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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer time and the living is HOT

Mom refers to summer weather in NC, as either the 3H's or the 5H's
(hot, hazy, humid or hot, hazy, humid, horrible and horrific). Thus far this week each day's high has been 95 or above...we expect possibly 100 today.
During the dog days of summer, a kitty (namely Madi) with lots of lush hair needs a cool place to sit. A Diva cat, likes cool granite on which to recline. Of course, she has to have under the counter lighting for drama and it never hurts to have laser eyes peeled for any wayward food that might be dropped during meal prep.

I'm finding, this section of counter, not quite as spacious; however, it is only a foot away from
where mom is cooking.

I'm carefully watching every move she makes. If she drops even a morsel, I'm her go get it girl.

My purr on video: Mom said as soon as she gets a new camera that doesn't make that aggravating click during a video she will most definitely post a video of my PURfect PURR.


  1. Buddy says those granite countertops look mighty cool...may he come over and cool off too?

  2. I feels your pain. Since you lives kinda close like, I thinks we haves da same humidity and sun rays as you. And poor Brudder Albert has so much hairs like you has, he's purty lethargic these days.

  3. We are glad you found a cool counter to sit on although we are a little puzzled - do they not say that if you can't stand the heat stay OUT of the kitchen?!
    love and kisses
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  4. Madi,

    OMD you haves it hot! A granite counter top sounds like a wonderful place to beat the heat.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS We has been very lucky in upstate NY, the excessive heat and humidty has stayed south of us, good for me but bad for you and Puddles. This week mid 80's but starting to get humid again..t'storms today. :)

  5. Yeah, that "summertime and the living is easy" stuff didn't take the need for oxygen into consideration, did it? Stay cool Madi. Oh, and Blog Mom says it looks like you have a most beautiful kitchen and she's just a little jealous, but not in a bad way.

    wags, Lola

  6. Madi you look divine on granite!! It is very hot/humid in Florida also :( Stay cool girl and can't wait to hear your purrs!!!

  7. Hi Madi! Those countertops sure do look cool. Maybe I should talks mom into getting that stuff for our floor. She kinda frowns on me and Brudder Ranger being on the countertops.

    Oh, and I tried to use my sultry voice to tell Ripley what you said but, um, I don't really haves much of a sultry voice and he looked at me kinda funny. Anywho...he said to tell you "Ahoy, me fair lady!" in my best pirate voice but really, I'm not good at that either. Sigh.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  8. You'd have competition if I was there Madi.

  9. We've been have simular weathers up here Madi. Is always good to keeps cool and those counters looks purrfect.
    I bet you is great at the "go get it" job.

  10. Madi, we're happy to see you've found a cool place......we are opting for the cool places lately also.

    Love your snoopervising spot!!!!!!!!! And we love you!!!!

  11. That's a girl Madi. Help Mom out by cleaning up her messes!

  12. Good job helping! Sounds like it gets really hot there. Not so much here. Atleast not for long.... I love your kitchen! Looks very pretty! Have fun with your sister this weekend!

  13. What a lovely cooking companion. I'm sure she'll tell you when the dish needs more tuna, too. ;o)

  14. Oooooo....what a perfect place for a diva kitty like you Madi!!

    Smileys & Snuggles!
    Dory, Jacob and Bilbo

  15. The granite looks lovely and cool. We have granite rocks in one of our fields, but we are not allowed near them because when it is hot the snakes sunbathe on them. I (Flynn) caught one and took it back for mum, but then she shut me in for the rest of the day so she could keep an eye on me in case I had been bitten. I don't think you will get snakes on your lovely shiny granite though.

  16. I missed my Madi-fix while I was gone!

    I am better now. Thanks.

  17. Miss Madi
    We agree with you about the 5H's because it has been that way here. We think Momma is about as fixed up as she is gonna get with her innenets problems. At least she can use the laptop, so we is happy about that at least.




  18. We hope that the weather gets better there - it gets that way here too and we know our mom hates it! We have had hot and humid already, but today is 80s and not humid - hopefully you get that soon too!

  19. It looks like you've found a great spot to keep an eye on Mom in the kitchen and stay cool, sweet Madi...It has been over 100 here too, really miserable heat...kisses beautiful girl...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  20. Hi there Madi
    Like you, Bonny is a Diva who operates best in the kitchen. Not necessarily for keeping cool (we live in England) but as a great place for dropped food. As soon as SHE starts cooking, Bonny is THERE!

    Hector and Bonny

  21. I see that Madi is covering up the mail. Maybe she charged something on your credit card and doesn't want you to find out! :)

  22. Hi, Madi!
    The 5h's are what we have here! Ewwww!
    The click-click sound in your camera is funny!
    But of course I want to hear you purring!
    Kisses and hugs

  23. As you know, being hot is not usually my problem but if mom let me on the counter I would be up there watching and waiting just like you. I do get hot when I'm outside but I get cold in the house with the a/c on. Can't make me happy apparently.

  24. Madi, we love laying on the kitchen counters and table when it's real hot...and getting something to eat is just an added benefit!!!

  25. Madi, is the counter cool? HMMM, where it is so hot outside, maybe it is cool.

  26. Hi Madi,

    You get to lay on the counter top? That really is cool, in both ways. Mom says I'm not allowed on the kitchen counters, something about my having long fur. Maybe I should explain to her it will keep me cool in the summer heat and I could snoopervise her cooking.

    Cindi Lou

    Mom here,
    We are starting to heat up a little but nothing like you are getting. Stay cool.


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