Saturday, August 6, 2011


First of all thanks to Ms. Glenda for taking care of me.

While Mom was unpacking she tried to make up for leaving me by giving me a milk ring to play with...I NEARLY fell for this tactic
until she started telling me about....
visiting with this wolfie aka Yogi the Corgi and
how gorgeous he is and how smart he is and
yada yada yada
 She told me she was telling Yogi  that she did not have a wolfie, he was somewhat confused.
 When she told him she lived with a gorgeous and smart kitty, he BOL and asked if she was trying to pull his tail
 Mom said Yogi I can't pull you tail because you don't have one.
After that comment, he told Mom not to tell an untrue tale about his tail....MOL...guess maybe Yogi must be kin to Abby over at
 As if coming home smelling like a wolfie wasn't enough insult to my feline intelligence, she actually thought I'd believe her when she told me this banana split was 'split' 4 ways....
 Mom, Dad and their good friends Sally and Gary had supper at
Sanders Ridge Winery in Yadkin County.  Her story is the meal is
served family style....including the dessert.
I told her I wasn't born yesterday and there was no way I would ever believe she shared ice cream with anybody. 


  1. Poor Madi - you've had a rough week, but if
    You play this right you can get lots of
    "guilt attention" from your Mom,
    so what seems bad now may actually turn
    out to be very GOOD!!!

  2. We think that is a pretty woofie...but we also can't imagine OUR Mama sharing ice cream with anyone either!!

    Welcome Home to your Mama and Daddy!
    Dory, Jacob & Bilbo

  3. Nice to meet you Madi!
    -Luna Kitty

  4. Hi Madi! Thanks so much for your good wishes. The surgery went well and we are all home safe and sound - though pretty tired!

    That last paragraph made me laugh. I would never share a banana split either - except maybe with you, Madi.

    Your wolfie pal, Pip

  5. Madi, we agree, your Mom is a FIBBER! She prolly ATE four desserts, not split one four ways. Yup.

    We are so happy to see you, and we hope you are able to get the d-a-w-g smell off your parents soon!

  6. We are appalled that you were fraternizing with a woofie!!! It's bad enough we have one living with us which we can't do anything about (we've tried) but to intentionally spend your vacation time with one is too much!!!

    ::backs turned, tails of disrespect::

  7. Oh Madi that was very norty of your Mom to associate with Yogi although he is kind of cute. But she didn't have to harp on him. That banana split looks so yummy. Hope you have a great rest of the week end. Take care.

  8. Oh my stars Madi, your mom really associated with a wolfie? But then we also think Yogi is very cute. We aren't sure if we believe the story about the 4-way split of the split. It looks yummy good.

    But like someone said above, if you play your cards right you can get lots and lots of attention now.

    Purrs & Hugs,
    Cindi Lou and The Krew
    and J too!

  9. Madi, we have to say that woofie sure is cute!! In a woofie way of course! It sounds like your mom and dad had lots of fun!! A banana split???? That sounds good!!! Did you get any treats when she came back home? We hope so!! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

  10. Well...what can me say? Woofie is kinda ... well, cute! is too. Now did she bring you back any food from dat family-style dinner?

  11. We can't imagine our mum sharing that banana split! How dare your mum come home smelling of woofie.

  12. WOW!! Did she think that you were born yesterday??? The nerve and I am glad you didnt fall fur it. I missed you so much while you were gone, so much has gone on at my house and we have security at our house now and everything, you better cehck it all out. NICE to have you back Madi!!

    Tons of wiggles and wags today
    Jazzi and Addy

  13. Hi Madi! I'm glad to see you again. That wolfie may be cute but he's got nothing on you girl! Don't worry!

  14. Hi Madi!
    I was missing you!
    Kisses girl

  15. poor poor Madi....the terrible things you must endure :(
    I hope mom makes it up to you this week!!!
    Be strong Madi!!

  16. Oh Madi! You mean she abandoned you and spent some time with a woofie?? And one without a tail??? Sheesh! She should have brought you some ice cream!!

  17. MOL..Madi, My mom never shared Ice Cream with anyone too. My mom is very Tiny ( 42 Kg.or 92.4 lbs ) but she can eat 10 scoop of ice cream by her own and no share !!!!

  18. 4? That looks like enough maybe for one! :)

  19. Sounds like you can see right through your mom's stories! We thinks you can guilt sum treats and attenshun out of her! Good luck, Madi! xoxo

  20. Hi Madi

    We are so Happy for you that your Mom & Dad
    are home again :))
    my mommy want also such a icecream
    looks so yummieeeee.......

    Enjoy your sunday
    we sending your hugs and a big cuddle

    Kareltje =^.^= and little Betsie >^.^<

  21. Yeah, my Mom doesn't share her ice creams with me either! I would get around her neck if I was you and make her all hot and sweaty!!!Puppy kisses, to my BFFF, Miss Mindy

  22. I would love to meet Yogi!!!

  23. Your Mom is a better woman than I am, Madi. I wouldn't have wanted to share that lovely ice cream with three whole other humans! Yogi is a handsome fellow, for a Wolfie. Have a lovely day with your humans, my dear, and make sure that they make up for leaving you all alone.

  24. Did she bring you a kitty bag from that dinner? I know the ice cream would have melted if the 4 (wink, wink) of them hadn't eaten it, but maybe there was some other treat besides a milk thingee...

    I know you're glad she's home though. That's the best part.

    pawhugs, Max

  25. No one can trick you Madi as a Diva you know everything that goes on whether it was pet cheating or "sharing" that ice cream.

  26. Yogi
    YOU do look like me, except a little bit bigger. NO TAIL! Wowie!
    Hello dear Madi we are so glad you are back and those rings are pretty nifty toys to play with.

  27. LOL over here in Philly! Don't fall for that ole milk ring trick Madi!

  28. Madi, my husband would have said that was his portion of banana split!


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