Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thursday Theme Song: by Paul Anka

Mom and I thank Hootin Anni for sponsoring

I've been practicing my scales all week just so I'd be ready to accompany Mr. Anka as he sings Puppy Love to some of my male puppy pals
La la la la la.
Please click on the video below to listen to this  beautiful song

And they called it Puppy Love
Oh, I guess they'll never know
The one and only Mr. Pip a very wee puppy with a great big Heart

Just how my young heart feels 
And why I love him so.
The one and only Remington  gentle giant
And they called it puppy love
Just because we're in our teens
Ranger, brudder of Mayzie the beautiful Brindle

Tell them all it isn't fair
To take away my only dream
I cry each night my tears are in vain
The Chronicle of Woos
My girlfriend, Ciara, on the left sat in the pic to make sure the boys sang in tune
2nd from left Lightning, Thunder and Phantom
I'll hope and I'll pray that maybe someday
You'll be back in my arms again
Buddy, look into my chocolate eyes, from Dog Daze
Someone help me, help me please
Zack, Rama your wish is my every command, from Dog Daze

Is the answer up above?
 Jack, the well known author from Daily Dose of Jack
How can I, how can I tell them

Memory page for two very much loved puppy angels
My peeps first pet Toto the Mighty Mini Doxie and Raider the RVing Golden
We thank you for stopping today,
Madi and Mom


  1. What a great post and tribute! Madi, you really nailed that song. Your practice paid off. We thinks you should go visit Bert ofur at fourleggedviews and Goose ofur at gospelofgoose. They are both great furriends and we bet you would like them. Bert is recovering from surgery right now and could always use purrs. Happy Thursday sweet Madi. Your BFFF - Prancer Pie

  2. Oh Madi, what a lovely voice you have, you were in perfect harmony with Mr. Paul Anka. We really enjoyed meeting all of your puppy pals that we didn't already know.
    It seems our great minds were thinking along the same lines today.

    Cindi Lou and The Kitty Krew

  3. what a delightful post.. yours is the only one we visit with music - its wonderful! Madi is the best! Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

  4.'s Toto! Oh, am just so happies to see a pikture of him.

    Perfect fotos to go along withs todays song! I just loves all your boyfuriends cuz they all be my furiends too...hehehe! I think Brudder Ranger and Pip needs to sing laouder though.


  5. AAAHHHH....that is so sweet....hugs to you Queen Madi....

  6. This is soooooo nice! Mom and me just love it!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  7. Wonderful blog post. Love seeing the special pictures of your favorite dog friends.

    Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max

  8. Oh my gosh! I am red in the face, Madi. When I saw Paul Anka the song that came right to mind is Having My Baby! I thought you were preggers!

    Whew! This turned out to be such a sweet and loving post. You are your Mom are the greatest pair!

  9. Bawhahahahahha, I look a bit star struck in that picture because I have never had a beautiful lady cat sing to me before ...swoooon! And look at me, the first dog on the list or is that just cause I am the smallest one?

    Thanks for starting my day off right!

    Your best puppy love pal, Pip

  10. Madi, I always loved the song!
    And the pictures were purrfect with the words!
    Chin scratches to you
    Hugs to Mom

  11. Apparently Paul Anka wrote puppy love for Annette Funichello when they were dating, how neat is that?!!! In my generation it was Donny Osmond who was famous for singing this. Either way its a great old song :-)

    Thank you for sending your good wishes to Casper, he seems slightly improved today!!!

  12. Love this song, but my favorite version is Donny Osmond's. But then I am a HUGE Osmond fan.

    All of the doggies in your photos are so cute, but I have to say that Mr. Pip is my favorite. He is a real cutie.

    Great Post!!

  13. That was so much fun, and thanks for including us!
    Big, wet, sloppy kisses (sorry, that's the way we roll!)
    Zack and Buddy

  14. Wowzers, we are so flattered and thrilled to have you sing this sweet song to us, Madi. Ciara made sure we all stayed in tune with your lovely voice. We love having you for our very special kitty friend.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  15. Madi, you are one lucky kitty to have such a lot of furry friends.

  16. {sigh} Mommy tells me dat Paul Anka was her very furst heart throb when her was a teenager.

  17. I can hear your beautiful Diva voice madi!! sounds wonderful. Great pictures!!

    Jazzi and Addy

  18. Oh, that was just BEAUTIFUL, Madi! I just luved looking at all your Most Adorable puppy-boyfurends. I think Brudder Ranger is actually BLUSHING! He sure is honored that you included him in your song.

    Have a super awesome Thursday, my furend!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  19. OMMMMMG! Madi, I love this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Some good looking mugs there Madi! Love the song!

  21. How sweet! And puppies love you right back. :)

  22. Oh write the bestest posts around! xoxoxox

  23. Madi, you sang that beautifully to all your puppy loves.

  24. That was so much fun hearing that song again. Love it. And there is that cute Pip. What a great post. Thanks Madi. Take care.

  25. Even though we are cats, we love those puppies!!

  26. How I love this!!! Sorry, I'm late in stopping by....wasn't home yesterday!

    Thanks for participating. Your themesong is always such a pleasure!! This one is one in particular I really loved...'cause I've been wanting to do this very song but alas, no puppy pics. At least none around here in 'real time'. I've been thinking of scanning photos of our dogs in our life, but too I really appreciated this post Ms. Madi! And practicing your scale for some time really paid off. Excellent.


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