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Wednesday, October 30, 2013


We welcome all you ghouls and
gobblins to Part 1 of
We thank everyone for scaring the living daylights out of us with your ghostly stories
Warning before reading:
1. Go Potty 
2. Don't hold anything hot
3. Make sure your home is secure

A TRUE! Howl-o-ween Story
It was  a dark and scary night, such one where the moon is howling and the wind shines.
I felt something inside me what needs to come out and I decided to visit my back yard.
Mom opened the door and I searched for a silent place.
Suddenly  we heard weird noises!  Someone wheezed and groaned and huffed and puffed ! 

Uhhhfff! and Chrrrr! and Uhmmmpf!
WTH is that? Puff, the magic dragon with whooping cough? The pygmy puff of the Harry Potter book? Or just a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious thingy?
Mom screamed immediately and called my dad. He came with a flashlight and together we searched for the reason of this scary noises. Our knees began to buckle while we tiptoed  through a pitch black  back yard without seeing the paws in front of our faces. The Uhmmmmpfff! and theUggggh! became louder and guess what we saw?

In a dark edge of my back yard we discovered two hedgehogs. One was on the back of the other one!
Maybe that was a special kind of acupuncture? Or they are Fakirs, who rehearsed a new trick ?
I was totally clueless...
Mom said that one of the hedgehogs was probably hurt and his comrade carries him to the dogtor. I felt sorry for the hurted hedgehog who needs a breakdown service and fetched my first aid kit immediately.
Butt mom said, they need no first aid measures, they only need a nesting box soon. WHAT? HUH?

Honestly friends,  I have some doubts about mom's explanation... I bet one of this spiky thingies ran out of gas and the other one had to push  him! 
Anybody out there with a spare can?
 Happy Howl-o-ween!
My Ghost story...
The house in the photo belonged to my Dad’s Sister, she and her family lived in the house marked A and behind
that house, the roof marked B is where I lived with my parents and brother.

I spent most of my time in the big house, since the little house was a converted chicken coop. we moved in there in 1948 and lived there until 1953.  Inside the front door just to the right, were steep stairs. At night when we slept, we would hear footsteps run quickly up to the door, stop and run back down. We never heard the footsteps when we were in the living room, but in the back room downstairs sometimes we hear those footsteps. My cousin still lives in that house and she says the steps are gone now. We would huddle under the quilt and listen to the steps and once I jerked open the door. Nothing. Just footsteps.

Sweet F A!

On 24 August 1867, at about 1.30 pm, Fannys' mother, Harriet Adams, let the eight year old Fanny, her friend Minnie and Fannys' sister Lizzie go up Tanhouse Lane towards Flood Meadow. In the lane they met Frederick Baker, a 29 year-old solicitors' clerk. Baker offered Minnie and Lizzie three halfpence to go and spend and offered Fanny a halfpence to accompany him towards Shalden a couple of miles north of Alton. She took the coin but refused to go. He carried her into a hops field, out of sight of the other girls.

At about 5 pm, Minnie and Lizzie returned home. Their neighbour, Mrs. Gardiner, asked them where Fanny was, and they told her what had happened. At about 7 pm, Fanny was still missing, and neighbours went searching. They found Fannys' body in the hop field, horribly butchered. Her head and legs had been severed and her eyes removed. Her eyes had been thrown into the nearby river. Her torso had been emptied and her organs scattered. It took several days for all her remains to be found. Her remains were taken to and put back together in a nearby doctor's surgery at 16 Amery Street.

In 1869 new rations of tinned mutton were introduced for British seamen. They were unimpressed by it, and decided it must be the butchered remains of Fanny Adams. The way her body had been strewn over a wide area presumably encouraged speculation that parts of her had been found at the Royal Navy victualling yard in Deptford which was a large facility. Fanny Adams became slang for mutton or stew and then for anything worthless from which comes the current use of sweet Fanny Adams or just sweet F.A.tomean nothing at all.

So next time you open a can of food be grateful it is not sweet F A.

4. The Seagull……by Oceana

Once inside a crabitat dreary, while I wandered scared and leary
Over many a glamorous empty shell and sandy floor;
All at once there came a banging as if something loudly clanging,
Clanking at my cocohut door
‘Tis the wind and nothing more.’

Open now I threw the shutter and in the bird came with a flutter
As I then began to shudder, wondered at a sight not seen before;
To what would cause this stark intrusion and upon me cause confusion
Worry what this gull’d emplore, why he's here inside my door;
Quoth the Seagull ‘Nevermore’.

Then to me he told his tale, upon the surf he saw arose a tail
And a fin that could only mean a whale;
Teeth to kill with blood and gore, the creature flashed a vile smile
Quoth the Seagull ‘Nevermore’.

It thrashed and caused the sea to foam, and frightened animals all did moan
And scurry and swim and fly ashore, lest they perish and live no more;
By this the gull did scare by telling, all the while my fear is welling
The whale in my mind I see, and from its horror I would flee;
Should it here in my crabitat would be

Quoth the Seagull ‘Nevermore’.
Furthered by the bird’s strange telling, soon it occurred to me a clearing
Of the gull and his real meaning, as all is not quite what it’s seeming;
This odd gull’s whale is not all flesh, but rather is a see-through mesh
Made of fog and mist and spirit, nothing more of this is to it;
A ghost whale is the real subject of this sly lore,
Only this and nothing more.

Thankfully he left no dropping as he flew from my hut topping
Still I feel the fear he caused, and before the surf I always paused;
Looking for the ghost whale form and the fearsome smile that it wore
Quoth the Seagull ‘Nevermore’.

5.  The Night of the Stinky Dread
by Gizmo, Terrier Torrent

It’s me, Gizmo, and I’m gonna tell you all about the bravest thing I ever did … and I paw-swear that every bit of it is true…
One day, not all that long ago, since I’m not all that old, Momz and me decided to go camping…Now I’d never been camping before, but Momz was sure I’d like it so I said OK…We looked at the map to find a place where we could camp and hunt geocaches (of course) and decided we would go to Myakka River State Park, only a couple  hours from home.
The trip started well…we borrowed camping stuff from a friend, drove to the park and set up camp by noon. Momz and I hiked out that afternoon and hunted some caches…all was going well till my super nose detected something…Now Momz will tell you it was a really bad smell, but dawgs, let me tell you this was the most delicious, fascinating sniff  I’d ever sniffed…imagine horse poo and cow poo and elephant poo all rolled together into one fabulous  stinky nirvana of scent…No dawg could resist it and I took off to find it…I had to roll in this smell whatever it was… I just had to…
I ran and ran and ran as fast as I could towards the mysterious smell…Momz did her best to stay with me, but you know moms…they can’t keep up…All of a sudden Momz yelled out the most blood-curdling scream…she’d seen something that scared her a lot…Her scream was so loud I stopped running and turned to look…Momz was pointing at something moving across the field…Oh My Dog would you look at that…what in Fido’s name could it be?

I sniffed the air and sure enough the fabulous smell was coming from whatever that was…Well now I was determined to track it down…Momz was not happy about this but for once I took the lead and started running after the big brown stinky thing…I ran and ran and ran all the way to the Myakka River and don’t you know…the thing went right on into the river…Well you all know I’m not a swimmer so now I was stuck…do I abandon the chase and let the stinkiest odor ever just disappear or do I swallow my pride and dive in after it? Well this was where Momz put her hiking boot down…The Myakka River is full of gators and she was not having me turned into gator bites so she insisted I stay where I was…Wistfully I watched from the shore as my stinky dream waded away from me…

Momz and I watched till it disappeared, then we followed our GPS back to the campground…
I did the sensible thing after all that running and curled  up in the tent for a nap…Momz built a fire and fixed us both some dinner, then we sat around together watching the fire and talking about what we had seen…Not even Momz knew what it was, and since we were the only ones in the campground that night there was no one we could ask…After a while the fire burned low and Momz and I curled up together in our tent for the night…
And then it happened…I smelled that wonderful, fabulous, amazing smell again…and it was close…very very close…I leaped up, waking Momz, and barked and barked till she opened the tent…She thought I just had to leave some peemail, but once we got outside  she smelled it too…She tried to get me to come in, but this time I put my paw down…I just had to find my smell…Momz grabbed her camera, just in case, and waited while I poked and explored the palmettos around our tent…And then it happened…there, right in front of me was my smell…and it was attached to the biggest, strangest furry thing I’ve ever seen…well let me tell you all my furs were standing straight up…I didn’t know what to do…I wanted so much to just roll in that stinky fur but I didn’t know if the big thing wanted to eat me or what, so I just froze…I stood there, not even barking, just watching…Momz was as scared as me, but she did get a picture…

Is that the scariest thing you’ve ever seen? It sure was for me…Now I bet you’re wondering what happened next…
Momz was no help at all…it was up to me, Gizmo, to get us out of this fix…You all know I’m a pretty friendly guy so I put on my very best smile and gave the big guy a few very gentle paw pats on the foot to let him know I wanted to be furriends…and then I waited…
The big thing looked down at me and showed me the biggest scariest teeth ever…But he didn’t move to eat me…He was smiling back!  I woofed at him in my indoor voice “Hi, My name is Gizmo” and guess what? He woofed back…well, not a real woof, but I could understand him anyway…He told me his name was Sherman but most folks called him “Skunky”…I kind of snickered quietly cause I knew why…
Well me & Skunky woofed for a while and when I told him how fabulous he smelled he let me nuzzle in the fur on his feet…I rubbed and rolled and luxuriated in that gorgeous funkiness…And what was Momz doing? She was just standing there looking somewhere between terrified and amazed…She knew I made furriends everywhere but she never realized that I could talk with everyfur…
We talked all night and just before dawn Skunky said he had to go…Before he left he let Momz take a picture of the two of us and he even pawtographed it for me…
We framed that picture and now it’s hanging by Momz desk as a reminder of how brave I am, and how I saved us on The Night of the Stinky  Dread…

Never fear at the stroke of midnight tonight
Ghostly Stories Part II will air!!!


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  1. I love these... I have to say the hedgehog story is my favorite!

  2. We are shaking in our furs after reading all the horror and mayhem in these wondrous stories. Sleeping will be impossible tonight. It is hard to pick one but being that we are fans of Poe we pick #4, the Seagull.

    Cindi Lou & The Kitty Krew
    Georgia, Adam and Gloria

  3. Madi, (shivering)Those stories are waaaaaaaaaay too scary for me. I am shaking in my furs right now(whimper). My favorite is all of them, but if I really have to pick one it is #4, that Oceana sure knows how to tell a scary story.

    Stop by for refreshments

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  4. Oooo all so scary, but the Seagull by Oceana is frightful!
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  8. nuber 5 is my favorite and since i only live 40 minutes from that state park, i will NOT be going there at all... i don't do stinky OR scary.... YIKES...

  9. Hi Madi!
    These were all super scary and spooktacular stories!
    Number 4 is my favorite so far, I love "The Raven" and the Seagull sure is scary if your a Crabby! I really enjoyed reading these, but I'm glad it isnt bedtime becuse I dont think that I would be able to sleep! Love and Licks from your furiend Frank xxxxxx

  10. I love #3 - the best reason to avoid canned food :o) Have a super wednesday all!

  11. Scuze me, I has to put my wig overs my eyeballs...OMD these are da skeeriest stories I has evers heard!!!!!!
    Nows I will be coming back periodically to read da stories.

    I does thinks Easy's hedghogs was doin' acupuncture though.


  12. Boo!! These were all so terrifying!! Just about scared me right out of my wings! I'm going to vote for number 1 - cause hedge hogs are creepy!

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    #1 is our vote!
    We wonder how many trick or treaters we will have tomorrow! It will be my first time seeing all of the scary kids!!
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    They are all SUPER SCARY... It is soooooo hard to Chews just ONE butt we will vote fur #1.
    THIS is SOOOOOOOO fun.

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    XOXOXO from your most ardent admirer (and a little bit spooked) Prancer Pie.

  28. Ut oh . . . forgot to go potty first . . . we'll be back . . .

    Your Pals Who Get To Pass Out Candy Tomorrow,

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