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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Monday Memories Milky Way

September 1986-July 2000

Milky-Way(MW) lived with my peeps for 14 1/2 years. He was their first feline and I truly thank him for paving a very easy road for me to follow. His face was absolutely symmetrical. He was a perfect example of all the beautiful animals available at our local SPCA!! MW was the ultimate lap kitty. I'm told he was very laid back and a 'man' of few meows. All who know me, will agree...I'm nothing like MW. I march to my own meow. I am told within the first month of living here, I had already meowed more that MW did in his lifetime. I do agree though he was one fine looking male feline. Madi


  1. What a handsome boy MW was...The fact that he lived so many years is a testament to the good care your peeps gave him, just as they do you!
    Nose taps to you Madi,
    Kit and Buddy

  2. Thanks Kit and Buddy!
    He actually selected my peeps...they were walking up and down the SPCA aisles looking at all the kitties. They said he walked up to the front of the cage, stuck out his paw and touched my human sister.

  3. MW was a good looking cat! Love the white and tortoise shell coat, with the raccoon tail! Funny how each pet can have their own personality to enjoy!Kathy

  4. He stuck out his paw to you................isn't that special........he got a very good home....he knew what he was doing.......


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