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My 16th Birthday Header
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mom's favorite furry/feathery things

I especially like sitting right here where I can be in the middle of everything.  This spot is half way between the kitchen and the family room.

Mom here: I've  been trying for 87 million years to get a good picture of 'MY' hummer.  I have pictures but they are fuzzy due to the speed of these little guy. This adult male and a juvenile were performing the most amazing aerial show on Tuesday night. This fellow is not posing for me he is standing guard over "HIS" hummingbird feeder.  Hummers need a refresher course in
Sharing 101!
The cedar he is perched it is directly behind the feeder.  It is a 'rescued cedar'. I call it a Hoft Cedar because that was the name company where I worked 30 years ago.  It was about a foot tall happily growing by the front door of the office when someone decided it had to go. I planted it in the back yard.  It is now about 20' tall. I'm so happy I rescued it the hummers and all the other backyard birds perching in it during their eating breaks.


  1. What a great picture! I've tried but can never get a picture of one.

  2. C, if you ever find the trick for getting clear photos of a hummer please share, mine are always fuzzy too. He is a cutie.

    That is so cool that you rescued the cedar, it is beautiful.

    Miss Madi, you are our favorite furry!

    Hugs & Purrs,
    J, Cindi Lou and The Krew

  3. The queen of the house must located in the middle to get full of attention ..That's so correct way, Miss Madi : )

  4. That looks like a great place to sit to make sure you get the most attention for anyone in the house. Mummy loves the picture of the hummingbirdy. She says your mummy must have got terrible cramp sitting there that long waiting to get that fantastic shot :)xx

  5. Right in the middle of everything, huh Madi? HAHA I hardly stay still enough for a nice pice like that! Love the birdie! Puppy kisses to my BFFF, Miss Mindy

  6. look like such a lovely lady in waiting sure to pounce on anything that comes along.

    Love the cedar story and so glad the hummers love it too!

  7. Great shot of hummer, Mom!!!!
    And beautiful hardwoods, Madi!!!!

    I don't see my comment on yesterday's post...hope this works!

  8. Smack Dab in the Middle!! purrfect spot for you Madi!! :)

  9. Awesome pics! Of you and the hummer! Beth wanted me to tell your mommy that there is a lighthouse for sale in Ohio....she thought she heard the bid was up to $7, that your mommy isn't working outside the house you could have a second home! How cool would that be! Here's the site for you so you can be sure to get it!

  10. I'm glad you rescued the cedar too!

    lol...I would take more cat pictures if my floors were clean like yours.

  11. Of course you are #1 Madi, it could never be otherwise. We don't get Hummers here.

  12. Great picture. We saw our very first hummer ever when we stopped in North Carolina to visit some friends on the way back from Michigan last month. They kept a lot of feeders on their front porch. I was hoping to have them around our house and looked into it last year but found out the hummers don't stay in Florida but only pass through. Guess it's too hot in the summer for them and they go somewhere else in the winter. I think my friend said Mexico.

  13. We love the hummer picture...but you Madi are looking Meowvalous today!!

    Dory, Jacob and Bilbo

  14. Hah, you are a queen of cats, Madi, because you know all of the perfect places to sit. Right in the middle of everything is, of course, the very best place to be.

    Madi's Mom, you must have a ton of patience to get that picture of the hummer, I don't think I have ever seen one being still. And, thank you for rescuing the cedar.

  15. We love you, gorgeous Mads.

    Don't tell your mom, but we would love to get our mouths on that hummer!!!!!!!!!! :)

  16. My hummers are doing the same ..acrobats all over the place and chasing each other away. Only get a few glimpses now and then of the male who never lands!

  17. Aww we think it's great that your mom picked you as #1(course there was never any doubt she rock!) and our mum really likes the little hummingbird. She says they make her think of the little ones that used to visit her grandpawrents home. Hope you have a great one!
    Snuggles and Catnip,
    Bronson,Pepper, and Mum

  18. Wow that is a great hummer picture!!! You are lucky to have your very own...Madi's or Mum's :-)

  19. Madi, that is a great spot to be...just right to be served a little amuse bouche of hummerbird.

  20. Nice picture of you Madi... You keep alert there so you don't miss anything.

    You did catch a picture of the hummingbird. Very good.

    pawhugs, Max

  21. Miss Madi
    WE love it that we see your image reflected on the floor in your picture. YOU are so beautiful. Mom has never been able to take a good picture of our hummers either, but she is hoping that is about to change. Mom is getting a new flashy box for her purrday and it's a fancy smanchy one. Ufg she thinks she is going to take great pictures of us with it. HA!
    We'll see about that.

  22. As always you looks beootiful my furiend. Happy Tuesday!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  23. Madi that is strategic to find the purrfect spot in the middle of everything so that you would not miss a thing.

  24. What a great picture!! Of course, Madi, you HAVE to have the best seat in the house to keep an eye on everything!!

    Jazzi and Addy

  25. Madi, that is the perfect place to stay where you can keep an eye on everything!! Love the hummer and the cedar too!!! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

  26. Madi, I like to sit in that spot too...well, not in your spot, but in a similar spot...halfway between the kitchen and family room. I have the best view of everything from there.


  27. Nice positioning Madi! Looks like a perfect spot.

    That hummer is a cutie. We tried to get some pictures of the birds when we were in Wisconsin a few weeks ago, but no luck!

    Your pal, Pip


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