Monday, June 4, 2012



Mom and I are all about hugs. We send them to our friends each day.

We thank Ann at Zoolatry for this beautiful button for cats everywhere.

Mom hugs me every night before we go to bed. Which is 'ok fine by me' because it means she doesn't have the flashy beast in her hands.  However, it also means we don't have many pictures of our love-ins.  This is an old(er) picture taken by Dad; but that is ok Mom's hugging style has not changed.

I thought it was very nice of Mom to wear a sweater to match my eyes....she is such a good Mom....and to her I say
Hugs and head butts old gal


Today is our good buddy Corbin's barkday.
Click here to visit Corbin
In the past, he has been having a rip roaring man cave party.   
This year the only present Corbin wants for all his buddies and buddettes (of all breeds and species) to spread positive vibes with a Pitty Post. 

Corbin that is super duper easy for me 'cause 
I am a Kitty and if you drop the k
add a p 
I automatically be come a Pitty and that would make me a happy Kitty

I know several Pitties.  All of them love their two leggers and some of them even live with kitties.  My fav thing about Pitties is they wag their tail with their entire body.  I think I would be a cool Kitty
if I could wag my body like a Pitty

Mom says puppies are sweet, innocent, loving and trusting
but sometimes they are born to bad people. 


  1. Aww, we luf the pic of you and your Mom. It's nice to be hugged, but we're hugged efurryday and didn't realize there was a special day fur it. We luf pitties too, and have several that we talk too. Today is our blogaversary and we want to say thank you to all our furriends fur making it a great first year! Thank you Madi and Mom! Hugs and kissies from all us kittehz (and Mom) at Prancer Pie.

  2. I didn't know it was hug your cat day. I will offer to give KC a hug immediately..... Corbin is such a nice chap isn't he? I'm off to his celebrations of all things pitty too! Deccy x

  3. Madi, I am sending you a hug right now...are you ready? it comes(((((((((((((((((Madi)))))))))))))))))). I love the picture of you and your Mom and what a nice post for Corbin.

    Loveys Sasha

  4. Oh Madi, we love the photo of you and your mom. That is some awesome hug.
    Our mama likes to hug us but she says we get all squirmy when she does. We are trying to learn how to be hugged, until then we will take all the petting and tummy rubs she wants to give us.
    Corbin is such a sweetie, we are getting ready to go over for his birthday bash.

    Cindi Lou and The Kitty Krew

  5. I just loves your mom cuz her is so good to you! I not has a kitteh heres so I sends you hugs furs Hug Your Cat Today. Cuz I am nice likes dat...hehehehe.
    I loves Corbin, not cuz he be super handsome...well, dat too but cuz he is is a livin' breathin' soul, and he is funny, and he loves his peoples and all peoples furs dat fact...and he is handsome.


  6. Nice hugging there Madi's Mom! We loves all doggies and kitties!
    Hugs and lovies, Miss Mindy

  7. First of all I LOVE that picture of you and your mom!!! That's the sweetest thing ever!

    Second, I like your kitty vs. pitty rhyme. That's very clever! And yes, I completely agree sometimes puppies (and kids, too) are born to mean, irresponsible people ...

    Your pal, Pip

  8. What a beautiful picture of your and your Mom. I love it! I will give Cupid extra hugs today too. He'll like that a lot. Enjoy your day.

  9. Such a sweet photo of you and your mom, Madi. Our mom hugs us every day, even when we don't want to be hugged. Ha.

  10. hugs from me to you. since i don't have a kitty to hug, i hugged Jake and he is part pitty so i think that counts. i have seen Corbin on 4 blogs today, and his story made me cry from joy

  11. What you said in your last sentence is absolutely right...wealth of love and encouragement in this part... they are born to bad people... lets take care that no more bad people are allowed to ruin good dogs..

    I am honored to be a part of the blogville and seeing how many people are showing their love and support for Pitties! :) Blogville rocks!!

    Although I don't have a cat... can I just send you a virtual hug and that be my hug for kitties??

    Hugs!!! Shelle, Milo and Dixie

  12. A special Hug your cat day hug to your Ms. Diva. And a nose to nose kiss. You know we luvya bunches!!!

    PS...I love mom's sweater.

    "Born to bad people"....couldn't have spoken truer words there.

  13. Hey Madi... {{{HUG}}} here is a hug from ME (Frankie Furter) and another {{{HUG}}} from Ernie.

    THIS was a super Duper post fur both the HUGS and Pitties!!!!

  14. Love that picture of you and your Mom Madi. Good luck on hugging these cats around here. Maybe one or two would allow it. They would all be much happier if we didn't do hugs.
    We think this Corbin project is so great. We are all for trying to take the jinx of of the pitties. We love our friend Mayzie.
    Have a great day.

  15. What a great post! I wish I had a kitty to hug here so instead I am sending you a virtual one from me. Have a great day and I hope you get lots of hugs.


  16. I didn't know about Hug Your Cat day! I'll tell Momma to give Pigeon and Scribbles, my kitty brother and sister, an extra hug for me today. I don't think they'd appreciate it from me, though!

  17. Hmmm...I think my mom thinks every day is Hug Your Cat day. But I'll make sure she gives the kittehs EXTRA hugs today.

    And what a great postie for Corbin's Big Day! It just fills up my heart to see how many other bloggers are pawticipating in the name of pitties!

    Wiggles & WAgs,

  18. Ahhhhh....da snot rag. See, my mum remembers those with absolutely no fondness what so evers. You knows when hers would go to church with hers grandma and grandma would bring one out of her was always already used. Of course then grandma would always has buttscotch and mints in theres too. Must be a southern thang.

    You needs to go meet Shelle, they is funny and her has doxies.


  19. I'll give all my boys extra special, long hugs today and we send love and hugs to you Miss Madi and your mum :-) We agree wholeheartedly, there are no bad dogs, only bad owners!!!

  20. Here's an extra hug for you Madi - you can save it for another day if you want cause obvioiusly you're getting LOTS of hugs today!!

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  22. Two beautiful causes!
    I love to hug my cats - =)!
    And the pitties are so judge about your appearance... isn´t cool.
    Have a great day my sweet Diva.

  23. Cute post! Kitteh hugs are awesome, and I am glad you have such a loving Mom and Dad.

  24. Sorry Madi - I'm not hugging any cats today, but I do like the picture you posted of you and your mom hugging.

  25. Oh Madi, I'd give you 100 hugs today! Thanks so much for joining in on the pitty post! And a Kitty Pitty just might be the best pitty!

  26. That's a super hug, Madi...we bet there was some kissin' involved too!

  27. Mom is so lucky she gets to hug you, soft Madi!
    My sister's son owns a "Pitty" named Maya, a sweet crazy girl.
    (I think that makes her my grand niece! LOL)
    She gets along with everybody, even old Maggie the spaniel.

  28. Love the pic of you and your mommy! So sweet! I hugged all my kitty sister and brothers today.

  29. So that's why Mom has been running around hugging us all day.
    OK Mom we get it now leave us alone.
    You've hugged us enough.
    Is this day over yet Madi?
    And happy birthday to sweet Corbin

  30. Beauitful post Madi!!! You are your mommy are super duper beautiful!


  31. Madi, the pitty kitty - we love it:) Many happy hugs being sent your way today from all of us.

    And Happy Birthday, Corbin.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  32. What a great post Madi!!! Posistive Pitty thoughts and Kitty hugs all in one place!!


  33. Madi, we bet your mom is a good hugger.

  34. here's our hug to you dearest madi>>>>>>>>>>>
    thank you for posting about us pibbles

    pibble toots
    the pittie pack

  35. We missed all this because mum was so wrapped up in watching Jubilee celebrations that she has given us hardly any computer time.


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