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Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Mews:OR how my weekend started

This picture was taken at 1:00 pm Friday 7/18/14!!!
I was minding my own beeswax not bothering anyone when.....

 all of a sudden I'm stuffed in my PTU what a rude warning nothing just lady-handled 
and treated like a stuffed sausage!!
 Still in shock I found myself strapped into Gracie, the Highlander 
on the way to.......THE VET
Without consulting with me... mom arranged my Senior Kitty Wellness exam for 1:30 7/18/14
 No warning, no consideration for my afternoon nap

 I tried all the tricks I knew to get back into my PTU
but alas I did not have the magic word
 A very nice lady came in the door..
She stroked my furs and said OH MY GOODNESS
your fur is like a chinchilla...which is a small rodent...
I started to bite her until   Mom told me the chinchilla was valued for its luxurious furs.
I decided not to bite the nice lady...I meow a thank you!!
 My vet's office is full of purrty pictures.
Thankfully the entire visit over in no time...(report at the end)
 but when I got home I noticed my white chest was wet

from where their stole my blood and it smelled disgusting...

I had to lick and lick and lick 
I thought my tongue was going to fall out!!
Still cleaning vet cooties off 3 hours 
after her appt.  Madi does not like unapproved odors on her furs!!

for my 12.5 year old check up
Weight: 10.1 lbs...woohoo I lost  a few ounces since last year.  Dr. S likes for me to be under 11
Eyes, Ears and Teeth:  A+
No lumps, bumps or bugs
No arthritis
Furs: soft, fluffy, shiny and clean and feels like a chinchilla MOL
Rabies vaccine:  boo but at least it was quick
Senior blood panel:  All in all it was good.
Dr. S said I had an itty bitty elevation in one of my kidney enzymes. The other was normal.  He gave mom Two options:
1)gradually acclimating me to Purnia Senior,which has less protein, by mixing it with my current kibble and recheck my blood in 6 months OR 2) gradually acclimating me to NF RX Purina, (which has purrfect balance for senior kidneys) by mixing it with my current kibble (until that is gone). She also bought a can of NF RX Purina to see if I liked it. Mom said she wanted be proactive (big word $5.00 for  to nip this enzyme thing in the bud) so she decided on option 2.  THANKS to Senior blood panels...this quirky enzyme thingie was caught very early. This was my first ever issue (and not uncommon for a 12.5 year old Diva Cougar Cat)  so you can bet your bottom dollar Mom will be taking me in every 6 mos to have by blood panel checked.  

Please drop by tomorrow on Tasty Tuesday to see how I like my new Purina NF RX Diet...hint there is lip smacking...


  1. OMC--Madi, first off, we're glad your tests showed up something early and it's treatable.

    Secondly...the captions in the photos--PRICELESS!!!

  2. We totally loved hearing about your visit....but we think it must have been very frightened to be WHISKED off without any warning! Yikes!! xo

  3. Dearest Madi, we are so glad it went well. Your Mom will have that little enzyme problem handled in a hurry. (She's a keeper!)
    Hope your Monday is much quieter and calmer.
    XOXO from your besties, Princeton and Precious.

  4. How rude was that?? Glad that you had a good checkup though Madi.


  5. Agh. can any amount of washing get that vet smell off?! If you ever find the magic word that gets you out of there, let us know - last time Dip was at the vet she tried to climb out of the window, haha.
    Hope you enjoy your new food and it does you a lot of good Madi.
    Dip and Elliot x

  6. Paws up for a successful vet visit - and more paws up for it being over! I'm glad your human can be proactive for you.

  7. a senior kitty and sometimes referred to as GERIATRIC!! which is beyond rude I say well done! sorry you had the PTU sausage shove...peeps just have no consideration..let us know how the new kibbles goes :) paw pats Marbles xx

  8. Yikes the blood stealers???? Glad it is over Madi and great news that all is well. We have missed you.
    Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. We are so happy for your good vet report, Madi. We like the words "lip smacking". It makes US want to lip smack too. Heehee.

  10. We're glad to hear they caught any problems early. It's odd that your vet had a rug or towel on the exam table. We've never seen that before at any vet's office. Did you bring it along with you?

  11. What a rude capture Madi, the humans should not have stolen you like that! Well, it seemed worth it though, because you got that impressive report of your amazingly healthy health! Ugh, they left a smell on you? Simply horrible. I hope it's all gone now.
    Have a super week,
    Pippa :)

  12. OMC......that cute pink tongue!!!!! :::::::::::::thud:::::::::::::
    yes, that's Raz on the floor again!

    We're so glad you had a good visit and that your report was good!!

    Your guy Raz and The Florida Furkids

  13. Oh that is such good news Madi that your report was so good. Especially since you got an A+ on the purring. LOL. I liked the info on the Purina food for seniors. Do you have to have a prescription for that?? Hope Madi likes it. We hate that stuff they put on your neck to take blood too. Have a great day you healthy girl.

  14. Kudos to Miss Madi :)
    And Salute to your mom who look after you so well.
    Me & mom are so happy to hear all went well
    Concats Miss Madi

  15. That was unbelievable of your human. A huge FAIL for that! However, we're glad the vet report was good and that your mom is proactive about any health concerns. :-)

  16. Oh that was a to wake up in jail... butt after all you got good news from the vet and the nice lady is still in one piece. I think after 87 licks you are as good as new and you can write them an invoice for the blood they swiped without your permission.

  17. As much as your Mom loves you, no problem in getting that done for you. Glad you have a good checkup and the issue was caught fast.

    We want you around for many, many years.

  18. what a fun and full of laughter visit you had with your vet... FOR ME i mean... not you the Diva cougar.. so glad you are well and I just plain old loved and enjoyed this tale of the vet visit. my favorite chapter was the capture and stuffed in the PTU

  19. I'm glad she is healthy!

    We'd like to thank you for the lovely card. We really appreciate your kind thoughts.

    Monty and Harlow

  20. Maybe it's just as well you didn't know you had a vet check, so you wouldn't fret! So glad everything came out very good, especially if the kidney enzyme fix is food!! 3 hours of cootie cleaning?! That must have worn you out!! BOL
    Nose taps for being brave.
    Your BFFF,

  21. Is this how your mom thinks you would like to start off your weekend? By visiting the vet?!? WTC? I am very glad to hear all went well and that you are in almost excellent health...liver thingies excluded. I cannot wait to hear all about your new food!
    *Cairn cuddles*

  22. OMD not only your MOM... butt GRACIE ALSO??? They conspired together to take you from your HOME to the DREADED VET place... withOUT consulting you in the LEAST???? OMD we think there is a BOOK in the making... THE MADI Conspiracy...
    WELL AT LEAST you got a SUPERB report... and some super new foods out of it. ALONG with a bad case of TIRED TONGUE.

  23. Dietzman hates the vet and tries to kill him everytime he has ever had to go, which thankfully is not to many times in his 17 years of age.
    stella rose

  24. Madi, we are glad that your senior check up went well. A little adjustment in food will hopefully take care of the one issue.
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  25. You have a lot of licking to do
    Lily & Edward

  26. Madi your Mom is very very wise to keep you in tip top shape! We are so glad that this little thingy can be fixed with a change in diet.( slow change in diet )

  27. How are you Madi???
    Have a nice Tuesday!

  28. The trip is over and there might be yum involved, bravo pretty Madi!

  29. We cannot believe your Mama didn't even send you an Outlook appointment!! The nerve!!! We are soooooooo very happy that you are a healthy girl!!! We think you don't look a day over 2!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  30. Oh Madi I feel your pain - literally - since I just went through this same indignity. I agree about the vet cooties - they must go immediately upon leaving the scene of the crime. I too got off pretty well with the senior blood stuff other than the hyperthyroid thingie but I'll be good and take my meds....honest....yeah, sure I will!!! Point is Madi, we're both pretty darn healthy for our age! Cool huh?

    High Five!
    Hugs, Sammy

  31. madi...all chalk commintz a side...way happee yur visit//// ree port wented sew well ..YAY !!!!

    N kewl yur vet named hiz practiss after ewe....we R note ting de signage on de buildin front !! ☺☺☺

  32. Madi, did you have to get your temperature taken in the rude way too? You sound like you are in pretty good health! Although, I don't blame your mom for doing a recheck at 6 months again. She's a good doobee to make sure you are okay. :)

  33. Gosh Madi you sound super healthy overall.
    Well done to you and Mom.
    Toodle pip!
    PS Tell me that vet lady at least gave you a treat.

  34. Oh, Madi Darling, this is horrible treatment indeed! We crabby girls do not approve at all. We would give those vet hands a hearty pinch. Goodness, we are certain that you are in amazing fitness and never doubted that for an instant. We are clacking our claws that your new cuisine is delectable. Of course, we all agree that you are looking particularly lovely today, dear.
    Ciao and Little Pinches,
    Beachnut, Oceana, Shelldon

  35. I am glad your appointment wasn't too bad and that you are healthy.

  36. SENIOR food? Sounds like an insult to us. Can't believe you were just thrown into that can you trust them again?

    Glad you checked out okay and won't have to go back for awhile!

  37. That is a mostly good news report. We sure hope you like your new food and from your tease it sounds like you do. P.S. our post tomorrow has a lot of lip smacking in it too.

  38. Well, that doesn't sound like a good way to spend your Friday, Madi. But we're glad all went well. I have a slight kidney issue too and my vet-lady wants me to eat that special food. But seriously, I just didn't like it much. I can't wait to see what you think of it. ~Ernie

  39. High Five Paws for your (mostly) clean bill of health Miss Madi! Here's to another 12.5 years!
    Wally & Sammy

  40. What a terrible shock to get unceremoniously stuffed into the PTU! I hope you have got all those disgusting vet cooties off by now. Good news that everything was good and the very slightly raised kidney enzymes were caught at such an early stage.

  41. How rude not to warn you about the vet visit. Of course our mama knows is she told us we would be hiding in the tightest, darkest hole we could find. We are glad you got a near perfect report from the vet. And good thing you didn't bit the lady, that usually causes a longer stay in the office while they clean up the blood. MOL!

    Kitty Kisses,
    Cindi Lou & The Kitty Krew
    and the gang

  42. I cannot BELIEVE your momma arranged a vet visit without consulting you!


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