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Thursday, September 26, 2013

SHE IS IN BIG trouble

..........with a captial 
Good morning friends, Romans and peeps
 I am here to tell you about a
major faux pas made by MOM.

RECENTLY, Mom was on a major
 merge and purge campaign.  Cleaning and sorting and 
putting things in piles.  She was going from closet to closet 
with plastic bags and boxes and who knows what else.

Well being a curious kitty I meowed hey mom wait 
I want to help....operative word....MEOWED 

Soon it was time for the peeps
to go out to dinner...evidently sometime during the merging and purging I got bored....
 took a nap on the one of the closets....
Exhibit 1
 When I awoke...I was staring at the wrong side of the closet door
the first thing I saw was two big brown eyes staring at me.
I said asked, who the hoot  are you, where am I and what did you do with my Mom. Hoot the Wise Owl said you my friend
are trapped in the closet AND it was your MOM 
who closed the door!!!! You are up the proverbial creek 
with a hole in your canoe..your peeps are GONE

Exhibit 2
Yes this Macrame Owl is on the inside of the closet.
Mom made it way back in the 1970's and cannot part with it.

After 87 hours and 10 seconds my Dad finally heard my weak, faint, pitiful, MEOW...he saved me from a night in the dark
with Hoot.  He apologized profusely and gave me loving...
DO YOU KNOW WHERE MADI HAS BEEN....Mom knew this was a  trick question so she said....

When I came down stairs the first thing
SHE did was take a picture of me
washing off closet cooties.  She
told Dad I washed for 15 minutes, even 
between my toes.....twice.
Exhibit 3
 taken with the iPad
with no flash because she knew SHE was in big Trouble
SHE asked why I didn't let her know where I was... 
I told her I meowed to her I wanted to help 
But SHE evidently had BEANS in HER ears....
So I gave HER my back of disrespect
while I decide on  just how 
many DEMERITS to give 


Note from Mom HER: MADI SPEAKS THE TRUTH. I have apologized profusely many many many times, FREELY GIVEN UP my chair and given her lots of love. I know she loves closets and am normally very careful about checking them..


  1. That's disgraceful....even for an ordinary cat--definitely NOT for the Mayoress of Blogville! Make her crawl.....

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    Macrame....SHE says we do that with our leads when we walk. We didn't know it could turn into an owl. We'd better be careful.

  2. OMC! Forget the demerits, I think you deserve a whole new cat tree for your suffering!

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  4. Oh Madi this is simply shocking neglect. And Gail is going round saying, now Bertie remember, 'to err is human,to forgive divine'. She has now guidance as to the appropriate canine attitude. Personally I would give your Mom 87 million demerits, if demerits were a word we used in the UK.
    Toodle pip!

  5. Oh my dogs, the neglect...
    A million we say, he he.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  6. Poor baby. That was such a horrible thing to do to you.

  7. 87 million should do it Madi , you will probably need therapy and endless supply of treats :) xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  8. OMC! She's going to be getting a year of demerits for that one!

  9. Mum you are so in the dog house. We agree with Mollie.....therapy and endless treats sounds good to us Madi. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  10. no advice, I am busy typing up the latest news headline

    Mayor of Blogville in LOCK UP! Mom locks kitty in closet... here details at 5 PM news today....
    I am thinking no lashes, just give her that back of disrespect for a long while.. I am loving that look....

  11. OMD! What a horrible time that was, especially with those two big eyes staring at you! Whatever you do to your Mom, don't leave any scars on her, OK?
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  12. Oh no Madi, that is just the worst. That Mom needs some better supervision. She is just falling apart. Maybe don't go in any more closets Madi for the time being. Hope all of you have a great day.

  13. one demerit for every meow you let out for while they were gone then add 87 to that. I too have experience this as well. Been shut in the spare room, the garage and the bathroom. I do not make a sound. After a little while MOM realizes I am not by her side and starts to search. Of course this results in treats and lots of belly rubs.

  14. Ohhhh Madi that is terrible, you must feel so hurt, I think treats and a super fur stroking massage at any time you wish for the next month for your "suffering" but I must say for all your Mommas "faults" Im impressed at her Macrame Owl very nice! Maybe there IS room in my suitcase for you to come and play with me on my Dog Holiday after all, we would never loose you in a closet or spare room!!
    Love and Licks from your Furiend /frank xxxxxxx

  15. Madi, this is terrible, but as a kitty mommy who has committed this same offense, I have to drop out of the jury pool.

  16. There is no place where earth's sorrows
    are more felt than in heaven;

  17. I'm hoping Madi can find it in her heart to forgive you quickly. A few extra crumbs of kibble might be just the ticket.

  18. OMC We can hear the NEWS tonight.... Mayoress FALSELY IMPRISONED... We are SURE there will be a MAJOR investigation and PLENTY of suggestions for PAWper Punishment fur the PURRRRRRpatrator.
    Like... Not being allowed to even TOUCH you fur 87 Hours.
    THIS is gonna go VIRAL.

  19. Oh my dear Madi I can't believe the treatment you have been subjected to. I'm not sure there could be enough demerits for such a horrible crime. I say continue with the cold shoulder for a while and then maybe you can forgive HER.


  20. oooohhhh dear...Madi's Mom our Mom did this not just with one kitty but two. The worst time was when she could not find Boo. That was when it was just Boo, Ping and Jinx living here, so a long long LONG time ago. She was in her pj's outside looking and calling for Boo. She was hysterical when she couldn't find her, and finally Mr Jinx walked over to one of the hall closets and said "HERE" open this door, so she did and out popped Boo. Mom was so relieved she cried some more, GO FIGURE?!

    Your BFF's

  21. Oh poor Madi! Mom lost me once when I was little. I was in the kitchen pantry cupboard BWAA HAA
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  22. Oooh madi. Poor baby. I'm sure your mom didn't mean that although i can understand the back of disrespect. You know who i remember being locked up accidentally? Pasha. Hahaha! Sorry, didn't mean to laugh...

  23. Oh my Dawg! That was like solitary confinement!
    Benny & Lily

  24. UH OH, Mom is in the Dog House for sure!!
    But she has apologized, so we say: forgive and forget, plus you could meow a LOT LOUDER next time! BOL
    Your BFFF,
    Molly the Golden

  25. OMD! 8700 lashes with a wet noodle for her! I cannot BELIEVE she would do such a horrible and vile thing to you when you were trying to help!

  26. Oh my goodness, I am not sure I can count that high pretty Madi!

  27. That was like "alCATrazed" in the closet. you need a cat door for your closet or an emergency button :o) I'm glad your dad came for "Prison Break" .

  28. Madi, this is a crime that pawrents keep committing! Stanley and I have BOTH been locked in the pantry! One time mom was looking everywhere for me, inside and outside. She called my name all over the place. But because I am the quiet brother I did not bark. I just waited until they finally opened up the pantry. When it happened to Stanley he got discovered right away. We need a special campaign against this cruelty!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  29. I think her should buy you a whole box of your fav treats and a new toy! Apparently dad was on the ball!!
    stella rose
    ps. usually it is the other way around at our house.

  30. My mom has so far....SO FAR avoided this crime against felinity but you never know. Madi, I am sorry darling girl but your mommy is even more so. xxxxx

  31. madi...we say for get de dee meritz N de noodles...they can bee used for noodles that iz....better stil...get sum halibutt...ya onlee knead a few slices.....let de hailbutt ....turn.....2 weeks in de hot sun will due de trik....put said fish inta de AC/heatin vent....sit bak N enjoy de show !!! ~~~~~~~~ heerz ta a grate week oh end; eat plentee oh donutz N pie !!

  32. I sympathize with your Mom. I myself have accidentally (really) shut Blueberry in one of the hamster rooms on more than one occasion. Then I looked everywhere for her before realizing what I had done. She doesn't make a peep and just patiently waits. It's the same thing when I accidentally put the dog door cover on when she's outside. She'll just wait patiently for me to realize she's MIA again.

    I'm glad the owl did not come alive in the closet and attack you Madi! Gosh - that owl makes your experience 10 times scarier! I'm thinking instead of the wet noodle, you should probably lock your mom in the closet with creepy owl for a while and see how she feels about it. ;)

  33. Oh, Madi, what a terrible ordeal! My goodness, you could have starved to death in there without them knowing. ::Shudder:: We're glad your dad rescued you and we encourage you to turn the guilt screws on your mom for a few days yet.

  34. Well thank your lucky stars Dad came to the rescue, you might of had to resort to eating that Macrame Owl to keep up your strength.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  35. Oh Madi, sorry but we laughed cause now your mum will have to suck up to you for, well, forever right! Hope you are recovered now. We will tell ya a little story. Years and years and years ago when mum had her first cat, no dogs (gasp) and no kids, she had a cat who was very very similar to your sweet self. Her name was Freckle. One day mum left for work. During the day Dad rings her and says was Freckle home this morning. Yep says mum. Well that night, no Freckle. Mum is walking the streets calling her name and sobbling. No cat. Next morning, mum has to get ready for work, eyes puffy from crying all night, opens the wardrobe door and there curled up is Freckle. Yep, been there for 24 hours. She yawns, stretches and casually strolls out, none the worse for wear. No wee or poo either! We think it was hilarious, mum can smile about it now hehe. Take care sweetie pie. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  36. OMC! What a horrendous experience Madi. Don't worry about demerits, just milk it for all it's worth.

  37. Madi, that is just horrible what you had to go through. But let me tell you a little story what happened to me one time. I got locked in the closet by accident. Or so the mom said. After about an hour, I felt the call of nature coming on. Not #1, but #2. Seriously. I couldn't hold it any longer. So I did what any self respecting cat would do. I went in the laundry basket. What else was I supposed to do? And let me just say that when the mom finally discovered what she had done and let me out of the closet, she did not hear the end of it. And she tried to make it up to me, but there's nothing that could make up for that.

  38. HOLY COW PATTIES!!!! WTF??!! Okay, do you wants me to call the SPCA??? The FBI, the CIA??? Okays, I know what you should do.... tomorrow mornin' when she goes to her closet to gets ready (ya know, gets those thingies peeps put on, called clothes...), SHUT THE DOOR ON HER! Then push a chair in fronts of it, so she can't get out! Lets her have a taste of her own torture...
    Well, either that, or ignore her for the whole weekend...
    I will be sendin' you an emergency beacon, so next time your Moms forgets you, you can light up the sky and all of Blogville will come to your rescue!!
    We can't have our Mayor locked in a Closet!! (well, there aren't any skeletons in there, right??!)
    Ruby ♥

  39. You poor little kitty. :) Glad you're okay. Make sure to keep mom feeling guilty for weeks. lol
    Sandra told me about the house going for sell in NC. We're very much looking forward to living up there. :)

  40. OMD...sorry OMC! We showed mom your post...and she admitted to having done this a couple of times to our sister cats. NOTE: "a couple of times". She says our sister cats usually get their own back by unpacking all of the folded clothing, so she then has to sit and re-pack her cupboard BOL!!

    Oh Madi...what can we err is hooman :-)

    Hope you have a pawsome weekend,
    Wally & Sammy

  41. That's terrible.

    Floydie once got shut in the laundry. He followed the peep in and got stuck sniffing, didn't see the peep leave...

  42. Ohhh isn't that terrible!!! I once had a kitten. Just had her a few days, maybe a week... she was so tiny. One day, a friend of mine came over. You know I'm deaf, right? Well, my friend isn't deaf. She kept hearing meowing. We looked all over. My friend pointed to the kitchen saying it was coming from that direction. I opened all the cabinets and everything I could but could not find my little kitty. Until I opened the refrigerator door and there she stood, on the shelf, meowing her little heart out. POOR KITTY was so cold!! I think she was stuck in there for maybe 5 minutes or so. I never closed the refrigerator door wthout thought ever since!

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