understand purrfectly!

    We liked your "song" post and we are so happy that Harley has a definative diagnosis and some medication to try. We read about mega-colon and it seems you can manage it a lot with diet. Paws crossed and big purrs for the lil' guy.


  23. What a great post, sweet Madi.....we're gonna practice howling at the moon and then we'll howl for you!!!!!!!!!!


  24. Those sculptures are beautiful Madi. We are very impressed that you are a member of the wolfpack.

  25. Wow Madi
    That sculpture is fabulous.
    That must be one heck of a wolf pack!
    We are awed that you are one of them

  26. We just love learning all this new stuffles Madi!! Thanks to you and your Mama for all the cool info!!

    Smileys & Snuggles!
    Dory, Bilbo & Jacob

  27. Those are some pretty awesome wolves!!

  28. Now I know!
    Yes! the sculptures are pawesome!
    Kisses and hugs

  29. What a cool fountain. Maybe next year we'll get to see it flowing with water!


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