Friday, February 11, 2011


Mom is starting with my picture because she says I'm her favorite piece of ART she must want a favor; however, the post is about a recent tour the peeps I was not invited took of the new N.C. Museum of Art to see the Norman Rockwell Exhibit.
The new museum officially opened in April of 2010.
The Rockwell Exhibit was absolutely pictures allowed inside of course. Mom thought she'd share some of the pictures she took of the exterior of the new building and some of the sculptures...which left hers scratching her head
If you would like to learn more about the new building and its unique design, click here

Below is a picture of one of the many reflection pools.  
On either side of the pool are wings of the museum.  The design is still growing on us.  North Carolina is known for is native brick on this.
This is the walkway leading into the new building
Another reflecting pool but Mom took it to show the domes
on the building
Mom thinks this looks like a large wasp hive (head scratch 1)
This plaque sheds a little light on the very unusual object
Yes this is a stainless steel tree (head scratch 2)!!! It was one of the first sculptures put up outside long before the museum opened.  Mom looked at it for nearly a year from the road before she saw it up close.
This plaque sits below the tree
Mom really likes this...she thought it would look nice in our backyard as possibly a fountain.....but it was too large for her to fit in her purse
This plaque tells you a little about it.
We hope you enjoyed the outdoor tour of the new NC Art Museum.
We love our state and enjoy sharing it with you all.
Madi and Mom


  1. that looks like a real tree. In Auckland, we havr a chrome tree called millenium tree, but just rods and column.

  2. That is really interesting! Which reminds mom of the tree out in the desert... on Interstate 80 between Salt Lake City and Wendover.... called "Metaphor: The Tree of Utah."

  3. Thank you for coming over to my blog and sending me healing vibes, we really appreciate it!

    Coool museum Madi!!! I think next time you should sneak into your mom's suitcase and go with her! Mum sneaked away on a vacation back in October, and when she came back, I got sick. So I think she's never going to leave me again!!

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade

  4. Really nice tour!
    And you do have a beautiful state, dear Madi!

  5. That was a fun tour. The buildings themselves are works of art with all of the modern lines and those great domes.

    That stainless steel tree is quite a piece, I would imagine on a sunny day it is very bright. The first sculpture leaves us scratching our heads, a wasp nest is a good description.

    Madi, you mom was right you are the greatest piece of art around.

    Hugs & Purrs,
    J and Cindi Lou
    The Wild Bunch

  6. Madi,

    Dat tour wuz great and you is an amazin' tour guide. Happy Friday my furiend!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  7. Thanks for the great tour...

    pawhugs, Max

  8. Enjoyed da tour, but your comment about your mom 'fitting da sculpture in her purse' cracked me ups! heeeheeee........we don't want Madi mom to have the same issues as Lindsey Lohan!

  9. Very nice (butt dey should let da kitties in dere too). Dat tree looks like it was frozen in da ice storm.

  10. Oh we loves Andrew Wyeth...supposedly Greenville has one of da biggest collections of his.
    Actually, my favorite is da squirrels gonna be gettin' up dat thing...hahahahahahaha! They slide right down on metal...hehehehe!

    I wanna see your mom takes dat sculpture home.


  11. I like the reflecting pools and the metal tree, but your mom is right that wasp nest is scary! My mom likes to go to art museums, too, but I am never invited either!

    Your pal, Pip

    P.S: Rosie wants to know if you are going to Alien's Valentine's Day bash. She is trying to figure out what to wear!

  12. Madi you are indeed a beautiful work of art.

    Looks like Mom and Dad had a nice trip.

  13. Thank you for the tour of the new art museum!
    Aren't they always fun trying to figure out: what is it anyway?!
    And that they got paid to make it, too?!
    Sweet picture of you, Madi, looking reflective as well!
    Hugs, K

  14. You're one great tour guide, Madi! & I'm peekturing squirrels trying to climb the tree, thanks to Puddles' comment, BOL.


  15. Well, I like representational Art, so Madi wins the show for me!

  16. You are, indeed, the greatest work of art, Madi. The museum is beautiful, though I kind of wish that there were some real trees around. It's just a little ironic that the work of Norman Rockwell, the epitome of old fashioned down hominess, is being featured in an ultra modern facility such as that.

  17. Well, that is some awfully nice outside art and a awfully nifty building. But of course, the prettiest picture of all is the one of YOU, Madi!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  18. Pretty cool art pieces but I agree, I think you are the bestest work of art!! MAdi-art!!


  19. So lovely!!!! I throughly enjoyed our field trip!!! Next time can we stop for lunch too?

  20. Looks like a cool museum! We kinda agree with you though about liking brick buildings a little better. They feel more natural!

  21. Madi you know what I think?
    I think you and I could make art and that we could make a mint doing it...whaddya say?


  22. That was an interesting tour of the outside exhibits of the new museum. Mum agrees that she prefers traditional brickwork to modern architecture. She thinks the modern buildings look rather clinical. She likes the stainless steel tree the best with it's natural lines.

  23. Madi is the best of course!! We like the tour and really think the tree is very interesting of all the pieces!! One of our best friends is originally from NC and still has family there. It's a great state! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  24. Loved your tour cecilia
    very interesting :-)
    Thanks for the BEAUTIFUL shots !!!!


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