Monday, April 26, 2010

Mom almost brought him home......

I turn my head in amazement as I listen to Mom tell Dad about
this most precious puppy that was almost my brother. I don't really know how I feel about that but I will admit he is about the cutest little thing I've seen in a long time.

Isn't this the most precious little puppy with his foster mom?!! Foster mom had been trying to rescue his K9 mom for some time. Then K9 mom became pregnant. Foster mom fed her and carefully watched her 5 puppies. When they were ready to leave K9 mom, Foster mom took them to her home (she is still trying to catch K9 mom to have her spayed). This precious puppy came to work with Foster mom on Friday. I met them when they were out for a walk in Cameron Village in Raleigh, NC. When this puppy saw me kneeling down he came running up to me with his tail wagging 100 mph....he rubbed that sweet little warm head up against my legs and then proceeded to lick me to death......I ALMOST said "I'll take him"....then I gave myself a reality check. I have no backyard to speak of, I have a CAT who is twice as big as the puppy. I'm pretty sure the puppy would love Madi but......would Madi love the puppy?

So since he was in a good home, I WALKED away but it was hard. Foster Mom thinks he is a hound/boxer bull mix which tugged at my heartstrings...I had a boxer bull as a child what sweet dogs they are and so good with children.
GRAND ANNOUNCEMENT...MADI won the coveted role as Miss Kitty
in Jack's movie Westward Ho. Click on Jack's name to check out the rest of the cast members.

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  1. You could always bring him home just for ONE day for a test run :)

  2. He is a gorgeous boy, completely adorable=he must have been hard to walk away from!...It might be an adjustment, but Madi might enjoy a sibling?...Happy week beautiful Madi...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. Oh, he is a cute little fellow. Maybe JackDaddy's idea of a test run might be a good idea. It could depend on Madi's mood at the time but it might work out well.

    Hugs & Purrs,
    Judy and Cindi Lou

  4. Wow!!!
    That puppy looks cuter as cute :))))
    You can try it for a couple of days
    I can never do it (I have a allergy for dogs:(
    And maybe Madi likes it or maybe not !!!!!

    Hugs Kareltje =^.^=

  5. How sweet is that pup!!! I know how you feel. Every time I see puppys, I want one! Billy is meant to be an only child though.

  6. That is a cutie. Reality checks are no fun to cash. We have to use them a lot or we'd have about 76 thousand four leggers around here, when three is probably just right. Sigh.

    wags, Lola

  7. Oh there's nothing like a happy puppy coming at you full of love!! It is so hard to resist!!

    I am sure the Diva would have had a big problem with that! Right "Miss Kitty"? LOL

  8. Concatulations on winning the role, Madi!!

    Ohmygoodness, what a cute pup!!!!

  9. I can totally see why you would want to take that dog home!!!

    Why doesn't Madi have top billing in the video???? Where is her agent?

  10. What an adorable puppy. Bless foster Mom for doing all she does. I once "liberated" a black Lab mix from an abusive situation and he was the best dog I ever had.
    Happy Monday!
    Kat Mommy

  11. You would not believe how much they would get along! Remington walked into a house with more than one cat! What is nice is that the cat will claim who is boss in a quick hurry with a puppy and you will not have to worry after that! (Madi does have her claws, right?) AND taking him for walks would be just as good as a big back yard! GO FOR IT! Why not add more excitment to your life?

  12. We saw Ms. Madi Kitty on the slide show!
    It's a good thing our mom wasn't with you when you met the puppy...she would have talked you into taking him home!
    Licks and sniffs,
    Zack, Sassy and Buddy

  13. Cute puppy, but we know Madi is relieved you didn't bring him home!!!!!!!!! Kudos, Madi, for winning the role of Miss Kitty!!! xxxxxxxx

  14. Hi is certainly an adorable puppy however it is always very wise not to take on any pup on impulse so well done mom!
    Congratulations Madi!
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  15. Hi Madi and Mom,
    Cute cute puppy!!!! I have never had a problen with cats and dogs living together. The cats are always the boss and the younger the dog the better. I brought Joker in the house when he was 5 and a half years old. We had no problem with the cats and we had 3 cats!!!! Everybody loved him with in 3 days.
    Good luck, Bambi & Fern

  16. Cute Puppy!!!
    We can imagine how hard it was for you to say bye to him...
    Maybe you can try.....?
    How do you think,Madi?

  17. Hi Madi,

    We think your mommy made the right decision only because of the yard issue. Other then that, I think that doggy could hold his own in time and you two would be best friends!

    Now, if she's thinking about a Maltese, No way-Jose! You would eat us up alive!

    Also, we did get both your questions, grrreat ones too.

    And congratulations on your role as Miss. Kitty. You will be purr-fect!

    Riley and Star.

  18. HI Madi!

    Well Madi how did you feel about an almost brother?

    He sure was cute and I bet he would have been fun to with!


  19. I think you should GO GET THE PUPPY! No yard, no problem. You take it for walks and get lots of good exercise. My assistant said she took me on "impulse" and I'm sure I've made her life SOOOOOO much better.

    Well, I'm pretty sure anyway. Well, I'm not sure at all, but I couldn't very well say anything else now could I?

  20. Oh wow!! What a cute little woofie!! We think Madi would learn to love the little guy!!!

    And congrats to Madi on getting the role of Miss Kitty! We know she's gonna be great!

  21. Adorable puppy!
    I just can imagine Madi and him playing together!
    Kisses and hugs

  22. Oh come on, can't you make room for just one more? :)

  23. Oh Boy....Bet Madi breathing a sigh of relief. Mama says that like Ms. K, she would have tried to talk you into taking him home...:-)

    Mama is still laughing at Jack's TV cast and almost fell off the chair when she read that Madi was going to be "Miss Kitty"...CONGRATS MADI!!!


  24. Poor babies, but it looks like they had the good fortune to find somebody to take care of them and to try and place them into good homes.


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