Friday, October 22, 2010

Things that go Beep Beep Beep in the night


Twas three nights ago,
Mom, and Dad were in their footed jammies  pjs, 
and I was in my birthday suit fur coat.  We were all tucked in tight for the night
on the way to dream land when we hear an ever so faint,
Beep Beep Beep....then silence.
Then we hear the beep beep beep again....yep it is a real beep.
Let me stop here to tell you we have a very vocal house.  The dishwashers beeps 3 times when it finishes a cycle, the microwave beeps, the 2 smoke detectors and the carbon monoxide detector beep.  Since Mom  started the dishwasher before bedtime...she was sure that was the source of the beep. They had just changed the carbon monoxide battery so they each *stood under one of the smoke detectors nope it wasn't either of them so they repeated *.
So it must be the the carbon monoxide battery...nope it wasn't that.  By now, they are both fully awake and grouchy as a grizzly bears.  They are standing in the foyer completely baffled by the beeps when there it goes again beep beep beep.  It was coming from the security system.   There is a message on the panel saying low battery call 1-800-PAIN-IN-BUTT.  
By now it is 12:00 am...I know that is early to some Mom has to get up at 5:45 am. They call
to call the peeps at 1-800-PAIN-IN-BUTT.  After Mom gave them the magic word to PROVE she is not a burglar Mom.  They tell her what to do to turn off the beep beep beep.  Mom asked him if that would silence the beep for the night he says yes. He makes an appointment for a replacement battery to be installed the next day. So off to bed they go BUTT guess what happened the dang Beep Beep Beep starts going off again at 4:30.  The man at 1-800-PAIN-IN-BUTT told mom a fib.....boy is he in trouble!! 
So have any of you or your peeps had a similar experience?!
Madi and Mom


  1. Mom has no good suggestions... just it does remind her of the time when she heard a chirping sound ... in the wee hours. She thought it was a cricket... after two sleepless nights she complained to the landlord... ha! that landlord knew immediately that it was the smoke detector!

  2. We have a holding tank with a pump because the sewer line under the road is higher than where it exits the house. That beeps if there is a malfunction .. which there was on our first "Christmas Eve Day" in this house. Luckily, the installer took pity on us and came right over.

  3. Oh the best part is that the ceiling in my bedroom is like 15 feet high, so when this happens (like you said at 4AM), I have to go out to the garage and get the BIG ladder which will only go into the house one way. Then I usually use the ladder like a bat and knock down the smoke alarm :)

  4. Madi
    We had to take down our smoke thingy in the hallway cuz it kept going off when Mom would brun something!! She has this habit of doing something else until smoke is piling out of the kitchen BOL so no...we dont have that problem!!


  5. Okay, first we have to calm down and stop laughing over JackDaddy's comment.

    Yep, our house is pretty vocal too with beeps all over the place. It was about 3 AM when we started hearing the beep..beep. I had changed the batteries in all the smoke detectors the month before but apparently the batteries were bad and the one in our bedroom (of course it would be this one and not one at the other end of the house) started that irrating beeping. Hubby thought it was his alarm clock and almost beat the poor thing to death before realizing his mistake. Moral of the story, check all batteries for expiration dates.

    Hugs & purrs,
    J and Cindi Lou

  6. Madi,

    Our smoke alarm used to sound like a bird, and we just got used to it. Visitors are very distrubed. My engineer husband thinks it is the moisture in the air.

    Any way, you will love this story.

    It is a true story that my friend told us last night. We are still at the tail end of winter, and it is a wet winter so it is very muddy.

    My friend's border collie has long hair and gets caked with mud. She takes her to the dog hairdresser to trim a bit off. When she came back, dog is bald.

    Now, Dog finds it too cold to go outside, and lies in a warmed blanket. I asked her why she doesn't get Dog a jacket, she says it is useless, she just gets muddy.

  7. Oh no! So annoying, isn't it! Of course anything is annoying when it causes lost sleep!

  8. Madi,

    OoH I just hate it when dat happens. We don't have a security system likes you do but our smoke alarm ALWAYS seems to beep when my mom is cooking....very strange. ;)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  9. Madi - you are so funny! This happens to us all the time! I just had a great idea - why don't you, me, and Rosie devote an X-Paws to this particular topic (or another fun-filled topic). I know Rosie really wants to participate in an X-Paws and I am sure she would love to have you join us!

    Your pal, Pip

  10. Madi, I think it is "Murphy's Law of Averages" that those darn things go off in the wee hours!

    Just after we moved into our last house, at 2 AM the smoke detector went screaming. Terrified I was making sure everybody woke up, time to evacuate...but where's the smoke?
    It was an electric detector, so no battery inside!
    A spider had decided to weave his web up there and that set it off. I'm sure he was deaf after that! MOL

  11. Bwhahahahahahahaha...sorry, I hads to laugh at TG...oh me, they cracks me up!
    Anyways, da on'y security system at our house is 3 doxies. But, our smoke detectors are buitl into da wiring of da house and run on batteries just in case we loose power. Nows with dat all being said, it still will beep when da batteries are getting low and it is very annoying. Mum is purty good at tuning things out though...hehehe...her has to do dat alot.


  12. That's funny ...I mean very annoying!!
    All that goes Beep in the night.....

  13. I'd say all those beeping things are talking to each other during the day and planning these adventures! Wild things! They just want to have some fun with their humans.

  14. I'll tell you right now I DO NOT like nighttime noises either! Esp. when the paper boy delivers our weekend paper at 3 in the morning! It scares me sometimes! I hope your beep beeps stop! Sounds like your mommy and daddy had a wild western night last night! AND by the light of the moon! Now that just doesn't sound right, does it? Oh well, you know what I mean....

  15. Oh my dog!!! The same thing happened in my apartment at college! Mommy finally killed the thing by taking the batteries out. But it first started with one, then the other, then the other!!! Before long the whole house was beeping!!


  16. The beeps go off, but we don't hear them. Because of the number of furry k9's at our house, we run a air purifier in our room that drowns out the barks, beeps and yowls during the night.....

  17. Oh, those beep beeps!!!!!!!! There are stories about beep beeps and our fact one of her cousins calls her BeepBeep!!!!!!!! Maybe someday she'll tell you of the beep beeps and how they confound her!!!!!!!!!

    We love you Madi and Mom.

  18. It must be that time of year...Mommy had ONE day off this week and of course the smoke alarm beep beep beeped on the 12 foot ceiling in the bedroom at 3:30 AM! She was *just* a little hissed off.

  19. We hate those mystery beeps. Our smoke alarm started doing it now and again so mum put a new battery in. It is still doing it, and the new battery date is 2017.

  20. Hi Madi
    We've had our fire alarm do the same thing. But it's hard wired into the house and when it goes off it makes a LOUD blaring sound. NO FUN.and it's hard to replace the battery inside of it.


  21. That beeping is so annoying!!! There should be a law against them!!!

  22. Hi, Madi!
    We read your post and for the first time we are thankful about not having any of those beeps here in our house!
    Kisses and hugs

  23. miss madi,
    i got the bestest solution evarrr! your mama can chunk the security system out the window and just get a DOGGIE! BOL!

    the booker man


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