Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Favorites

Madi has lived with us for 8 3/4 years. Every month or so she becomes fixated she probably should be medicated with certain places in the house to sleep She has basically ignored this couch for months. Now all of a sudden it is the best thing since catnip was invented!!  She will only sit on the middle cushion!! The couch is very closed to the TV and I often find her watching it. I think she has secretly become addicted to TV. 

Mom says to tell everyone thank you for asking.  She is feeling better. She is not eating at her normal pace oink oink but that is ok at least she has both feet in the land of the living.  Dad is still well so we are pretty sure it was food poisoning and from what we hear it takes some time to work its way out of your system.


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  2. Is she watching the new Oprah channel?

  3. In the middle of the couch, That's pretty smart Madi, so mom and dad can sit on the left and on the right..keep you warm when you watch the fav . show.. Great Spot !


  4. If that couch were here I would love sitting on it! It looks like the best place in the house!

    I am sorry your mom was sick!

  5. There is a certain kitty here that does the same thing with her nap spots. One she has ignored for a month or so is suddenly the best place in the house. Cindi likes to watch tv too, the Discovery Channel seems to be her favorite.

    Glad to hear you are recovering.

    Hugs & Purrs,
    J and Cindi Lou
    The Kitten Herd

  6. We are so glad your mom is keeping both feet with us!
    That sofa does look cosy and we both like the TV.
    We don't often watch it but we like the sound and when our mum goes out and we are alone we prefer it to be on!
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  7. Madi,

    You are my Friday favorite! :) Happy news dat your mom is feelin' better.

    Woofs and LIcks,
    Maggie Mae

  8. We're glad your mom is feeling better, Madi.

    As for where you like to sit...We like to mix things up too, and will ignore spots for a long time, then decide we like them. It's a Cat's prerogative!

  9. Food poisoning....dat don't sound too good. Glad she's feeling a bit better though.

  10. Rats! JackDaddy beat me to my comment!!! heeheheee

    or, I'm thinking Madi is prolly a big "Housewives of Beverly Hills/Atlanta/NYC etc" fan! Cuz all those ladies are REALLY BIG DIVAS!!

  11. Glad to hear mom is doing better! Billy will even change a few places during the day.

  12. As long as hers sprawls out nuffs so dat no one else can sit theres then I see no problem at alls. Bit I will say dat I is not allowed to watch them shows dat Madi watches..I mean, when mum is home anyways.

    Glad to hears you is feeling more chippy than befores. Is chippy a word?


  13. And, why wouldn't you want to sit there? It compliments your beautiful coat so well. I'm glad that your Mom is feeling better.

  14. Glad mom is feeling better :)
    I've been real sick for the past week and I have become one with my but I take up the whole thing.....

  15. We are glad your mum is feeling better. Looks like you have lots of room on your couch. Mind if we come and join you?

  16. Madi! What are you watching?? Puppy Bowl is Sunday!! Kitty Half time show you know!!

    Give Mom lots of hugs and kisses from me!!


  17. Glad Madi likes to keep you guess about what will be her new favorite place to be? I think she may be watching the Food Network!

  18. It's YOUR house Madi...sit anywhere you want Diva!!!

  19. Hey Madi - maybe you should watch a little Oprah with me? I think there might be room on that couch for my cute yorkie butt, right?

    Your pal, Pip

  20. Glad your Mom is doing so much better.

    Are ya watching animal planet? Food network is my favorite.

  21. I am happy your mommy is better! Take good care of her! Are you watching SpongeBob? It is really good!

  22. Oh, food poisoning is the WORST. Cuz then you don't want to eat and eating is the BEST!

    I like that Madi likes to keep things mixed up and interesting in your house. Kittehs seem to think it's very Most Impawtant to keep humans (and doggies) guessing. Cap'n Ripley tells me all the time how boring life would be without him and I believe him!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  23. Miss Madi
    I do the same thing.
    I move around ... and find a new spot to be my favorite for awhile. Right now it's the corner of the DR table. That is why Mom keeps two quilts on top of it, because she knows no matter how hard she might try she could not keep 5 cats off of it.


  24. While sitting in your favorite place on the couch, is your favorite TV show to watch on the Animal Planet Network?

    I'm glad your Mom is feeling better!
    Raider & Mom

  25. That's one thing about us cats...we always keep the humans guessing. We sleep in one spot one day and then the next day we sleep somewhere else!! Madi, good job!!

    And we're glad your mom is feeling better.

  26. "The Boys" and I are glad to know your mom is feeling much better. Food poisoning? Yuk!

    Now about that couch...looks like a very nice place to rest your pretty head.

    Snowflake used to watch TV around here, so we say "You go girl!", if that's what you're doing.

  27. I don't know why blogger is eating my comments!
    I hope you get this one!
    Glad your mom is feeling better!
    Happy Saturday!
    Kisses and hugs

  28. Madi, you can sit anywhere you's your house too! And mom, we hope you are getting much better. Food poisoning is definitely bad news to get. Please get better soon and take it easy! Lots of love, Holly and mom


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