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Friday, March 19, 2010

Flashback Friday & Look what Mom & Dad gave me

What an exciting week. I wanted to show you what Mom and Dad
gave me for my 8th b-day...a cushioned tunnel to play in.
Thus far...I've only been in it 1/2 way....
..mostly I sit in front of it contemplating whether or not I like it.
Mom and Dad have been placing all my new favorite toys in it trying to get me in....
Mom is pretty sure I'll be in it before long and when I do I expect there will be pictures.

The Calm before the storm....Milky-Way

The above pictures were taken of Milky-Way (MW) during his first and only vacation.
He was approximately 1 year old....we headed down to the Crystal Coast of NC
(aka Atlantic Beach) for a week's vacation at my parent's condo.
Toto (our first family pet, mini Doxie) spent many, many days at Atlantic Beach with us, but this was our first road trip with a kitty in tow. We quickly learned that mighty mini Doxies are better travelers. Fast forward we arrived, unpacked and as you can see MW adjusted beautifully.
On our second day at the beach we packed up to head down to the pool for some fun and sun.
MW was sleeping peacefully in this chair. About 1/2 hour into our pool visit the fire alarm at the condo started blare scaring everyone to death. The hubby, daughter and I took off for the condo to get MW. When we got to the steps there were folks posted saying we could not go up until the source of the alarm was found. MW's human sis was 15, she SCREAMED TO THE TOP OF her lungs, MY CAT IS UP there alone. She was and still is a FEARLESS protector of her pets. Before anyone knew it, she was flying up those stairs 3 at a time, then her Dad was flying up the stairs after her. This all happened in about 15 seconds. By the time they got there the alarm had been turned off, some ill behaved children thought it would be fun to pull it. When we entered the condo we found MW ok but very scared. In about 2 minutes he had remodeled all the blinds. Every blind in the condo had been bent every which way. He was definitely trying to get out of there. After this experience, we had a really hard time leaving him alone for too long for the remainder of the trip. Very scary.
The love of a human for his/her pet is monumental!!!


  1. I love Madi's new toy! Looks like a lot of fun! And I sure don't blame MW for doing the blind climb!!!

  2. Scary is right - makes you want to hide in that tunnel!

  3. Madi, give that tunnel a try, we promise you'll love it!!...Your vacation with MW sounds very scary and I would have run after my animals too=good for your brave daughter, she has a heart of gold; glad it was a false alarm though!!...xo...Calle,Halle,Sukki

  4. We are sure glad it was a false alarm... but totally impressed with the love and devotion of MW's human sister. It was so very brave of her!!

    Sorry to hear about the blinds though...

    Madi, your new toy looks like fun.. give it a try, we are sure you will like it. :)

  5. I like your colourful tunnel :p

    Must be fun playing with it ;)

  6. What a great birthday present! We were watching another kitty play in a tunney recently and thought they looked fun.
    We can't wait to see you go all the way through.
    Of course we would be worried we might get stuck half way but you look as though you will fit fine and you have your whiskers to help you measure!
    Always nice to look back ans see Milky Way on your Flashback Friday.
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  7. ps we meant to say scary story though!

  8. Madi,

    If you're brave enough to go through that big thing, then you need to have your own Reality Show! Can't wait to see it!

    Riley and Star.

  9. Hi Madi & Mom,

    MW's human sister was very brave but then most of us would probably do the same if our pets were in danger. Glad to hear it was a false alarm. Traveling with cats can be very interesting. We took Tasha on a road trip in our RV. That's when we found out just how vocal she was.

    Cindi Lou here: Be careful Madi, that tunnel thingy could catch you and not let you go! I don't trust things like that either. No Mom, I'm not a scardy cat, just careful.

    Hugs & Purrs,
    Judy and Cindi Lou

  10. Madi, I bet you will like that tunnel when you try it. We love to dive into paper bags so a real tunnel would be great fun.
    And I would have done the same thing about going up those stairs to my kitty. Poor kitty, I can understand you being so scared. That was a loud noise.

  11. The "Kitty Tunnel" looks like fun, Madi!
    Poor MW, he must have been scared to death with the alarm going off and no humans around!
    I don't blame Marlu, I'd be screaming, too! LOL
    Thank goodness it had a happy ending, except for a few blinds! HA!

  12. Madi, that kitteh tunnel looks so bright and fun! I bets you will luvs it! And gosh, Madi's Mom, you are Most Brave for taking a kitteh on vacation with you. But guess what my mom saw the other day? She ate lunch on the patio of this restaurant and there was a man there having lunch with his cat on a leash on the patio! Mom went up and petted the cat and she said she was Most Friendly. Then the man got finished and walked off with his cat following behind on the leash! Isn't that the funniest?

    Wiggles & Wags,

    PeeS. I hopes you have a good weekend!

  13. I would like one of these too, please! (Yes, I am a human, does that matter?)

  14. WOW great new toy....if I come to see you can I crawl in it too? Great MW story....

  15. Madi, looks like you got a realllllly neat toy for your birthday!!!

  16. Madi,the tunnel toy seems so much fun to play with!!
    That' really a nice gift!
    The fire alarm is scary,MW's human sis is such a brave girl!
    YES! I do agree that the love of a human for his/her pet is monumental!!!

  17. Hey Madi! You should give the tunnel a try, you will probably fine it comphy and warm!
    Have a nice weekend.

  18. Your tunnel looks like an excellent spot for a cat nap!

  19. Your mom and dad just need to be patient, don't they?? When you're ready, you'll use the tunnel.

    Poor MW!!!!!!!!! But what a wonderful memory beings it turned out so well. xxxxxxxxxx

  20. Is a nice birthday present- you should get in, is lots of fun!
    We loves the MilkyWay story. We thinks your daughter is very brave. We also knows our mommy and daddy would do the same thing fur us!
    Has a grate weekend!

  21. Madsters...that tunnel is absolutely fabulous!! We love all the colors...girl, get your bottom in there!! You will have incredible dreams in there, we're sure!!! We are so jealous..we would love one of those, too!!

    I love the MW on holiday story!!! Poor, poor kitty!!! I would have been running up those stairs, fire is going to keep me from my kids!! Glad it wasn't a for real fire, but sorry MW had the fright of her life!!

    Your pals, Lautrec and Tiny

  22. Hi Madi and Mom,
    I have traveled with kittys before and some just love to go and are at home any place and some just hate it and you are lucky to get them back home. I have found the older ones that have a deep bond with you are the better ones. Like Madi probably would be good at traveling with you.
    Love your new toy Madi!! Kit had a good point, cat nip in the middle.
    Happy sends you purrs, Fern

  23. I loved reading the Milky Way panic attack story. Poor baby! As for the tunnel, none of our katz like it. It collects dust and fur-balls. Hope you get to enjoy yours, all the way...

  24. OH MY!
    What a Milky Way story!
    Poor MW!!!! But Momma would have done the same thing for me. She is incredibly attached in ways that even scare her sometimes....
    Madi I don't blame you for takin the tunnel thing slow. I would too!


  25. That tunnel looks like a fun present. We have never had a tunnel. Hint hint to mum.
    Poor MW must have been scared with all the noise going on. We are glad it was a false alarm.

  26. Madi, that is a cool tunnel! We have a tunnel and we love it! We chase each other through it...and sometimes we hide in it! We bet you'll be enjoying yours in no time!!

    We sure hope MW was okay after that alarm going off! We bet it was really scary for him!!

    Wally & Ernie

  27. Poor MW.

    What a great gift from Mom and Dad.


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