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My 16th Birthday Header
Spring in NC

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

TASTY TUESDAY(for someone)

With Sugar

Last Saturday night I heard my 2nd favorite sound in the world tin foil.  (1st being the pop top on the Fancy Feast can)
I knew that could only mean someone slipped
into the house with H A M

I sashayed into the kitchen gave the air a sniff...
nope no H A M
But my ears were right there was tin foil
I asked Mom what she had going on up there
I got no reply her mouth was full

 So up I jumped...lo and behold there was 
apple pie galore and I almost landed in it.
that is what she gets for stuffing her face
 My peeps had lunch with Uncle G and Auntie K on
Saturday.  Auntie K made this pie for Mom's birthday
yep the old gray mare is still celebrating 1/7/14.
 Auntie K is Queen of Pies in our family...her home made
crust is melt in your mouth delish.  Once Mom told
Auntie K she'd be happy with just the pie crust w no filling
well Auntie K had left over crust so she added cinnamon
and brown sugar and baked it along with the pie.
That is what's in the zip bag.

Auntie K if you are reading this just thought I'd let you know I got
none, nada, not even a crumb.  I hear you make a
wonderful Quiche too w cheese and bacon..
Just wanted to let you know I like cheese and bacon..
heck I'd take an empty pie shell.
Hungry in Raleigh


  1. Pie!! YUUUUUM!!! Bacon & Cheese quiche! EVEN YUMMIER!!! OMD we're drooling all over the keyboard!
    Wally & Sammy (Hungry in Joburg)

  2. Prancer Pie loved pie crust! We think it is an outrage that you didn't even get a nibble. If Mommy could mail you some of our ham, she would. Oh, we didn't mention that? Yes. We have HAM at our house! Mommy baked a big one before the snow started. Yummy!

    Happy Tuxie Tuesday, sweet girl.

  3. We can't believe you didn't get even a crumb! That is just so wrong.

  4. Madi, you should DEFINITELY get a bacon and cheese quiche for YOUR birthday!

  5. Awwww, brings back memories. When SHE was a kid--a little kid--HER mother used to give HER pastry dough to play with while the pies were being made. Then sugar and cinnamon were sprinkled on it and it was baked with the pies for a treat.

    Too bad it wasn't a ham pie, Madi.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  6. Golden LAUGHS Madi about the foil. WOW you got on the counter and very close to the apple pie, YUM!!! Golden Woofs
    We will add your post to the hop :-)

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  8. I can't believe that you didnt even get a smidge, how rude!!! You need to snatch some when you jump up there

  9. You didn't get ANY? Sheesh....I wish I could bake, I'd make you a pie all your own!!


  10. OMD none, nada, a big fat nothing, zero?????? That is a crime against cats. Too cruel we say. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  11. She didn't share ANY? That's not sporting at all. At least a little taste....

  12. You didn't help yourself to that yummy pie, Madi? ;)
    The bacon and cheese quiche sounds absolutely DELICIOUS!

  13. That looks and sounds soooo good! Poor you, Madi, you didn't get a crumb!

  14. OMD get the cream out I'mz coming over.. Delish :) xxoxxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  15. hubby would love the pie i would love the pie crust... yummmm glad you did not land in the middle of the pie, although you could have washed your feet and yuuuuuuuuuuummmm

  16. Oooh that looks delicious. I could only imagine how quickly I'd devour the whole thing. Maybe 15 seconds? Nah, I'd enjoy it for a whole 30 seconds! Yum!

  17. My mouth is watering....back off's all mine!!! Well at least what's left after mom got her mouth on it all.

  18. Madi, our human's tummy is grumbling now, looking at the yummy pie.

    BTW, we're scared of tin foil! We both scatter as soon as the human takes it out of the drawer and tears off a sheet. LOL.

  19. See if Auntie K wants to adopt a step-niece!

    good lookin' cooking there and a bacon/cheese oh man, that would hit the spot right now

  20. Oh a bacon and cheese quiche sounds great! But I love the crust of every pie too! I think they should replace the common clicker for dog training with tin foil, bet than all dogs would react on the noise in zilch. Have a tasty tuesday

  21. OMD, you didn't get ANYTHING?! Your momma is cruel. I think your auntie needs to make a catnip pie just for you!

  22. Foil sounds get your curiosity up?!
    Oh yum, that pie looks delicious and poor you didn't even get a nibble?!!
    Maybe Auntie K will make you your own Ham pie! BOL
    Your BFFF,

  23. OMD your mom is STILL celebrating her Birfday. THAT is grrrrreat. Birfdays SHOULD be celebrated fur a LONG time... BUTT it is SUPPOSED to be SHARED.
    OMC OMC our MOM thinks that the bestest pawt of a Pie is the CRUST... she eats the filling... and SAVORS the Crust... PLUS she always saves the crust trimmings and makes Cinnamon rolls out of them... In FACT she has been known to bake an ENTIRE Crust batch into Cinnamon Rolls. BUTT WE never get any of it though.

  24. Well, I am hungry just thinking about those good smells. Have a fun day pretty Madi!

  25. PeeS: I gave my momma the pendant as a JUST BECAUSE I LOVE YOU present. Those are the BEST kind! We don't celebrate Valentine's Day the traditional way because Momma thinks it's silly. Instead we curl up with chocolate (for her), dog treats (for us), and Chinese food and watch classic horror movies!

  26. Madi, how could your mom not share?!? I am not big on pies either...but if you ever get your paws on a cheese and bacon quiche, I will drive the 12+ hours to NC to dine with you! Cheese...eggs....bacon...pie crust....I am drooling just thinking about it.
    *Cairn cuddles*

  27. Oh. My. WORD. If I give Auntie my address, will she mail me some of that cinnamon crust? *drool*

  28. Oooooh, those pies look so delicious - they almost had Mum reaching for the ice-cream until she realised she couldn't actually EAT it through the computer. nooooo!
    Dip and Elliot x

  29. Not even a TASTE??!! WTC???? That's just not right gurl!!! Is this the way our Mayoress is treated in her own abode??!! Disgraceful. Should I call Sarge and tell him some kitteh abuse is happenin'???? I'm sure he will round up the troops and fly overs in a jiffy!!!!
    Oh, Ma makes her own pie crusts too!! She loves it just plain! Yummers. The bestest is a little jam on the warm crust right outta the oven!!
    Ooooh, I thinks Ma has to go now.....
    Ruby ♥

  30. Oh No Madi..nad zip nought!! and it looks so good too...well..i will let you in on a secret...I have medals here..yep in my kitchen....for..wait..Best Apple pie...and best Apple grab a teleport tunnel or I can get the kids to bring some to your ball!! the next comp comes up in March so I need the practice ;) hugs Fozziemum xxx

  31. Oh and you didn't get even a few crumbs, sheesh. Jasper loved to have a little pie crust. That apple pie did look yummy. x

  32. She didn't even give you a taste? The pie has made my mum feel hungry.

  33. Ohhhh, well that's not nice...when mum bake she bake the crust too and we always get to taste it...shucks, she must be dizzy or something not giving you even a crumb...shame shame... Meow!
    Miss Kitty

  34. Shameless begging for a bacon and cheese treat - good job Madi! That is just really sad that you didn't even get a crumb of that pie. The thing to do is to wait until your human is walking with the pie in her hands, and then strategically place yourself under her feet so she trips. When she falls - the pie (and victory) are yours!

  35. The mom says her mouth is watering now. She would like a piece of pie.

  36. Mom loves pie but me and Stanley have never had any. Mom says a good crust is impawtent. You were so close to that pie you should have just stretched out your paw a tiny bit . . .

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  37. Not even a crumb? That is shameful. Next time don't be so polite Madi, grab it while you can. We hope your plea for a cheese and bacon pie is answered. If it is don't forget to invite us over. MOL!

    Kitty Kisses,
    Cindi Lou & The Kitty Krew
    Adam, Georgia and Gloria

  38. Oh man, you didn't get ANY??? That is cruel and unusual punishment for sure!!!

    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  39. Yum! Mama was just talking about pies and how much she wanted some, though quiche sounds pretty darn awesome too...*drools everywhere*

  40. Hope Auntie L is busy cooking you up some salmon, chicken and a pie for dessert

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  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. Swear to Bast I am firing my mom! Hope your Auntie took your advice and baked you some savory pies, especially as hard as you have been working on the Queen of Heart Ball. We really appreciate everything you and your mom have been doing.
    Marty and Ralphie

  44. You didn't even get a little tasty crumb?! That is just plain wrong. Does your Auntie share crust recipes? That pie looks perfect. If I can get my peep to make one, I'll invite you over...I share my desserts with guests.

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