Monday, January 10, 2011

Flat George Comes to see Madi

  George the Welsh Terrier
is a lively active Pup.  His New Year's resolution was to visit all his friends.  However, since he didn't have any green papers, he came up with a great on the link below for all the fun details.
Mom and I she did not ask me if I wanted to are participating in this very fun activity. George's Mom sent us a picture of George, suitable for printing our Flat George.  Mom carefully cut him out, taped him to a firm piece of board, added a festive curly red ribbon and wha la we have our Flat George.
I was taking my 87th nap of the day while Mom was doing all of the above.  As you will see in the next two pictures,
Flat George nearly got flatter when I realized he was behind me

Mom what in the world is George doing in MY chair?
No way, are you really going to take.....
George to N. C. State University to work with you all day?
I'm  jealous and may never speak to you again thrilled he can go with you since I have never been!!!!
Well, I'll be, look at George's handsome self sitting in your chair lookin' important.  Lo and behold there is a picture of
The Diva on your desk too. Whoa baby who are those stiff
cats sitting beside me?

Oh my cats is George is sitting on the very edge I hope he doesn't fall on his flat face....
Mom please tell my my eyes are deceiving me.  Did you really take
George into Cafe Carolina for lunch, share a Carolina Turkey Sandwich with special dressing, pretzel and lemonade with him?

Well friends that is it for this first adventure for Flat George in
North Carolina.  Mom said he was very well mannered, easy to feed and a lot of help...Seems she will be taking him on another adventure in the future.
Mom and I thank Ms. J, George's servant Mom for coming up with such a fun adventure.  Stay tuned.....


  1. We have Flat George at our house, too! Well, actually our Mama hasn't gotten around to printing him out yet. But she said she might take him to the Shedd Aquarium later this month. That is SO. NOT. FAIR!!!

  2. Well I'm not sure how Jack would handle a flat George. He might tear his head off! :)

  3. Madi
    Looks like fun with flat George. Good thing you are on your moms desk too!! ya know? You need to get to go for a bit someday!!


  4. I don't think Chubbs would like Flat George to stay with him; he might chew Flat George to pieces and use the pieces as nesting materials.


  5. How exciting to have Flat George at your house Madi, he looks like the perfect guest. Easy to feed and very quiet. I'll bet Flat George enjoyed the visit to your mom's work, we know we did.

    BTW Madi, we think that photo of you on your Mom's desk is really cool.

    Any snow over your way yet? We got just a tiny bit today.

  6. your mom gonna finish da rest of dat sandwich?
    I wanna how many strange looks your mom got when hers was eatin' lunch withs George? He looks like he had a great time though. How him likes kittehs?

    PS: went out to pee dis morning and da anow is sooooooooo deep dat I couldn't walk!

  7. Flat George is having a great time, we see! The mom says her next kitties will be flat kitties -- no vet bills! :-D

  8. Too cute for words. Just yesterday I was posting about our neighbor's dog, Snickers, he too is a terrier...looks so much like George. But never fear dear Madi, you're still a favorite around here.

  9. LOL on Kea's comment above mine. No, ROFL

  10. Hay thats a great idea!!! I will have to look for him in Florida!

  11. And he doesn't even need a litter box. :o)

    I wish we could all go on da world tours.

  12. I am beginning to realise that there are many advantages to being two-dimensional!

  13. miss madi,

    how funsies that FG is visitin' ya'll! make sure you take him to play in the mega snowflakes! heehee!

    the booker man

    pee s -- your mama is so sweet to make that pretty blankey for miss puddles!!!

  14. I would still rather have a fluffy Madi than a flat George :)
    but George is cute

  15. Gosh, your mom sure is showing Flat George a really good time. I can hardly wait to see what other adventures he gets to have. Oh! She should take him to Krispy Kreme! YUM!

    I'm sorry you didn't gets to go to your mom's office but if you're anything like OUR kittehs, you wouldn't like it very much - specially the car ride part.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  16. How cool that he came to visit, but what a bummer he got to go places with your Mom that you never get to go.

    Does it make you wish you could have a "dog's life" lovely Madi??????


  17. WOW...George is a lucky dude! Mom wants to say thanx for thinking of her. She's feeling fine (just hating that Wren isn't home and that she can't kiss or sleep with dad, but likes having the bed to herself) WE can't even sleep on/with we HATE this. AND...she won't share any of her foods with us, she keeps saying we can get sick! We're so hoping this is over soon. She goes back Thursday to see if her restrictions are lifted and if so...YAY. Then her body scan is set for this Saturday. We'll keep y'all posted! Love ya bunches!

  18. Madi,

    Flat George is so lucky to be in da same room wif you! It looks like your mom showed him a fun day too!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  19. What a fun adventure Flat-George had with your mommy. I think you should demand a Flat-Madi!

  20. Flat George is a lovely dog, and I'm glad he came to visit you and your Mom. At least, with this dog, you don't have to use your claws and bop him a good one on the nose, to teach him is place.

  21. Madi... you are such a great sport!!
    And isn't George just as handsome as can be?!
    Ann (and Edward - who seems to be doing great!! Off to the vet with him again tomorrow for a check up so I'll let you know. XOXO)

  22. Madi, at least you don't have to get in a CAR or anything.

    Tell your Mom that the Breyer's factory is on "ICE CREAM DRIVE"!!! Mommy will take a picture for her of the street sign.

  23. Poor Madi, Flat George gets to go and you don't!!
    Madi in just days now your Mom will stay home with you all day long!!! Just think of all the fun you are going to have with her??
    I am making soup today C.......
    Today's soup is garbanzo beans with celery and onions, chard, and you-con gold potatoes with chicken broth!!
    It is a good day for it!!
    XX, Bambi & Fern

  24. What a nice quiet visitor and so easy to entertain!

  25. Ya'll gots any snow up theres? Boy dis blankies sure is nice and warm afters my trescherous outing to relieve myself...hehehe...I needs a beer now.


  26. He looks like he was a big help in the office!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  27. Hi Madi! Boy, George sure gets around! He is a very nice guy once you get to know him. If I come visit you, will you buy me a Carolina Turkey sandwich?

    Your pal, Pip

  28. Looks like Flat George is having a great time. Not fair that he goes places that you don't though.

  29. Miss Madi
    WE are not quite sure what you think about Flat George, but he is sure having a good time!


  30. How cool that Flat George came to visit you!! And what a fun time he is having!!

    Oh our mom is watching for license plates when she drives to and from work. This morning she saw VRM easy one!!

  31. I am sure Flat George is happy there with you!
    Kisses and hugs

  32. Hi Flat George...Has HiC tried to feed you grits yet! teeheehee!

  33. Madi, I'm glad you didn't flatten him when he was in your chair. That showed your elegance, grace and charm!


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