Thursday, January 26, 2012


Mom and I thank Hootin' Anni for hosting 
Today's song is
There is a moon out tonight

There's a moon out tonight
Let's go strollin' 
There is a girl in my heart
Whose heart I've stolen
There's a moon out tonight
Let's go strollin' through the park

There's a glow in my heart
I never felt before
There's a girl at my side, that I adore
There's a glow in my heart I never felt before.
 Oh darlin', where have you been?
I've been longin' for you all my life
 Whoa-uh-oh baby I never felt this way before
I guess it's because there's a moon out tonight

Note: Photography is 50% skill and 50% luck. I was focusing on the moon
and had no idea there was a plane in the picture
There's a glow in my heart
I've never felt before
There's a girl at my side

 That I adore
There is a glow in my heart 
I guess it is all because 
There is a moon out tonight

Please click on the video below to hear The Capris very pretty vocal


  1. Purrfect song! I'd luf to take you strollin by moonlight, sweet Madi. xoxo

  2. Cool song. Moonlight is very neat, we love to watch it sometimes.

    Jazzi and Addy

  3. Oh yes, that is the perfect music for a moonlight stroll. C, that is a great shot of the moon and the plane. Luck brings us lots of fun photos.

    Miss Madi, you have stolen a lot of hearts throughout the blog universe.

    Purrs and Hugs,
    Cindi Lou and The Kitty Krew (and me, Spooky)
    and J

  4. YEP! Very cool Madi! Love you!
    Miss Mindy

  5. Oh Madi! You've got me dreaming and groovin' today!

  6. Purrfect song to go with the moonlight pics!
    Although, I must have been very little when that song was out!
    I don't recall it! LOL
    Hand held photos at night came out very good, Cecilia!!

  7. I like it when I capture something I'm not expecting.

    Good pics Mom.

    Rainy and yucky here in Mississippi today.

  8. I like the song. It reminds me of some of the records that my Mother used to listen to. She joined one of those record clubs and ordered several albums of various songs from the 50's.
    I love your moon shots. Capturing the unexpected is always a plus. I like the little message in the leaf shot, very sweet!

  9. Cool song -- I should play that at the RRC on the full moon nights....

  10. Hi Madi - thanks for the song!

  11. Love that song Madi. It is one of Mom's favorites. Good job catching that plane. Love all the pictures of you Madi. Hope all have a great Thurs.

  12. Oh Madi
    YOU pick out the best songs!!!

    Now I'll be humming all day.

  13. I don't think I've heard that song before, but I do like their style. Great photos to go with the lyrics, Madi. I guess your mom helped you a little bit.

    Lindy and Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  14. Oh my gosh....the moon makes me want to howl. And howl I will.
    But, I will also let you know in human words that I loved this post. Where on earth did you find such a perfect heart shaped leaf? And of course, as always, the little DIVA images are PURRfection.

    Loved your song and all the work for your themesong this week.

  15. We would like to go for a moonlight stroll with you Madi.

  16. Madi,

    We just luvs comin' to visit you on Thursday (and everyday of course!)! :) Your sweet momma's fotos are pawsome.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  17. Let's stroll, Madi! Great pictures, Madi's mom!


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