Friday, February 3, 2012


Happy Friday for many reasons...especially because we were tagged by the most
We are supposed to answer 10 questions since Mom and I are so 
we decided we each answer the questions.

1.  Describe yourselves in 7 words
Madi: Diva, talker, love MOM, golden/green eyes, PhD in Sunpuddles, snoopervisor
Mom: Southern, wife, mom, loves MADI, avid walker, reader, crocheter

2.  What keeps you up at night.
Madi:  Absolutely nothing...I'm a world class sleeper 18 hours of the day.
Mom:  My over active brain which only works when my head is on a pillow.

3. Who would you like to be?
Madi: Mom, all she does is eat and blog
Mom: Madi, all she does is eat and sleep

4. What are you wearing?
Madi: A lucious gray fur coat, a white vest and shoes  
Mom: Black jeans, red shirt and gray Nikes with pink soles

5. What scares you
Madi: Plastic bags that are alive. They are ok when just sitting or hanging around and loud noises like the sucky monster.
Mom: Lightning, fire, extreme heights

6. The best and worst of blogging.
Madi: Best:  My friends and their peeps. Worst:The flashy beast
Mom: Best: Ditto to Madi's answer. Worst: When Blogger acts naughty.  I'm not a techie and I don't like change.

7. The last website you visited.
Madi: Toddlers and Tiaras, they are the ultimate DIVAS
Mom:  Fairbanks Daily News Miner

8.  What is one thing I would change about myself?
Madi:  You can't improve on Purrfection....MOL
Mom:  Madi's Cat-ti-tude.  LOL

9.  Blankets: Yes or No

Madi: Yes only under me  and the more the better.  I don't like to be covered.
Mom: No, I'm at the stage in life where I have lots of personal summers.

10.  Tell us something about the person/pup who tagged you.

Madi: Mr. Pip is undoubtedly the cutest, sweetest, most debonair (especially when he wears a bow tie), Wee woofie. I'm proud to be his, BFFF (best feline friend forever).  Pip is secure enough in his manliness to wear pink, and most of all he loves his family and his friends with all his heart. 

Mom:  Kristin, Mom to Mr. Pip gives 200% to everything she does.  She is an excellent Mom to the Divine Ms. M, a wonderful and loving wife to Papa.  She loves all her furbabies, giving each of them lots of TLC.  She loves Mr. Pip and does an excellent job of portraying his sweet but manly personality on his blog.

We are supposed to tag some friends.  Mom and I thoroughly enjoyed putting this post together. So we invite you all to copy down the questions and put on your thinking caps. This is a 'free' idea for a post and lots of fun too!!

Hugs Madi and Mom


  1. Aw, Mr. Pip is absolutely adorable and very handsome. This was a fun tagging, we enjoyed reading all your answers. Madi, we agree with you on the plastic bags, they are alive and very scary. MOL at #8.

    Purrs & Hugs,
    Cindi Lou and the Kitty Krew
    and J

  2. This was a wonderful post. I loved getting to know you both a bit better.

    I also love it because I can read and respond once again!! :)

  3. Oh Madi, I loves what you is wearin'...your mom on da udder paw...don't match. What is hers thinkin' wearin' a red shirt and pink soled tennis shoes?????? Lawd haves mercy.
    I thinks it's kinda ironic how my mum's brain tends to work on da pillow like your mom' dat a mom thing?

    Bwhahahahahaha....personal summers....bwhahahahahah...oh dat was a good one.

    I just love all your answers.


  4. I loved Madi's answer: you can't improve PURRFECTION!
    And Mom's answer: her personal summers! LOL
    I can relate to those power surges! HA!

  5. Woof! Woof! What a FUN post to read. I like the word DIVA showed up 2x. I absolutely agree about being purrrfection. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  6. Great post! We luf efurry chance to learn more about our furriends. I, quite coincidentally, am a great tamer of plastic bags, dear Madi. They don't stand a chance here at my house. If you efur haf need of a bag tamer, just let me know. xoxo

  7. What is it with these humans not being able to sleep??? And have you noticed it is usually the female peeps who are up worrying? My papa sleeps pretty soundly just like me!

    Oh, and my mom is nervous around fire and not a big fan of heights either. I had to cut her off in my post because her list of fears was getting way too long!

    Thanks for all the kind words about us. We appreciate them and you both!

    Your pal, Pip

  8. Personal summers......that's a good one!

    Ya'll have a great weekend!

  9. Hey, that was quite interesting! I was just wondering about Mr Pip, how old is he? He sure is CUTE!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  10. We enjoyed reading all the answers from you and your mum Madi. Now we know a little more about both of you.

  11. Mr. PIp ROCKS! I love learning more about my friends! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Loved learning more about you!!!!!!!!!!


  13. Me is so hap-pee to nose more bout you guys!


  14. I definitely will join...I agree with on #8 with you because you definitely are Perfect. BK

  15. Loved seeing all the answers and seems as if we now know you better.. Hugs J xx

  16. Wow Madi, I learned a lot more about you and your Mommy! What a grrreat post!


  17. That was so much fun hearing those answers. We do love Mr.Pip. He is the best. Anyway, those are terrific answers. Well done. Enjoy your week end.

  18. Laughing over here!

    Oh this was fun learning more about you and Mom, Madi! I think I'm with Mom, though, I want to be YOU, Madi!

  19. Oh Madi you are such a fun diva!
    We loved your answers and your Moms!


  20. We enjoyed reading your answers, Madi and Madi's Mom!

  21. Diva, ooppsss, I mean Madi, I learned so much about you and it was fun. I wonder why your mom thinks you are spoiled?


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