Saturday, March 26, 2011

WHAT IS YOUR.........


The peeps have this fancy pants nice bed.  It came with two remotes,  the top and bottom of the bed
goes up and down, it massages you in a waving motion and who cares knows what else it will do it.
However, we have an issue here at the homestead.
It has me so upset, I cannot even look at Mom.
What is the problem you ask?  I like for my bountiful body to
sleep on soft as a cloud mattress.  My sleep number is
Both Mom and Dad's sleep number is

I ask you what animal or human in their right
mind likes to sleep on concrete? 
In order to be comfortable on concrete, I require at least 2 sheets, a blanket but I'm happiest when a comforter and a towel are also under me!!!
I would like to thank Dad for suggesting a post about
OUR Sleep Numbers.  The idea he said he was the big picture guy, he'd leave the creativity to us came to him as I was waiting patiently for Mom to finish changing the linens and put my extra layers down.
So Dad how did we do?


  1. Sleep # of 90?! You poor kitty!!
    I prefer a 35 as well, Madi!

  2. Aw Madi, a 90? How can a diva possibly get any sleep like that? We think you need your own remote control, maybe a little one just for your section of the bed.

    Purrs & lots of hugs,
    Cindi Lou and J
    and the Krew

  3. WOW! The peeps should just sleep on the floor! I like things soft and cushy myself! Love, Billy

  4. So, what WAS Dad's critique? OMGosh...I lay on the cement foundation of our house all the time [by that I mean, the floors are all cement around here!] But it IS carpeted and padded, but hard as a rock. Still, Madi, my dear, I have a heated waterbed that is is all jiggly and softer than cement. And a tad warmer too. Come on over...Tahoe and Winston will share it with you!!

  5. Madi, your peeps need to hand over the bed, and get themselve a nice wide plank to sleep on.

    In our opinion.

  6. Good girl Madi!!
    Oh... I just posted about Edward! He's doing much much better, praise God!! Thanks for your prayers!

  7. 90!!!! Might as well sleep on the floor - we are with you Madi!

    Cats of Wildcat Woods

  8. Now, you be good to your Mom, and let her sleep on whatever number she wants right now. She's got to be all excited because this will be her LAST WEEK OF WORK!!!! The week after that, you can order her to fix your lovely sleep number bed any way you want.

  9. Wow, 90 is amazing. I stayed on a sleep number mattress at a hotel once and I used 37. And I'm used to a firm mattress!

  10. It isnt true?? Do they really expect a Diva like yourself to sleep on a 90?? Unheard of!!! I totally agree with the 35. Just zip right over and hit that button till you get to your Purfect number and happy ZZzzzz'sss

    Jazzi and Addy

  11. If I had a bed that moves up and down, massages you in a waving motion I wouldn't get a wink of sleep all night!! you are very good with that remote, Have you ever thought of pressing the buttons when mom and dad are a sleep lol!!! I can just picture it!!!
    Anyway Madi, just think you will have mom with you 24/7 soon ;) I bet shes looking forward to it.
    Have a good week
    See Yea George xxx

  12. Ridiculous, totally unheard of. The hoomans need to stick to 35, or they should stay on the couch!


  13. Whatever it is on the foot of the bed on Mike's side....I never asked as long as I can lay there I don't care....

  14. We don't know about sleep numbers, but it sounds like 90 is very hard. We have a memory foam mattress which means it feels like we are in a nice warm little nest that is just the right shape for us.

  15. Good god Madi your humans must be crazy. My mom likes soft beds but the squishy pillows are just the right softness for me.

  16. Have you read the Princess and the Pea? It is my sister's favorite story. I think you may be a true princess like the girl in the book. True princesses (according to the book) can only sleep on the most soft and fluffy bed and can detect the smallest of imperfections.

    Your pal, Pip

  17. If it's a remote....after da hoomans go to sleep, just sit on it and change da sleep number more to your liking....problem solved :o)

  18. We don't have those types of beds here!
    But a nice and soft matress is the best!
    Happy Saturday!
    Kisses and hugs

  19. That's a big difference - 35 & 90. Glad Mom realizes you need your comfort.


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