Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Madi: You will not believe this.....

Frankly I'm astounded. I cannot believe my eyes
Mom and I wanted to share it. You
will be amazed when you see the pictures below me....

So Mom has been telling everyone it is COLD in Dixie...
Tank played his teeny tiny violin for us...
We don't have snow but it is so dang cold for NC.
The water fountain in front of WRAL-TV studios
froze while in motion. If you look closely, you'll see
water still shooting out of the top. They said the last time it was cold enough to
freeze the fountain in motion was 1994.....We just don't have this kind of cold weather.
If the weather guys are right, it sounds like we might have snow Thursday night.
(pictures taken January 4, 2010)
Below is another fountain in the Gardens at WRAL it too froze in motion.

This is one monster icicle

Madi and Mom


  1. WOWEE! It is DANG cold here also Madi! Billy has a Hoodie on to keep him warm. The pics are absolutely astounding!

  2. Man that's cold! It's cold here on the coast too. We don't like it one bit! We heard that nasty snow rumor... purraying it doesn't snow here!!

  3. WOO~HOO~!!! The whole country's in a deep freeze~!!! They are the coolest pictures though! Never thought water in working fountain could freeze like that!!! We are hoping that you, our dear furriends, stay comfy cozy warm!

  4. Wow!!
    Its now a ART fontain ..... LOL
    But cooooooooool photo :-)
    Its here also freezing -12gr.C
    I wish it was spring I'm not a winter person!!
    Hugs for madi
    Kareltje =^.^=

  5. Hi Madi

    I never saw a fountain frozen before, up north here they turn the fountains off in the winter.

    Those are some cool pictures, I think they should let the fountain on here to freeze because it looks pretty.

  6. Yeah, still playing that violin for you Madi.. but I think we're getting used to the frigid temps. We took a pretty long walk yesterday while it was about 8 degrees and it didn't really bother us much. You get used to it.

    Very interesting photos of the fountains!

  7. Cold is good - it reminds you not to complain when it gets really hot!

  8. We wonder if it will ever get warm again...stay warm, Madi...under the covers is a great place to be!!

  9. WOW madi
    I dont think I would climb that mountain to get a drink!!! lol
    It must be cold, we dont even have cicles like that here and we have cold!!!


  10. Ice sculptures! I thought they only did those for New Years Eve!
    Stay warm!

  11. Those are great pictures and yes we're frozen as well out here in Western New York.

    Dorothy from grammology

  12. Wow Madi!

    What beautiful fountains. The best sculpture'ers in the world couldn't make anything that pretty. Be sure to keep those in your memory bank.

    Riley and Star.

  13. Phew, it was so great to see you on the warm carpet indoors knowing there are scary icicles outside. Stay where you are!
    Sounds like your mom is a horse person too, by your comment. Too bad we live so far away. I'd love to invite you both to the barn. She could enjoy the horses and you could have a ball with the barn mice. Oh, you asked about Linguini's name. Funny. Her name was originally Daisy, but as we got to know her, we found out she moves like a wet noodle, aka Linguini. BOL
    Stay warm, kk?

  14. That is sooooo cold for me!
    Just looking at the picture... I feel frozen!
    Kisses and hugs

  15. Wow, I have never seen a fountain frozen like that before. It is really pretty but it also looks very cold. The weather guys say we have snow coming in tonight but it's not cold enough to do that.

    Miss Cindi says to stay warm.

    Hugs and purrs,
    Judy and Cindi Lou

  16. Cool idea !!!
    Kareltje had birthday now in Januari but I know nothing special for on our blog :(
    I'm thinking I have two weeks .... LOL
    He wiil be 12 years about two weeks !!

  17. I did know that it was cold for you all down in your neck of the woods, the weather map isn't being nice to the vacationers that headed to the south to get the warm weather. The photos of the fountains are pretty, I know they aren't to be that way but it is beautiful. Hope it warms up soon for you all cause no fun to live in the cold if you are not used to it. Actually the mom here says that it isn't fun to live in the cold even if you are used to it.

  18. Incredible Madi! I sure hope you have several sunny spots to keep warm in today!
    Absolutely amazes me to see running water freeze!

  19. Ok, those pics are really really cool, Madi!

    We are supposed to wake up to -40 below wind chills Friday morning. Do you think Boomer can teach me how to use her litter box???


  20. One more day!!!! Than your day!!!!
    They had a picture of our fountain at FSU on TV and it was frozen too.
    We don't usualy have cold day after day. It is usually cold one or two days only than warns up!
    Stay warm, Fern

  21. Hi Madi, cool pics! It looks like you could be in Scotland.
    We are having great fun in the cold. Of course the humans are having to dig their cars out and clear paths and moan about taking hours to get to work - we like it!
    We will keep our paws crossed for snow - you will have such fun.
    Martha & Bailey xxxx

  22. those are awesome pictures! I live in NC and am freezing!!! when is the warm weather coming back?!?


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