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My 16th Birthday Header
Spring in NC

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Olympic Preview: Part II

YES it is I, Remington, reporting to you from Wisconsin.  Since I will not be able to pawticipate in the Olympics, Madi's Mom asked my Mom if it I could be give today's welcoming message to Part II of the Gymnastics Preview.  
Thanks Madi and Mom for this opportunity
 All the 2 and 4 leggers in my family have settled into our new home and we are all doing well. Due to some updates being made in our home (kitchen floor and counter tops), my assistant Beth is very busy.  We hope to get back to blogging in a few weeks.

Hello dear friends far and near I'd like to welcome you to Part II of
Madi's Gymnastics event.  Sit back, (be sure to potty, 'cause there a lot of pictures) grab your glasses and a beverage...the fun is about to begin. 

(Extreme) Balance Beam
Chloe says: I'm the queen of the balance beam!!
Madi says: OMCs Chloe I am in awe of your skills and Mom
is loving your milk chocolate furs!!

Balance Beam sub-category

Puddles says:  Felines... look at my purrfect cat (you knows I has some feline DNAs) like dismount....well except my crazy mom cut off my right foot.
Madi says: I had no idea a vertically challenged Doxie could do that.  Maybe we are kissing cousins

 Balance Beam sub-category

Madi says:  Even though I'm me it is I, Madi 
the Diva.  You can recognize me from my luscious 'tocks

Balance Beam
Miss Mindy says:  I have my Dad guy wrapped around my petite paws.  Come on Dad give me a Dorito, Mom isn't looking!!
Madi says:  MOL Miss Mindy WTG  work it girlfriend!!

Balance Beam

Rubie says: I'm  going through my BALANCE BEAM routine at the local park. A pleasant interlude during my walk.
Madi says:  OMDs Rubie your balance is superb.  It looks like  you are concentrating too.  
Balance Beam

Mistaya says: I am young...just 4 years old but I have been training real hard at the beach running in the sand to strengthen my legs. I did most of my training here in the Olympic National Forest where they have very high logs.
Madi says:   OMDs Mistaya you might need a parachute up there on that high log.

Uneven Bars

Princeton says:  This is how we do uneven bars Ok-la-homa.   Watch carefully I'm about to attempt a very difficult dismount.   
Madi says: OMC lady cats love uneven man cats
Uneven Bars
Madi says I'll do anything for a fresh nip toy

Pommel Horse (rock)
Echo says: This is my Alaskan style Pommel Horse.
Madi says:  OMCs Echo your form and style are purrfect and I love your concentration!!
Pommel Horse
Deccy says:  I did most of my training in Ganny's garden as it is very long and much bigger than mine at home. Anyway, when I tried training at home KC  kept tripping me up... bl**dy cat. She's NOTHING like you Madi, mate! 
Madi says: Well done Deccy my Mate in spite of the sneaky, under pawed efforts of KC  you came out on the other side a shining super star.

Floor Exercise
Chloe says:  she is doing the super-triple bend-in-half
that she purrfected just for the Olympics.
 Chloe says thank you to her K9 Bro Oskar for letting her pawticipate even though it is his Blog!!
Madi say:  OMCs Chloe you are a Yoga Mistress for sure

Floor Exercises

Rubie says:  here are my FLOOR EXERCISES....... assisted by the clever insertion of a cushion!
Madi says:  Rubie your furs look very soft...may I rest my weary Olympic head on your tummy?
Window sill  Stretch
Moe says: thank you to his K9 Bro Oskar for letting her pawticipate even though it is his Blog!!
Madi says:  Moe work those chin muscles...feel the burn.

Floor Exercises: 
Subcategory Spin your tail and head 

Sasha says:  here is my picture for the Olympic Gymnastic Event for the Floor Exercise. 
Loveys Sasha
Madi says:  Bravo I am in awe of your ability to spin you head and your tail at the same time. 


Rubie says: I am taking a small "Zen Moment" prior to engaging in my "Egg" RINGS event. This event was made easier by my peep putting liver treats inside the rings...BOL!
Madi says:  OMDs you got liver would you like to have a feline Sibling?  I love beef and liver Fancy Feast


 Mom and I want to thank each and every kitty and puppy who has entered in our Gymnastic event thus far. OMD/OMC you all are 
gold medal winners.  You may find a complete update of all the goings on at this link

We apologize if we have missed commenting on your blogs over the last few days...we are knee deep in photos



  1. They are pawsome! Madi, you and your Mom must have been very busy gettin these ready. Thanks fur sharing them with us. We especially love the one pic of your beautiful dismount. (we did recognize those 'tocks) Have a great Thursday. - XOXOXOXO from Prancer Pie.

  2. Wow, there are a lot of flexible dogs & cats out there! Deccy x

  3. Goodness Madi, you and your mom must be very busy right now with all these entries. We are totally amazed at the dexterity of all these pups and kitties. Mama did another photo session with us tonight and has one planned for tomorrow. Photos coming soon.
    Cindi Lou and The Kitty Krew

  4. Madi, my sweet pal, what a wonderful showcase of athletes. We all have a talent in some way and you have shown them all, great job. Thank you for having my sweet Remington on here. My heart aches for my sweet boyfriend. I miss him so much, I have taken to howling at the moon every night in hopes he can hear me. I understand that they are very busy and I look forward to spending time with him soon. For now, I will continue to dream about him.

    Loveys Sasha

  5. YOu are getting some awesome entries!!

  6. Brilliant. What fun. Have a good day.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. OMD'S! Wonderful entries there! Some true sportsmanship is being shown!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  8. Bravo to all of you beautiful and talented Olympians!

  9. Wow!!!! Those are some really talented athletes!! :) Cannot wait to see all the pictures!

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  10. Wow, you're getting some really grreat entries! I'm all inspired to practice my gymnastics some more!

  11. What fantastic pics :-) I'm going to have to dig deep to find some comparable efforts from my boys!!! Madi your dismount is still my all-time fave picture...and yes your tocks are truly luscious :-)

  12. Madi, I'm luving all the purrtisapants in your olympics

  13. Some great entries there. I looked through my picture archives and don't think I have anything for Nina for any gymnastic events.


  14. HOLY GWALK A MOLEY.... THESE are grrrreat Athletic Pics fur SURE!!!

  15. BOL! Those are grreat!


  16. You have some great entries. Mum is going to help us look through all our photos tomorrow night to see if we can enter.

  17. Great photos and captions, Madi and Rem!
    I bet poor Mom is going cross eyed viewing all of those entries!
    But never fear, I'm sure she is up to the challenge.
    Madi, be sure to give her lots of love for all her hard work! :)

  18. I am loving to track the Cat Olympics, MAdi!
    Thanks to share!

  19. Hey, Remington, so good to hear from you and hang in there. Life will get back to normal soon.

    Great entries - we loved all of them and can't believe how many very talented furries there are out there. Thanks for letting us see them all perform.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  20. Oh we gotta get our entries in! The mom is such a slacker!

  21. Those are some fierce competitors, judging is gonna be hard.


  22. OMD!
    All of them are super good!
    I guess I have no chance!
    Kisses and hugs

  23. Fantastic Entries! So many courageous and talented athletes! :D Luv the peek-a-boo you're givin us Madi! :)

    Waggin at ya,

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