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Friday, July 15, 2011

Vacation Pictures #1: Funny, silly and just plain weird.

Friends I cannot tell you how good it was to not have the flashy beast in my face while the peeps were AWAY.  Below is the very first picture Mom took of me upon her return ...oh woe with me she is back and so is the flashy beast.  Mom took 289 pictures on vacation. Today she is going to show you some miscellaneous photos she took.

Note from Mom:  The green sheet is on top of a blue bedspread in another feeble attempt to
keep Madi's furs off the bedspread in the guest bedroom.

Now for the miscellaneous pictures.  Mom and Dad went to the very end of the Johnny Mercer pier which is ~600 to 700 feet long......
when Mom got to the end she said she 'hello friends' and  waved across the Atlantic Ocean  to all of our friends across the Pond.  She hopes you all heard her.
While they were in Southport, NC Mom saw this bouy....
the sign stated how far it was from Southport, NC to other places.
Southport, England is 3,271 miles from Southport, NC
They had to take a ferry to Bald Head Island to visit one of the lighthouses (pictures next week).
Mom snapped this picture of a Furry Ferry Friend.  He was a pro at riding the ferry.
Mom spoke to his peep as they were waiting to dock.  His peep said he was 1/2 St. Bernard 1/2 Collie
OMC and OMD Mom loves the Geico commercials.....She found this Geeko vacationing on
Bald Head Island
Mom is always on the lookout for the silly and the unusual check ou the little leprechaun wearing a sea captains cap
Guess who spotted the 'mermaid' on top of the bar in the picture below?  I'll give you a hint IT WAS NOT MOM. MOL!!The peeps had a very delicious lunch in Southport at The Pharmacy Cafe.  It was the first Pharmacy in Southport.  What is now the bar must have been the Soda Fountain of the Pharmacy.
Mom loved looking out onto the Marshes on Bald Head Island...Yay for Dad, he redeemed himself from the above spotting when he saw this beautiful crane sitting on the split rail fence.
The peeps were very, very happy with The Hampton Inn, on Old Eastwood Drive in Wilmington.  The accommodations were excellent.   Not only did they have the standard complimentary Continental Breakfast items they also had hot breakfast items.  Simply yummy and very good coffee. 
Mom tried to convince Dad to take this vanity and sink from their room for their bathroom at home 
But Dad wanted the fish cleaning sink on the Johnny Mercer Pier...they could not reach and
agreement so they came home w/o either. MOL
Mom cackled when she saw this sign. This is exactly what each female says when she passes the store.
Mom and Dad were strolling after dinner when they ran into this seagull who was late for dinner.
Peoples were throwing bread about. All of his 87 million relatives were already eating

We saved the best for we would like to present the home of the World's Largest Frying Pan
It is still in use at least once a year when the town of Rose Hill, NC makes fried chicken dinner to raise money for charity. 

You may enlarge this picture to read all about it
 I wonder how much Mazola oil  it takes to fill this monster up?
Thanks for stopping by today.  Mom and I missed all of you while we were away.  Mom will be catching up with everyone this weekend and organizing her lighthouse picutres hopefully posting them next week.
Hugs Madi and Mom


  1. Sounds like a very nice vacation fur your peeps MAdi. It was very interesting. Sorry bout that flashy box being back, we all have to deal with alot huh?? bol

    Jazzi and Addy

  2. Madi, sorry about the flashy box, but not sorry to see YOU! Thank your mom for sharing her fun va-ca pictures. Looking forward to seeing the lighthouse ones :-)

    -Gizmo, Bat and Ruby

  3. hello maddy! You had a nice blog! I have a great time in viewing your photos, thanks for sharing with us. :) Dog Pens

  4. What fun photos C! I remember that flying pan, I saw it once but that was long ago.

    The jewelry store sign is a hoot, they probably do a good business.

    Madi, tell your mom that no amount of covers or pad can keep furs off of the beds. It's scientifically impossible! MOL!


  5. Looks like your mom and dad had a fun time, but I bet they missed you something fierce! Isn't it funny though how the first thing they do is stick that flashy thingie in your face?!
    Snuggles and Catnip,
    Bronson and Pepper

  6. Great pictures!!! The jewelery store sign made me laugh too...I wonder how many times Robert has heard me say words to that effect - lol! Looks like you had a nice trip...I just love boats and water and the smell of the sea :-)

  7. Oh my sweet, Madi. I want you to know how much I appreciate you putting up with the flashy beast. I couldn't bear not seeing pictures of you! Looks like Mom and Dad had a great vacation!

  8. Madi, those were great holiday pics! Our mom laughed at that jewelry sign also. :-) And she says of course your dad would have noticed the mermaid first--he's a straight male. LOL.

    BTW, while we have a zillion gulls around here, we've never seen one with a dark grey head like that. Wonder how many varieties of "sea gulls" there are!

  9. Nice vacation pictures. Thanks for sharing them.

    pawhugs, Max

  10. I got a kick out of that frying pan, and out of the sheet on the bed. It's the same way around here, but it doesn't do any good. Diva hair goes everywhere, covering or not.

    It sound like your Mom and Dad had a great time, and I bet it did them good to get away for a few days, even if they did miss you horribly. I can't wait to hear more.

  11. Oh, I do miss the Low Country...thanks for sharing these great photos!
    We missed you!

  12. I have not seen the flashy box since Mon got home! Whats goin on with that? Looks like your peeps went to some nice places! My mom is going to post some family pics next week. Wish I coulda met her family 8( Love, Miss Mindy

  13. What a wonderful vacation! Two questions:

    1. did you gain any weight?
    2. Did your Mom eat ice cream?

  14. Madi,

    I sure missed you my furiend! It looks like your mom and dad had a great vacation. :) Can't wait to see da lighthouse fotos.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  15. Nice trip!! I'll try to take lots of pictures of our trip too :)

    Love ya Madi!!!

  16. Holy Lepruchan and Geikos,
    has Mom been sipping too many Margarita's again?!

  17. Those are lovely pictures of the trip. That frying pan is HUGE! Mum thought she heard someone shouting "Hello friends" but didn't know where it was coming from.

  18. Madi
    Tell your Mom those were terrific pictures! We loved visiting those places with your Mom's help. We also thought the picture of you was fabulous and keep up the fuzzing!


  19. Sorry your peeps couldn't compromise on a new sink...LOL

  20. I am loving that jewelry sign. BOL!!! Too funny. The ocean looks so pretty! There is nothing like the color of the ocean. My mama keeps trying to get papa to leave the midwest and move to the east coast, but he says no. She thinks it is because he has never actually seen the Atlantic Ocean - surely this would change his mind.

    Your pal,Pip

  21. P.S.: My mom has big sheet over the bed, too, but somehow furs always get under it. BOL!

  22. We enjoyed seeing those pictures!

    But Madi, tell your mom to give it up trying to keep your furs off of stuff. Everything is better with a little cat fur on it.

  23. Southport has a lot of eclectic style with the leprechaun statue and working frying pan.
    Madi my Mom gave up on trying to stop my shedding furs through you are looking pretty against the new blanket.

  24. What a wonderful vacation!!! I love the pictures very much!!! I gave up on trying to get the shedding around this's impossible for me!! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

  25. Looks like a great vacation! We luf the first picture best! Purrs to our favorite kitteh!

  26. Looks like loads of fun and I love the jewelry sign. Made me laugh. WOnder what they fry in that big pan or if it is just for looks.

  27. Thanks for sharing your pictures!

    Luv that sign.

  28. Welcome HOME! I loved all of the miscellaneous pictures from your trip. I LOL at the jewelry sign!

    Madi, thank you for narrating! I bet you saved your mom peep a load of time and thinkin! That's what kitties are for, helping right?


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