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My Mind's Eye
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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Madi: What am I thinking #2

'Now I lay me down to sleep
I thank the Lord for my home so sweet and for my peeps who give me treats...."
written by My Mom**
What do you think?
**Note from Mom: Madi is such an inspiration for my creativity.


  1. HEy
    I think you are thinking about a treat that is on the table. Should I get it or not???


  2. Hi Madi!

    We think you are saying your tired and want to go to sleep.

  3. I think you are thinking on ME..
    Kareltje =^.^=
    Have a wonderful day my sweetheart
    I go dream about you :-)

  4. We say you're thinking about when our mommy comes to NC, if she's going to meet you> Or about how much you want to meet ALL of us!!!

  5. She's thinking that if you would hurry up and go to sleep, she could grab that remote and watch pay-per-view movies on the tee-vees!!

    Re: Amazing Race
    This is one of the first times I can remember that I would be ok if any of the remaining teams won. I have likes and dislikes for almost all of the teams, but I think Gary and Matt are working really well together!

  6. That is a great new version of that bedtime prayer! We think it will catch on fast!

    And I think you are thinking that you are trying to sleep and that the flashy box needs to go away.

  7. Madi
    We think that is a purrfect purrayer!


  8. That's a very sweet prayer, Madi. Did you make that up?? We're gonna use that before we go to bed at night!

  9. Hi, Madi!
    That is a good way to end a day... being thankful!
    Kisses and hugs

  10. Cecilia, we think you know your kitty real well!! I'll bet that is exactly what she is thinking!
    I am telling my age by saying that they did not have any sewing classes yet when I was in high school. I wish they had. I am glad that you had someone who cared enough about you to give you there time. I did not have that. My Mother thought if she feed me something and keep me in clothes that was all she needed to do for me.
    My Mother shook me hard when I was little, I was afraid that she would kill me one day.
    Have a good one tomorrow, Fern

  11. How nice to know even Kitties pray! I'll bet your thoughts are for God to keep Mom and Dad and all your family and friends safe!

  12. I guess you are comtemplating between going for the treats or for a nap??!
    Or were you reading some papers on the table in front of you??

  13. Hi Madi, that was super sweet but we think you were perhaps thinking up how to snag your next mouse!
    Still the main thing Madi is to keep these strange humans happy!!!
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxxx

  14. Yes, us pets are so inspirational to our pawrents creativity! :-)


  15. Cecilia, I forgave my Mother but I will never forget. I know she was a sick puppy. It was the animals that taught me to love!. A dog was all I had when I was young. She and I were tied to the trailer everyday while my Mom slept. I loved her so much and she love me. She was my family. Have a good one, Fern

  16. We think you are thinking that you are most likely praying for that flashy box to stop!!

    Dory and the Mama

    pee ess...It is amazing how pets can inspire!


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