Monday, September 24, 2012

Whiskers and Court

In case you didn't know I, Madi, and my Whiskers are
were approached about running for Mayor of Blogville...
Mom said in order to be mayor I'd have to look distinguished
and serious.....
Well I think my whiskers make me DISTINGUISHED
and I'm SERIOUS about eating my
Da Bird that Mom is dangling in my face
So for these reasons, I feel qualified to run.

Today there is a serious court case being held at 
Mayor Frankie's Blog. 
As a mayoral candidate,  I've been invited ordered
to appear in court to see just how the judicial system works.


Incident Report
Officer:  Sarge, Chief of Police, Blogville
Date: September 12, 2012  Time: All Afternoon Long
Violation:  Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle and Disorderly Conduct
Accused:  Puddles Duddles Rain…um…um…hmmm…
Witnesses:  Half of Blogville’s Residents
Primary Victim:  Sasha
Description:  This officer responded to report of the unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.  Specifically, Ms Sasha’s Awesome Possum Pizza Truck.  Witnesses report Ms Rainwhatever did obtain keys to said snack truck and proceeded to abscond with said vehicle.  While operating said Awesome Possum Pizza Truck, she did, on multiple (really lots & lots) occasions commit the following violations:  driving recklessly, squealing tires and hollering in violation of Blogville’s noise ordinance, while driving with one paw she did litter by slinging awesome possum pizzas into the streets and targeting residents,  harassed citizens with soggy spit wads, threw a water balloon at the Blogville School Bus, and eventually did lose (total) control of the motor vehicle resulting in a collision and damages to the snack truck.  Fortunately, no one was injured, though many Blogvillians were really testy about the pizza splatters and slobbery spit wads.
A copy of this report is available for insurance purposes and will be provided as an exhibit for Mayor’s Court.
Citation issued by:  Sarge, Chief of Police

Puddles is my Camp-Pain manager.   I WILL appear and I WILL
be her character witness if necessary. Puddles I suggest the following defense: The long and short of it (pun intended) your Royal Mayor is that I, Puddles, a mighty mini Doxie, was high on life and short on  good judgement and I WILL NOT DO IT AGAIN
Now we invite you to click
be teleported to Mayor Frankie's courtroom


  1. We would vote fur you and your lovely whiskers, Madi. You would be a great mayor! Efurrybody knows how fair and just us kittehz are. What a great pic. Happy Monday from your mancat, Prancer Pie. XOXOXO

  2. Woof! Woof! Oh My Lovely Whiskers. WOWie MAYOR of Blogville. LOVE it!!! BTW: cows on parade orignated in my city of Chicago. Happy Monday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  3. Madi, first I will totally vote for you for Mayor, I think you will be fair and sweet and I love you. Puddles is also my sweet pal, but I feel she must learn a lesson. She was not only high on life but also high on several beers that she was drinking and left the empty cans rolling around the truck. I don't want her to go to jail, but some community service might be in order for the mess that she caused. Our blogsville taxes may very well have to go up since they had to hire a special crew to clean up. Mommy and I just want our truck fixed so we can have more events. I am looking forward to the trial and am sure Puddles will have a very colorful defense. See you tomorrow, get lots of rest.

    Loveys Sasha

  4. Puddles in trouble again,,,,,,never! We will pop over. Have a wonderful Monday Madi.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Oh dear. Puddles is your campaign manager? :O

    Pawlitics at its finest fur sure ;) BOL!

    Waggin at ya,

  6. Good morning Future Mayor Madi. It is I, Puddles...Camp Pain Manager.
    Unfortunately, your mom may be right bouts lookin' all serious and pawfessinal (fur da time bein') while we works da cam pain trail. Afters, da election, we should has a big pawty and has Sasha's snack truck shoud be out of da shop by then...bwhahahahaha.
    well, I must get myself to court nows...wish me luck!


  7. I think you would make a great Mayor Madi! But sorry, I already brided the appropiate people in this case! Gotta do what ya gotta do ya know! Let the peoples pay for everything,, I say!!!!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  8. NO CHEETOS FUR A WEEK???????? OMD, is you kiddin? How will I survive? Please tell me I ain't gonna has to eat Doritos?
    Well, I guess I'll live...betters than bein' locked up. I don't do well in small spaces...hehehehe.

    Puddles D. Rainwater

  9. I think that the defense was sound and right...
    But I think they should have limited her Budlight and do community service for a month.

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  10. VOTE Madi! You can count on us for 2 votes girlfurend.

    We gotta run over to the courthouse, we hear theres breaking news....

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  11. Dear Madi, don't you worry about your Campaign Manager. I'll keep her out of trouble and jail. It's all just a big misunderstanding. I think I may have made quite a strong case and I also provided the jury members with cheeseburgers. That ought win them over!

    Mr. Pip
    Attorney at Law
    Burger, Bacon, & Cheese

  12. you will make a wonderful Mayor... you have my vote. and i am glad Mom showed us your true color, now i can see in the first pic you are most definitely not black. i wish i had a pizza truck..

  13. We'd vote for you too, Madi. In fact, we think you'd make a better mayor than most human mayors.

  14. Oh Madi, you are gonna be a fine mayor! I am gonna hop on over and see what's happening in court this morning!

  15. MADI..... I can NOT wait fur you to take over the MAYORSHIP... OMD OMC Court was a KILLER today. OR.. in the case of PUDDLES... a NO DEADer.... fur the next three days.
    NOW... there are all sorts of calls comin in wantin to make a MOVIE or Reality Show... about PUDDLES and the Awsome Possum Pizza incident and the Verdict and stuffs... I am tellin EVERYBUDDY that Calls... to Contact YOU since YOU will SOON be Mayor and will represent Blogville. Good luck Girrrrrl.

  16. Madi!!! I am behind you on this campaign completely. (Dump Puddles! I can do a better job! I have treats!)

  17. Now Madi.....With all the poly-ticks scandals going on...maybe you should think about a new camp-pain manager for this election just in case Puddles ends up in the slammer. Just sayin'!

  18. Madi! Mes thinks yous will make the bestest Mayor! Mes is all for yous!

  19. You will be a wonderful Mayor, Madi!! I can't wait to go cast my vote in the ballot box.

  20. Madi, I love that intense look on your face watching da bird!
    Your pretty whiskers really stand out against your gray fur!
    Good luck in your campaign! :)

  21. Oh, I thinks I will soon need an entertainment manager...once da ball gets rollin' on da movie they is gonna makes bouts me. I'll prolly needs a lawyer fur dat be safe.


  22. I will vote for sure and those whiskers are fabulous.. Hugs GJ x

  23. Madi, Cocco will vote for you!

    -Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  24. Hey Madi!
    Wow, I think you and your whiskers will be a great Mayor! Very official. Court went pretty well today considering the mayhem that could have happened! BOL/MOL
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  25. I love court cases...and I love being a juror [NOT!]....but still, let justice be done!!! Now....where's the pizza?

  26. Woof! You have my vote! Woof! Did you know that Kate's Dad once had to do a jury case, but he reads to much, and knew to much about other similiar trials, so he couldn't do it! Woof! Kate's Mom isn't a citizen, but she is a resident, so she can't do them, but she has been asked to do jury 3-4 times! Woof! WOL! WOOF! Echo

  27. Oh Miss Madi you have all 5 of our votes.

    ✿•*¨`*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨`*•.

  28. Madi, those are some awesome whiskers you have! And of course, we will vote for you!!

  29. We will vote for you for Mayor Madi.

  30. I am sure you are going to be a pawesome Mayor!
    Kisses and hugs

  31. I think you will be a great mayor!!!! ( my thesis is taking longer than expected. Sigh)


  32. Hi Madi and Mom!
    thanks so much for coming to my birthday party! I hope you had a most excellent time. I also wanted to let you know we are taking a blogging vacation and won't be posting or visiting much.

  33. Well Madi, we have six votes so that should help get you elected. We know you will be a most excellent Mayor.
    We are going over to check out the trial. We hope poor Puddles isn't in too much trouble but she did make a mess of Sasha's truck.


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