Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Exchange Bonaza: Thanks Jack!!!!

Mom and I, first and foremost, thank JAZZI and her Mom for hosting the 2nd Annual Christmas Exchange!!
Jazzi's mom (Ms. D) collected all of the names who wanted to participate threw them in a TACO Shell (MOL) bowl.  Then Ms. D painstakingly paired each name with a partner. 

the most handsome Yellow LabraPuppy in the entire Southwest was given Madi's name. Jack and his most capable assistant crossed over to the dark side to took on the moumental task of shopping for a FELINE Diva. Our package arrived on December 9th. 
Pull up a comfy chair, grab your favorite beverage and some popcorn the unveiling is about to start.

Mom: Oh my stars Madi this is a big, heavy package. 
Madi: Do you think maybe Jack is inside!!!?? 
Mom: Look it is addressed to both of us...that is interesting
Madi: No way, today is all about Moi!!!
(please click on any picture to enlarge)

Madi: Mom there ARE two presents
Mom:  I told you it was addressed to both of us!!

Madi:  Gosh look at the purrty wrapping paper!!!  Well done Jack!!
I BET the big one is for ME?
Mom:  Really?  We'll open the small one first...(LOL)
Mom:  Oh my word Madi  you were right this one is for me.
The most purrfect book in the world...
The Steeples of Old New England
Madi:  How in the world did TG and Jack know you love steeples? 
Mom: Remember, last year beginning in March-August our Sunday
blog post was called "Steeple Chase"?  We featured steeples of all of the churches near our home. TG and Jack are very thoughtful....
Madi:   Ya da, ya da, ya da....lets get to mine!!!

Madi:  Are you sure all of the presents are out of the box?
Mom:  Don't be greedy!!!
Madi:  S O R R Y, mine's the biggest I'm excited
Holy smoke, it is a Cat It: Senses Play Circuit
and an assembly required  Instruction book.

Mom: Please read the instructions to me
Madi:  No can do, it is in French, German and Spanish. 
I only read are on your own!!! 

Mom:  I can read pictures....
Madi:  Really?  Well hurry up you aren't reading fast enough.

Mom:  Ok your highness it is all together
Madi:  Finally, I'm glad you aren't paid by the hour....MOL
Mom:  Right because it took only two minutes so it's a freebie!!!
Madi:  Oh lookie there is a ball in here AND IT MOVES. 
Let's get this party started!!!!
NOTE FROM the MOM:  For all who are NOT owned by a should know they are ALOOF...they don't instantly show
pleasure...that would be beneath them. They like to keep everyone in suspense.  That being said...please, patiently, watch this 3 minute
video of Madi and her most delightful gift.  (Again, we apologize for the clicking)  If you listen carefully, you'll hear a few grateful Meows in the beginning.  The funniest part is when Madi accidentally takes part of the top off...then acts like it is going to bite her.
TG and Jack we thank you both very, very much for the thoughtful
gifts!!!  She has actually played with it a lot since I took this


  1. Oh Madi, You are such a hoot with your new toy!!!
    And HiC, what a great book, just purrrrfect for you!
    That TG and Jack are two thoughtful guys!

  2. So so cute!! What a great gift for madi! And the book looks fabulous!
    Have a fun week!
    PS Be sure to enter my GIVEAWAY!

  3. LOL. That was a great video although I do think you should have let her just crawl into the box! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Cool! A book about Steeples!

    That was interesting, the video! I Too am very cautious at any thing different or new! I have to thinks about it from a distance before I touch it!

  5. Hi Madi & Mom,

    Looks like Christmas came early at your place. The book about steeples is a perfect give for you C, you are going to enjoy that one.

    We had fun watching you on the video Madi. It was funny when you pulled the piece off. I am always amazed at how far a cat's paw will stretch when they are unsure of something. Those were very thoughtful gifts from Jack and TG.

    Hugs & Purrs,
    J and Cindi Lou

  6. OMG...omg!! This is the best ever of your entries I do believe!! I had so much fun reading the conversation, and you did one terrific job. With photos and letting us in on all the excitement and anticipation!!

    Jack did good!! For both of you.

    Santa Centerpiece

  7. Hahahahaha...I loves da video! I was crackin' up when da top came off.
    What a super present Jack gaves you Madi. But, I is with you on da whole reading da manual thingy...ain't gonna happen heres either!
    Wonderful book fur Momma C too! Dat was just puuuurefect! OMG...I just said "puuuurfect!


  8. Super toy! I love how you delicately check out the part you removed. Nice book for you Mom!

  9. Wow, that's a great toy, Madi! The top coming off was really funny - especially when you pawed at it to make sure it was OK.

    I heard your little meows at the beginning. How come kitties with BIG personalities have tiny little meows? Rosie is the same way.

    Your pal, Pip

  10. Cool presents for both of you!
    I could hear you meow and the old grandfather clock chiming in the video, too!
    Poor Kitty! Toys can be a little scary, but that one looks like it could be purrfect feline fun!

  11. Oh my! What a wonderful, wonderful book for mom and a very cool toy for Madi! Mom--Are you going to ask Santa for a non-clicking camera?

  12. Oh Madi
    That was a Meow of complete Happines!! It is so much fun to watch you!! You will have a bast with that and the book fur Mom, well it is Pur-fect!!!


  13. Hi Madi and Mom,
    Kitty is so different than dogs are!! It is hard to find a toy for a cat. I wish I could have seen the video. It would have taken over 3 hours to load and I just don't have that much time. Madi is really a special kitty!!
    Is your birthday the 18th? 16??
    XX, Bambi & Fern
    I like the can cranberry sauce too, but Tom wanted to try fresh. The fresh from the framers market doesn't have instructions!!!

  14. That's funny. Looks like a lot of fun for Madi.

  15. Madi, you were right to be suspicious! You just NEVER KNOW when a toy might try and EAT you!

    We think you and your Mom both got great gifts!

  16. Cool gifts you received Madi!
    Looks like a whole lot of fun!


  17. WOWZERS! Jack and the Tall Guy did GREAT! What nice presents! BTW -- I don't have a clue what they were thinking about our Dome....this is the 4th time it has happened! They should know that Mr. Winter will come along and sit on it every so many years....TIME FOR A NEW ONE!

  18. What a wonderful present Madi. We laughed when that piece came off and you were suspicious of it. We thought you would whap it into next week. That is what we would do..... after we had decided it wouldn't attack us.
    The book is purrfect for your mum.

  19. Hi Madi
    We had never seen such an interesting toy. I can see why you weren't sure what to make of it, but once we get the hang of something we really get into also. Those were some nice gifts and the book of steeples was a great one for your Mom.


  20. Omg love the video that is hilarious and so typical cat... I am owned by five of the feline creatures. Never a dull moment around here.

  21. What a pawsome gift you got, Madi!! And we loved your video...haha!! You gotta watch those things closely!!

    And that bood is the purrfect gift for your mom!!

  22. Oh we meant book not bood!! What's a bood???


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