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Monday, September 10, 2012


Good Morning friends far and near
OMC/OMD we were astounded by the number of
beings who pre-registered ON 
In case you don't know me, I'll be wearing my very stylish back sack fashioned by Sarge at Sarge Speaks Out
Thank you Sarge and Assistant it is a most fitting
Back sack.  We especially like the tiara!!

Mom and I thank all of you for pre-registering!!!

I asked mom to post the class roll separately from 
the actually
D R U M   R O L L 

click here to see my extensive list of credentials

Visiting Mentor and fellow teacher
Bossy Betty is an English teacher by day and a
Bossy Blogger by night

Official Class Photographer:
Ms. Sandra aka MAD SNAPPER
Word of warning Mad Snapper will snap a picture of
anything, ANYTHING, and it will appear on her blog... so be on your best behavior!!

Recess coordinator:
Bird Brains and Dog Tales Ms. Cindy and her K9 assistant Nina.  
Ms. Cindy is extremely crafty and well qualified

My class roll is not alphabetized.  I will list the pawticipants blog and link followed by their name.

Through Squirrel Eyes
Ms. J, the human, regularly volunteers in Trap, Neuter, Return clinics in her city.
We have been BFFs with her since very early in our blog.
Miss Cindi Lou, Sissi, Big Boy, Spooky, Little Boy, Bandit and Bob
all a single Squirrel in the pack
Finn Howard
Finn, Golden Retriever, Mistress of Blogville's Closing Ceremonies
Molly the Wally, The little dog with a blog
Molly, she was a roving Reporter for the Blogville Olympics
Life with a Cherry on top
Bronson and Pepper, two terribly cute Terriers
Silly Sasha the Lovable Shih Tzu
Princess Jasmine from Kitten to Cat
Jasmine and her loyal brother Simba, they both have green thumbs
Sweet Purrfections
Brulee and Truffle are just too sweet for words
Prancer Pie
Prancer Pie, Precious, Princess, Princeton, (Cats) and Chi-Chi an itty bitty
K9 who rules the roost.
Gospel of Goose
Goose, is a gentle soul with a heart of gold
The Legacy Chronicles
Casey and Cinderella, Two Boxers making a difference
TK Furrever Home
TK and Squashies
Two cats who got a second chance in a furever home
Pip Gets Back in the Game
Mr. Pip, is a tiny dog with a heart the size of Texas and an inspiration to us all
Never give up!!!
The Life and Times of Remington
Remington is very versatile.  He wears many hats but his favorite is his Coaches hat.
He shares his home with 4 felines who literally LOOK UP TO HIM, after all he is a tall, handsome Newfie
Katnip Lounge
aka The Baker's Dozen, their peeps are hilarious!!
Kona Kitty, The Baby, Grayce, Tiny Johnson (he would like to eat Baby), Felix, Rupert, Scouty,
CC, Sweet Pea, Maui, May Ling, Salem and Sylvester.
Nonnie's Random Thoughts
Trudy is a new K9 friend...recently we learned she loves, loves, loves her walks.
Marg's Pets
Blessings to Ms. Marg for taking care of all the creatures great and small!!
Smoke and Joe, donkeys, Jasmine and Ande, dogs
Cats: Mahoney, Maggie, Little Bit, Two Two, Missy, Gertrude, Tees, Bees, Ohs, Orange Boyz, Splitters,
Black, Tabatha, Spitters, Khaki, Lucky, Mister, Girl Kitty, MewMew, BG and Momma Kitty
Nora B. Webster
Nora a happy Husky,
Mrs. Master and Mr. Master foster Huskies awaiting a furrever home
The Chronicle of Woos,
Phantom, Thunder, Lightning and Ciara,
The Woos are lead by Phantom, Sr. Statesman who rules with a gentle with a gentle paw and a lot of love
Eric and Flynn Adventures
Eric and Flynn are two very daring and adventurous mancats.  They love wondering and hunting
on their horse farm in the UK.
Hoods Happenings
Miss Mindy's Mom and my Mom met long before blogging and they both started blogging at the same time.
Sugar the Golden Retriever
Sugar is not only sweet she has the most Golden smile you can see it all the way over in Hawaii
Jazzi's World
Jazzi loves Tacos better than smell mail.  She shares her home but not her Tacos with Addy
El Diario de Lorenza
Lorenza is the best dressed K9 or Feline in Blogville.  Her G-ma is Mistress of Seamtresses!!
Maggie Mae and Max
Maggie Mae is a beautiful Boxer with the most gorgeous long legs...earlier this year
her peeps adopted Max and that is a good name 'cause he is a Max(imum) Boxer brother to Maggie Mae.
Cat's Cats
Archie, Ben, Casper, Jimmy and Kip (Cats) and Rio, their K9 Sis
Mom calls Ms. Cat a Cat Whisper somehow this family of 5 mancats and a K9 Sis
live in wonderful harmony with respect and love for each other.
The Island Cats Everyone wants to be an Island Cat
Ernie, Wally are so funny and have the most amazing conversations.  They share their home with Zoey,
who was formerly feral and loving life on the other side of the window.
Manx Mews
Abby, Boo, Ping, Jinx and Gracie
Abby is the Manx of the family and she is itty bitty but IN CHARGE
All of these kitties have some of the most beautiful green eyes we have ever seen.
Da Weenies of Florida
Amber and Max are leaders (everyone knows Doxie are in charge) of a large pack of Pups and
two humans.  They have their cute little paws full.
The Pony Bloggers
Kate,CK and Val are the 2 leggers  in charge of
Echo, Razzy, Kepsey, Darwin and Charon
Kate and CK are two very smart and funny young girls living an exciting and adventurous life in Alaska
Cat From Hell
Penelope aka Nellie had a rough beginning to life until she found her forever home
Now she just likes to pawtend she is tough.
Devoted to Willow
Willow is a busy kitty.  Last year she juggled napping in between helping her  Mom complete grad school.
Willow is one excellent napper.  Could be this student will teach the teacher

We look forward to seeing everyone in class
on Wednesday, September 12, 2012.
Supplies need:
A smile, your favorite blankie and a love of learning.
Course material, snacks and fun all provided
Hugs Madi and Mom


  1. Looks like you are going to have a very full class room. I bet you are one of the favorite teachers.

  2. We love your back sack, Madi. We think this is gonna be a great class. Learning was never this much fun! ((Hugs)) from your main mancat, Prancer Pie.

    Pee Ess - Have a happy Monday!

  3. Madi, is it too late now to enrol in your class? Piggies never get real sleep. They nap for a few minutes throughout the day. It'll be good if they get to learn how to sleep like a cat, hehe. Anyhow I will still pop by to observe.


  4. That is one very cool back sack, Sarge did a great job on it.
    We were excited when you announced your class and after seeing the roll call list we are even more excited. There are a lot of our friends coming and we always like to make new friends. This is going to be a great class, especially with our favorite teacher Madi.

    Kitty Kisses,
    Cindi Lou & The Kitty Krew

  5. I love your backpack! Thank you for hosting, this is gonna be great!

  6. Nice back sack!!! I sure am looking forward to your class Madi!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  7. Well....I missed out on this little part of your world Ms. Madi. What with the blogging hiatus and now still working on genealogy [I'm scanning photos as I type], not much else is getting done these days as far as blogging goes. But I will make sure to come into your classroom as an observer.

  8. We are looking forward to it Madi. We are registered for yours. If not please include us. Have a really lovely Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. Wow Madi, what a large class you have!
    Everybody will learn from the best about napping!

  10. Wow, that is a whole bunch of students. You will probably need a referee and Joe the donkey said he would do the job of keeping everyone all straight. Sounds like a lot of fun. Take care.

  11. What a great class! Look forward to Wed.!

  12. my finger is poised over the button on my camera. sign me Snap Happy MadSnapper... the snoring right now is making it tough to type, Jake and baby are NAPPING until 10 O'clock break time.

  13. Okay! I have my smile but can I bring a football instead of a blankie?

  14. Wow, your class is going to be HUGE! I hope there are enough beds for everyone.

  15. Wow, it's going to be a full house on Wednesday!!!! We can hardly wait :-)

  16. Dat's a BIG class!!! Do I need to do anything special for the class? I've been away and missed a few postees!

  17. Your backpack is awesome, is so Madi like. I has mine too but I is tryin' to stuffs all my school "supplies" in it.
    I knows it be too late to register but I'll be heres anyways...I has da feeling I will has to write "I must not talk in class" on da chalkboard like a million times.

    PS: What time is recess?

  18. Ernie and I want to be in your class too!! We will each bring our SMILES and Blankies...

    PEE S... Madi fur MAYOR!!! VOTE VOTE VOTE fur MADI fur Mayor of Blogville.
    I'm Frankie Furter and I approve this MESS.

  19. I've missed a lot of days.....hurricane iaasac....state horse show.....

    will have to catch up

  20. The snuggle pile is going to be GINORMOUS!!!

  21. Madi
    I am so glad I was able to get out of vet jail so now I can attend class and not feel bad!!!

    ✿•*¨`*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨`*•.

  22. I love your backpack Madi!!!

    Milo :)

  23. OMC! Did we miss out on registering?? We'll have to take the class for no credit.

  24. Your backpack is pawesome Madi!
    You know my mom.... she has to do lots of things these days and I will not be able to attend the classes... but sure I am going to enjoy seeing all of you!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  25. Wow! I need to really catch up on life in blogville.. things have been not the greatest around here. All these fantastic posties I've been reading have been lifting my spirits that's for sure! Great Backpack Madi!!

    Sarah & le Weens

  26. Is it to late for the Napping class, cause we need help. well I do ,bites sleeps through anything!!

    Your Furends
    Susie & bites

  27. We are seriously late to class!! Just found out from Sugar!! So, we are joining in the napping party with a pic of us double napping!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug


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