Monday, June 20, 2011


Mom and I want to thank HH and her gang at Max the Quilt Cat for tagging us last week.  This was a fun post.
 The new kitties Knuckles and Bugsy at Max the Quilt Cat are so funny and into everything.  Their Human, HH, had to make lots of changes in her home when those two came to live with her.  Drop by some time to say hi to the bunch.  HH is a very, very creative (artistically and a writer).  She is a big support of Brevard County, Florida, Animal Shelter.  Each week she post picutres of kitties and puppies looking for homes.
Now Madi will answer the 6 questions.  
1. Do you think you are hot?

Yes, I'm hot, my city has lots of humidity but I have no humility. MOL
2. Upload the wallpaper you are using at the moment
I don't have thumbs and my (un) able assistant isn't sure how to upload our wallpaper. 
But it is a beautiful fall scene.
3. When was the last time you ate Chicken
Last week and it was yummy Fancy Feast Chopped Chicken....which mom bought by accident.
You see, she divides out my Classic FF can in 6 sections.  I get one in the am and one in the pm.  Much to my dismay one can will last 3 days. Mom cannot divide the chopped FF so I got 1/2 can in the am and 1/2 can in the PM!!  FYI, I'm a full figured kitty and mom is trying to keep me from getting fuller.  Mom here:  Madi also gets 1/3 cup of Purina One.
4. What song(s) have you listen to most recently
Mom singing, "No Madi you cannot have supper at 3 pm"!!
5. What were you thinking when you were doing this?
I'll  be catwoman if there is food at the end of the string. 
6. Do you have nicknames
Yes, my given name is Madison; however, no one calls me Madison...but as long as they call me to dinner I don't care what the call me.  Here are a few of my names, Madi, Mads, The Diva, Pumpkin, Poodle face, Baby Girl, Hello Kitty (this is a new one), Sugar Plum and DIP-C,(Diva Island Princess Cat).

Mom and I have a very hard time tagging our friends we REALLY want to tag each and every furend.  This was a fun game and a good way to get to know everyone so rather than tag just 8 furends we'd like to invite everyone of you who want to play to consider yourself tagged
and we hope you will play along. 


  1. MOL..Madi, I really love yours answers ! Made me laugh : )
    Are you sure That's a Song ? Sound Bizarre for me !


  2. Wow Madi, you and I listen to almost the same song. Mine goes "No, Cindi you can't have..."

    That is a great photo of Catwoman Madi.

    Cindi Lou

  3. Why I think I just may have to friend Max the quilt cat! Animal shelter, YES! Very cute post Madi! hehe

  4. Happy Monday Madi!

    I luvs it when I learn new things 'bouts my furiends!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  5. You really do have super catwoman powers! Must be the fancy feast!

    Your pal, Pip

  6. My cats know that song, too. No Becky, no Gina, no Rachael, but, most especially, a thousand times a day, NO NO NO Leon, it is not time for your next meal, you just finished your last five minutes ago.

  7. Hiya MADI~!!! We think your answers are pawesome! Mom wants to say she's sorry for not being in touch (we lost our other blog AND she accidentally deleted your mom's email address) She is sad by this as she wanted to let you know that they were down in Wake Forest from June 4th ~ June 8th. Out little sisbean went to visit grandparents and mom and dad went to go pick her up. She'd have loved to have met you and your mom. BUT...they're gonna do this each year so next year, be prepared! LOL

  8. We love your questions and answers Madi!! Love the action shot too! Lots of love, Holly

  9. So nice gettin' to nose more bout you, Madi!

  10. How fun! I like chicken, too. But um, "poodle face"? Where the heck did THAT nickname come from? A) You're not a doggie; B) You're not a poodle; C) You don't have curly furs.

    Has your mom been sneaking your catnip?

    Wiggles & Wags,

  11. LOVE it! My little sister, Pumpkin loves Fancy Feast too.

  12. DIP-C!!! We like this a lot, Mommy is saying something about "double entendres". Whatever.

    Madi, we say MORE foods for you!

  13. Madi--I loved this post! You are one funny kitty.

  14. Madi... Wonderful post. What great answers you gave... I love it. Sing a few bars of that "No supper at three song for me please....

    pawhugs, Max

  15. Oh Madi and C,
    I have missed you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have missed Bambi too!!! I am glad she left with her head in my lap but I just didn't want her to go and she wanted to so she just slipped away. I couldn't hold her here!!
    Poor Tom, working all day every day in this awful heat!!! He worked the day it was 105 too.He gets so tired after working all day in this heat. He has no energy for much of anything when he comes home.
    It has been a very hot spring!! Our tomatoes are doing good but not as good as last 2 years. The heat, well the sun is burning them and we have lost some from sun scold. I'm glad you are getting some good ones.
    xx, Fern
    Thanks for your visit.

  16. Oh that was fun, Madi...or should we say, Diva Island Princess Cat??

  17. Good job, Madi!
    Catwoman! Yes!
    Chicken?? chicken??? I want some... now!
    Happy Monday!
    Kisses and hugs

  18. Madi
    You are Catwoman!



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