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My Mind's Eye
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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

MADI'S Great Caper

Here is my snoop.
Mom has her hands full she left this cabinet wide open.
I think I'll check things out.....sniff sniff ummm interesting smell....

There is the pot of great smells aka crock pot. Oh let me tell you the
aromas that come from this pot are quite pleasing to my delicate pink nose.
When I'm very patient like I was on Sunday, I get a taste of roast beef.
I love being a cat. Meat is my friend.

Ooops she sees me......I'm really not supposed to get in here but I saw my chance....
Foiled again I better run for you think she can see me here?

Respectfully submitted by
Madi snoopologist in residence


  1. What an awesome snoopologist you are Madi!


  2. Madi that looks like a great cabinet to explore in - lots of stuff to smell and climb on! We hope you didn't get into too much trouble!

  3. Dear Snoopologist, just be glad you were spotted. I live with a rather absentminded human who keeps locking the katz in cabinets, the pantry, a bedroom (if they're lucky), the sauna (never on, phew)...Being a snoopologist carries its own risks. Be careful, kk?
    Oh, you can use the phone number you sent me, I think it's a hotline: 1-800-HELP-CATS did I get it right? They're expecting your call.

  4. You are a PAWesome Snoopologist!!! And we agree about the Crock~O~Great~Smells!!! We has one too. You look absolutely adorable laying on the table!!!

  5. Hi Madi

    Although it is always fun to snoop in cabinets with all their good smells, you should make sure you stick to the kitchen cabinets because not all cabinets are created equally.

  6. Hi Madi
    You had a great change to snoop,
    funny to see you there ;)
    I like your photo on the table
    you are looking like "I didn't do nothing"!!!
    have a wonderful snoooooop day
    Hugs Kareltje =^.^=

  7. I have always wondered why kitties love to go into cabinets! Now I realize.......It is the snoopologist gene in in ALL cats! And......That helps me understand why little doggies usually don't do that, hehe.

  8. Isn't snooping fun!!!!!!!!! Andy is our chief snoopologist...and Sammy is our chief sleepologist.

    Did we thank you for the award????? We're hoping mamabug will get it posted for us tomorrow....she's been busy changing our template to three columns....and she can't seem to rest until it's done when she has something like that in the works......xxxxxxxxx

  9. Madi Madi..teach me your ways!! If only I could fit in the pantry!!

    You are my HERO!

    Licks from me! Olive :)

  10. Madi the snoop!!!! You know Madi I don't think I have ever known(and I have known a lot) a cat who was not a snoop!!! If a cupboard is left open Happy is there!!! If a closet is left open, Happy is in there!!! You get it!!
    Bambi sends licks, Happy sends purrs and I send a kiss to you Madi.

  11. Be careful, you might get accidentally locked in that cabinet!!!
    Cosmo Kitty jumped in my underwear drawer, (without me knowing) and I closed the drawer...He was in there all day until I got home from school...Poor Kitty...Lucky for me, he didn't leave any surprises!
    So, please be careful Madi!!!

  12. Great hiding place you've chosen. I'm positive she won't be able to find you there. As for snooping, that is something us pets must do. How else would these absent minded humans know what to do?

  13. Ooooh Madi!

    You little squirt you! You are gonna get in big trouble with mommy! Now she's gonna punish you by taking zillions of pictures and kissing you till your face falls off!

    Now you'll know better next time won't you?

    Riley and Star.

  14. Madi snoopologist, that is a riot! You better watch out Madi, I once found Lilly sitting in one of my pans! What's worse for me is when I don't see that happen, then I use the pan! A little extra flavor :)

  15. Oh Madi, you are a superior snoopologist! We kitties love to go where our noses lead us and snoop away. You got away just in the nick of time. I don't think your mom can find you on the table and I won't tell, shhhh.

    Cindi Lou

  16. Goodness Madi, you get into and on top of everything! Is nothing safe? You can sniff out everything.
    We loved your pics!
    Martha & Bailey xxx
    ps mum said she had the lemon cheesecake - there was no chocolate cake!!!!!!!!

  17. A couple of my cat brats open the doors and get in all by themselves. We'll be in the living room watching TV and hear thump, thump, thump. Somebody is trying to grab the door and get it open.

  18. Snoopologist -- that is a good one! Be careful when you get in there that the door doesn't shut. That would not be fun!

  19. Dear Madi,
    That looks like quite and interesting cabinet to explore! Too bad you had to run for cover. However, I'm not sure the top of the table is the best hiding place. Although, i must say, you look lovely up there!

  20. Woof Woof! Madi! I love all your Snooping and Iove your blogs. SQ told me about you. Thank you SQ for all you've done. You have to check out my blog soon because I will be posting Josie's pussycats soon!! My three kitties can't wait to say Meow to you!!!! Much LOVE!


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