Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Have I mentioned I have competition for Mom's undivided attention? Well I do and it is her iPad. 
So loves it so much she made it a jacket.  YES that is her iPad in its gray jacket.  She also made a pouch on the front to hold the cable.
YES you do detect a tad of jealousy because it is always attached to Mom's hand.

BiP(before iPad) Mom's hand was always available to stroke my head.
  Each morning, while eating a bowl Cheerios,  she plays Words with Friends.  Over the last few weeks, I've decided the iPad can stay.  As soon as she sits down to eat, I come running to join her. I love to watch the letter tiles move around on the game and I love the bing.  These pictures were taken just after we finished a game of Words with Friends.  As soon as Mom puts her 
iPad in its jacket, 
it becomes my


  1. It looks like it might be pretty nice to cozy up to, sweet Madi. Our Mommy is attached to her laptop, but in all fairness, it does blow a little warm air and heats up. MOL! Have a great Wednesday from all of us at Prancer Pie, xoxoxoxo.

  2. Madi, my Mommy is crazy for that game also, she doesn't have one of those pad things though, just a puter. I am glad you learned to like it, if you can't beat them you have to join them I guess. Have you been helping her with Words??

    Loveys Sasha

  3. Maybe mummy can make you a lovely jacket with a pocket to put your treats in. Perhaps mummy can download some kitty games for you to play once she has finished with her word game :)xx

  4. That sounds like fun Madi, we like things that move and go bing. So far our mama hasn't gotten an iPad but we're working on her to get one. It was really nice of your mom to make a cover so it would be more comfortable to sleep on.

    C, that light you saw sounds amazing. I have seen little rainbow like lights in the clouds but they were not nearly as bright as you described. It must have been an awesome sight!

  5. Woof! Woof! We have to share the carrier pad that mom made for her ipad ... Yes we plan to join the Olympic events. Not sure what? Happy Wednesday. Lots of Golden ALOHA n Woofs, Sugar

  6. I have a ThinkPad too. Some would call it an A4 notepad, but really it is a Thinkpad. Sometimes I write my thinks in it to help with my blog..Mum says she'll get me an ipad, but my paws are soooo big. Hehe! Deccy x

  7. Hi Sweet Madi., that looks you have lot of fun...we're also adicted to

    Dog Fence

  8. Hi Madi! I just had to stop by to see you, you lovely feline lady! I've been too busy to post lately and have missed my blogging "buddies." I love your "think pad!" Happy day!

  9. BOL!!!!
    I am impressed Madi...I tries not to think too much cuz it makes my head hurt. Howevers, since you do be a kitteh...well, I knows ya'll has a tendency to think alot.
    What a brilliant idea dat your mom made a sleepin' bag furs her iPad. Her so creative...must go along withs da whole thinkin' thing...hehehehe.


  10. It's nice that you two play the game together now :-) Madi I think your mum made a gray iPad jacket so that it would match your lovely fur!!!

  11. I try to jump on Mom's laptop, so it messes up! BOL. No thinking here!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  12. Well, it does look like a comfy bed at least? Bawhahahaha!

    My assistant is still laughing about your comment. She once had a perm at a Fantastic Sam's and it took about 2 years for it to grow out. It literally looked like she stuck her finger in a light socket! This was years ago, but she has never quite gotten over it!

    Your pal, Pip

  13. Oh Madi, we feel your pain. The Momster loves her iPad too. AND she also plays Words with Friends AND Scrabble with Friends, AND Hanging with Friends - we just want her to play Get the cookie jar:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  14. I think you might need to get rid of the jacket for a iPad bikini soon... It's gonna be hot.
    Just sayin'... although, if you can, you might want it to go nekkid a bit so it doesn't get tan lines.

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby

  15. This mom loves WWF too! I know it's hard to share your Mom but remember...she still loves you best.!

  16. so you mom has joined the zillions of others addicted to IPAD. I just wish i owned stock in IPAD... i saw two men in the doctors waiting room, playing on IPADS... a woman reading on a kindle, a woman on her Iphone... so your mom is in good company. I only have a desk top and a lap top.... but I don't play games so no need for one.

  17. Does the iPad get hot in its jacket? It's pretty hot here, and we stopped wearing our jackets a while ago!

  18. Madi.. you have a THINK PAD???? What a GRRRREAT thingy that would be. I (Frankie Furter) THINK that with all tha is going on with the Olympics and the stuffs I gotta do fur it... I need a THINK PAD TOO!

  19. we have this same problem over here!! you should try sitting directly on top of it :)

  20. Poor Madi, it has come to this! You're jealous of the iPad!
    Maybe you should be less "stand offish" and Mom would pet you more!
    I am jealous I don't have an iPad so that I can "talk" to Mom more often!
    You'd be really jealous if "Chatty Kathy" were on there ALL the time!! LOL
    Virtual Chin Scratches to help you feel better

  21. LLS, maybe your mom can put some cat games on her iPad for you! Love the color choice of the jacket.

    Laila, your long lost sister

    P.S. Mom is cat sitting for a beautiful grey tuxedo girl this weekend while her mom goes out of town for a wedding. Perhaps she's a long lost sister too?

  22. We do not want our Mom to see this post about the Ipad. She doesn't have one and never will but she would really like to try one for fun. I think they are very addictive.
    Sending Mom an email. We are having another auction.
    Take care.

  23. Your mom is Most Crafty, Madi. But I sure do understand about having to compete for attention with the computer, the iPhone, etc. I don't get it. They surely can't be as cuddly as US!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  24. I'm glad Mom is sharing the ipad with you Madi.

  25. It's hard to compete with an ipad for sure! Glad to hear you can share the fun!

  26. oh honey, at least she loves you. She just likes the Pad. Mom has one too and words is a fave with her as well.

  27. Madi, we think your mom might not have her priorities straight. Just our $0.02. And we sure are glad our mom doesn't have an "i" anything!

  28. I'm sure there must be an app for cats, Madi. I've been giving serious thought about getting one for myself but I don't think the dogs will mind.

  29. Maybe it could be your iPillow when she's not using it! :)

  30. Hi Madi! My cats just sit on whatever we are doind. They always get fuss. BK

  31. Oh my dog, now my mom person is whining about wanting an iPad! She's got a big computer & a small computer, but she says that this is proof that life won't be complete without one. She's gonna drive me ke-razy!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  32. Its good to lie on the laptop's because they are lovely and warm.. Yours is even better because it has a comfy cover.. Hugs GJ xx

  33. You are quite a thoughful gal!


  34. I bet you DO like to watch the game....Winston is the same way when there is ANY kind of animation on the computer.

  35. Madi
    I know just how you feel.
    MOM always has her iPaw around.
    Did I just say ... ALWAYS!


  36. Hi Madi! I made an AK question thing on AK nature notes ... I wondered if you wanted you check it out. BK

  37. Madi, our mom is thinking of getting one of those iPad thingeys. We told her it was okay only if she got us that app that cats can play with.

  38. They love those toys, right?
    Kisses and hugs

  39. You'll have to ask her to get you some of those cat apps!

  40. That was very thoughtful of your mum to make a jacket for her ipad. Now if you want to nap on it, it will be much more comfy for you.


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