Sunday, March 18, 2012


Mom bought this tunnel in 2011 for my Gotcha Day
I would NOT have anything to do with it so she put it away.
Last week she pulled it out again and lo and behold I like it now.
We'll be sharing some more license plates with you in between the pictures.
1. GEOLOGIX, No clue
2. THE KATO, The Cat??
3. FEEBES, No clue
4. JUDIVAD,No Clue
5. K-STATE,  Either Kansas of Kentucky State U
6. SPOILME, Mom says this person must be owned by a Cat
7. COMMUNIC8, Communicate
8. O'AHU, HI, Ohaua, Hawaii
9. WENDIGO, No Clue
10. HOTDAWG,  We dedicate this to all our Doxie Friends
OMC this must be a new toy
 11. WRKNOMOR, Work No More
12. BZSHOPN, Busy Shopping
13. KEVMAK4, Kevin makes 4??
14. SIBILIA, No Clue
15. 74MIDGET, 
16.ONESAI, One Say??
17. PEI, Math nut
18. NCSUFAN1, NCSU Fan 1
19. AZONIC, No Clue
20. MRBLS, Mr. Bills
It looks like fun
 21. 1FURBEAR, One Fur Bear
22.RBN5NST, Robins nest (5 replaces the S)
24. BLUV, Belove
I think I'll step inside
 25. H20BUGGS,The family likes water sports
26.ZIPTDUDA, Zippity do-da
27. DAPDAVE, No Clue
28.MADY'S another way to spell Madi
29. MEDI-8-ER, Mediator
Mom's favorite for the day
30. LOVACAT, Love a Cat

Mom what in the world are you squealing about...all I did was 
take a walk inside the tunnel


  1. We think your tunnel is great! Sum toys are more fun after you've forgotten bout them. Great p
    lates! XOXOXOXO

    pRAncer is helpin me type. mol!

  2. We likes the tunnel Madi. We think toys are better after the new smell is gone too.
    Our mom squealed when she saw that last plate, that's a good one. #6, that person has to be owned by a cat like your mom said.

    #9 is a mythical creature from Native American culture. A rather nasty creature as I remember. I'm not sure I would want to meet the person who ones that plate.

  3. We loved all those plates, they are fun to work out what they mean. We are glad you enjoy your tunnel. I have one that I like to play with. The bunnies have one too and although its a bit smaller they have let me have a go inside. They love their tunnel :)xx

  4. That sure is a great tunnel Madi! Hope you have lots of fun with it now that it is old!
    We couldn't figure out those plates either.
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  5. Whoa!! a cool old but new toy!! A tunnek fit fur a Diva!!!!


  6. I Love tunnels!! They need to make big people

  7. Glad to see you're enjoying your tunnel. Fun, huh?

  8. Madi, funny how you re-discoverd how fun a tunnel can be!
    I have an idea on a couple of the license plates:
    #3 Feebs is short for Phoebe
    #17 PEI is short for "Prince Edward Island" of Green Gables fame! :)

  9. Wow! Pretty fancy tunnel there. Perfect for a diva!

  10. Thanks for the dedication! Maybe the PEI means Prince Edward Island?


  11. Great plates! Madi, your tunnel looks fun. We've been thinking of getting one for Annie.

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  12. I like the fact that Google cut off your text on the dashboard to: "We'll be sharing some more lice..." :0

  13. Oh, that last one is my favorite too!!!! Thank you SO much for being such a great blogging buddy! Hugs to you and Madi!

  14. Bol! Actually that isn't Brodie! It is Peaches. They do look alike but Brodie is a Lab and so he is much bigger :)


  15. I love your tunnel... That's the prettiest one I've ever seen.... And you know HH loves plate day. Double bonus day today.


    pawhugs Max and HH.

  16. Love those tags, especially the last one. Madi, tell your Mom she needs a tag like that. Also tell the Mom I challenge her to an Irish Jig. LOL. Madi, good job taking a stroll through the tunnel. Did you find anything good in there. Take care.

  17. We have also a tunnel
    but we don't like that hahaha....
    Maybe our Mommy's can play with it :P

    Hugs for sweet Madi from
    Kareltje =^.^= Betsie >^.^<

  18. Of course that is NOT the SAME tunnel as before. The first one was icky but THIS one is perfectly acceptable.

  19. Madi, I love your tunnel and I totally have one too. Are we pals or what??? Mommy thinks Feebes is from Friends, they always called Phoebe, Phoebes. Wendigo is a totally scary mythological thingy that scares Mommy. I hope some day you and I can have some tunnel time together.

    Loveys Sasha

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  21. Cool tunnel! Mr. Ripley has a couple of those and they go with his fort. He loves them! He hides and then attacks us. He is quite the guy.... Hope you weekend is fun!

  22. Amazing tunnel!!! I love LOVACAT!!!

  23. Madi...sorry, I'll come back tomorrow to read your post...but I wanted to touch bases with your "ma"....I have on my sidebar how to get off the word verification with the new interface. Just go back to my blog, look under the "No Word Verification" red button...and the directions are there...

    1. PS...there is NO word verification here?!!!!! I just posted my went right up on your blog

  24. Now, you DID use your tunnel to transport over to the house trashing that went on while mommy was gone, right?

  25. That is a lovely tunnel Madi, and of course it is so much better than the one you had last year.

  26. Madi, we're so glad you have discovered your tunnel! We love our tunnel!! Sometimes we hide in it just for fun! And we love #30 too!!

  27. I'm glad you are liking your tunnel now.


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