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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

JASMINE AND White Squirrel Wednesday

Marg's Pets crossed the bridge yesterday
Jasmine was a beautiful girl...she was a lucky girl to be loved and cared for by Ms. Marg.  Ms Marg takes it upon herself to care
for animals in her area who have been abandoned. Please click
to visit Ms. Marg

Run free and we hope you find lots of squirrels to chase.
Hugs Madi and Mom

Yes another set of vacation pictures...and this will not be the last of them.  Crazy Mom took 280 pictures....BUT I must admit these are entertaining. Two days of their vacation were spent in Brevard, North Carolina, home of the White Squirrel.
I truly do not understand her excitement...after all I have a 
gorgeous white tummy....
Exhibit 1
Just sayin'

 Until Mom saw this shoppe name she had forgotten about the article she read them in "Our State" magazine several years ago.  When she saw the sign she thought to herself, 'I wish I could see them in person'.  

Lo and behold she did get several pictures, totally by accident.  She and Dad stopped to take a picture of this beautiful Episcopal Church, when all of a sudden a white squirrel ran across the porch.  To say Mom squealed would be an understatement.
Mom felt like this was a once in a lifetime photo opt. Mom was bragging about her pictures only to be told a sighting is not all that rare in Brevard.  MOL BUT mom said it was to her!!
Evidently this little critter has a gazillion relatives in Brevard.
They are not albino squirrels.  The white squirrels are called
Leucristic they have brown beady eyes just like the tree
rodents in our city. 

Click Here to read more about them
Mom saw some regular tree rodents too but 
for some reason she thinks these 
little guys are adorable and quite frisky

  Mom pictures were taken from across a 4 land road.  This YouTube video gives you a better  close up of this adorable little squirrel.  It is long but the first few seconds are worth watching.

This post is dedicated to our very good friend Squirrel Queen at
Through Squirrel Eyes not only does she love squirrels she is dedicated volunteer at the feral cat spay and neuter clinic in her city.


  1. What adorable little white squirrels and how appropriate to dedicate to the Squirrel Queen! Of course, I have no need to gaze upon said squirrel after feasting my eyes upon your beautiful white bellah, Madi. So pretty! ((Hugs)) from your favorite mancat, Prancer Pie.

  2. It's still a SQUIRREL!!! I have found them to be nothing but aggivating. Maybe that is why Jamine liked chsing them. MOM wants me to say that she thinks the white swuirrel is very cool and she would have taken lots of photos too. I would rather look at your soft white belly anyday. Just sayin'.

  3. Madi I am sorry to read about Jasmine. I will keep paws crossed for her family. I love Squirrel Queen and I bet she loved the white squirrels. The pictures are so pretty, but the white tummy Madi is my favorite.

    Loveys Sasha

  4. Woof! Woof! Oh My a WHITE squirrel ... interesting. Oh do I miss my chipmunk friend, FRED. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  5. I know Madi; Mum's are quite barmy! Mine would have squealed too.... obsessed with wildlife. Nuts! Squibbles are only good for chasing.... Deccy x

  6. I love these white squirrels!!! We have lots of black ones here in UBC campus and they are very domesticated. Thanks for sharing this info, I love learning new stuff every day. I will pop over to Ms. marg.

  7. I just finished watching the entire video. Absolutely loves it!!!! The music is just the perfect choice! What is it, btw? I am going to get to know your squirrel friend too.


  8. Oh my favourite squiggles. We are sorry to read about Jasmine. Have a wonderful Wednesday Madi.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. Mom keeps seeing pics of them on the net from her home town but we have never seen one at all!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  10. We were so heartbroken to learn bouts Jasmine. Marg is such a wonderful woman to do what her does.

    Madi, I hates to be da one to inform you dat your mom is wacko, kerazy...her done losted her marbles, Squirrels is NOT cute. Da only thing squirrels is good for is stew and kabobs.
    And I will not mention dat my mum thinks they is cute cuz dat would be totally embarrassin'.


  11. We's a a short break to mourn our brudder Benji and also welcome da two new introoders to our house, but had to stop and say HI. WHITE TREE RATS! OMD! What's next??

  12. i have never seen a white squirrel and until now did not know they even existed. these are amazing and beautiful. so sorry to hear about Jasmine. my heart hurts for her mom. so glad mom got to see the squirrel...

  13. Sorry Madi but I agree with your mom...white squirrels are cute. Of course you are cuter.


  14. Good morning Madi & Mom,

    We are so sorry to hear about Jasmine, we are sending loving purrs to her family.

    Our mama is going gaga over those cute little white squirrels. She has never seen that branch of the family tree. She got a really good chuckle over the restaurant sign. We watched the first few minutes of the video but mama's got to go to work so we'll see the rest tonight. She says thanks for the shout out Madi.

    Miss Madi, you have the prettiest white tummy we have ever seen.

    Have a wonderful day,
    Cindi Lou & The Kitty Krew
    and the residents of the SQ kitten care unit! MOL!
    And Mama!

  15. Run Free and Fast Jasmine.

    OH Madi... your mom needs to schedule a therapy session with PUDDLES... I hear she has times available from 2:00 to 2:03. Squirrels are all BAD no matter WHAT color they are. EVIL is EVIL even when it is Brown Red or WHITE. How could she think that a white squirrel is worthy of a picture.. when she has your lovely White TUMMY to photograph?????????????????????
    PEE S..... VOTE FUR MADI fur MAYOR of Blogville... Responsible Leadership Fur ALL. I'm Frankie Furter and I Prove this Mess.

  16. Once Momma saw a totally BLACK squirrel. She took lots of pictures of it, but I don't know where any of them are. It was in the dark days B.C. (Before Casey). But I don't think the squirrel can hold a candle to your pretty tummy!

  17. Thanks so much for the Jasmine stuff. We appreciate it a lot. It is so great to have so much support.
    Those white squirrels are really something. That would be great fun to see them. And the reason why you didn't bring one home. Oh, guess Madi would have had a hissy fit at that idea. Have a great day.Thanks for all your wonderful support.

  18. That is very sad about Jasmine.

    I'm with everyone else about how squirrels are evil and terrible. We have some whiteish ones around here and I'm going to catch one and send it to your mom. MmmmmmKay?


  19. I'm so sorry to hear abouts free sweet girl....

    Oh Madi! Your Moms is NUTS! Squirrels of ANY color are devils, devils, evil tree rats!!! Oh my, they have been especially nasty to me lately, and I CANNOTS find any color tree rats cute!! We have all black ones here, too.
    I will NOT admit thats my trader Ma thinks the white ones are cute...I WON'T!!!



    pees: I thinks the video tree rat looks like a small has a grey stripe down it's backside!

  20. Madi
    we were very sad to hear about Jasmine and we are purrin for everyone over at Marg's.
    Losing a good friend is hard.
    Wow those white squirrels are sure a lot cuter than the gray ones we have.

    ✿•*¨`*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨`*•.

  21. White squirrels well I'll be. I have one black in my neighborhood. The other gray squirrels don't play with him, it is like he is an outcast.
    I thought of you Sunday I saw a license plate that was 4 RSQ. For Rescue I followed it right into Petsmart parking lot.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  22. Madi,

    So sorry to hear 'bouts Jasmine, we is on our way over to visit wif Miss Marg now. A tree rat is a tree rat...period! ;)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  23. Madi,

    We is back. Fur some reason we can't leaves a message fur Miss Marg so can you puleeze let her know dat we is thinkin' 'bouts her and we is keepin' her in our thoughts and prayers.

    MM & M

  24. OMG...that is the cutest white tummy EVER!!!

    Those white squirrels look a bit scary to us....sneaky little things!!


  25. Madi, we normally don't like them evil squirrels, but those white ones are kinda cute. BTW, we love tha tummy of yours.

  26. White squirrels!!!! I have never heard of such a thing. They are kind of cute, but don't tell Puddles I said so. In our old neighborhood in Chicago, there were black squirrels. No other neighborhood had them.

    Your pal,Pip

    P.S.: I was so sad to hear about Jasmine ...

  27. MAdi, I cant believe that she saw a squirrle store and then actually takes pics of squirrels?? What is this world coming too?? Hey, are you gonna be in the gift exchange??

    Jazzi and Addi

  28. I'm sorry about your friend.

    My goodness, talk about luck in seeing that squirrel.


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