Saturday, November 1, 2014


Dear Citizens of Blogville

I am proud to be the Cat-er-ator for the highly anticipated Mayoral Town Hall meeting is finally here.  We ask that you put on your thinking caps, go potty and grab beverage before you come into the meeting.  Jumpin' Catfish it has been a most exciting, confusing and down right funny road we have traveled to get to this day.  The cyber space between my home on the Southern East Coast to The Idaho Pug Ranch, Dory's Backyard and Murphy and Stanley's 'hood was full of static and gremlin geeks and who knows what all. One minute we had 17 wonderful questions and all of a sudden kaput they were in bits and pieces just plan crazy.  When I told the Dory, Murphy, Stanley and the management teams about the bizarre encrypted messages, they all said NO WORRIES we are PROFESSIONALS we will handle it.  So dear friends...the next thing you read will be a conglomeration (20.00 campaign word) of what I received. The candidates have agreed to  address the mess with with smiles on their faces and a bit of mischief in their eyes.
Sincerely Mayoress Madi(son)D. Cat

Crazy mess of bits and pieces of what we turned into a paragraph for the Candidates.

"How do we make blogville a funnier place. I got sprayed by a skunk and I feel bad. If there were more trees in blogville I could have gotten away. Are the plans for more fire hydrants? May we fire our Pee shooters at those Isis?  Can we have a no bath policy? bawhaha If not, we need to at least outlaw furstealers, other than Frankie and Madi. I can't drive and Mom works late...I hear there at a CAT bus in Madi's home town it serves as outreach for the feline community. What are your thoughts on nipping cats in the bud? Should cats be allowed to roam willy nilly like tree rats?  Can we build a big jail for squirrel thugs or better still fly to the moon?  How many cookies are appropriate treats? Do you have a plan to keep cherry bombs away from my handsome Murphy when he is on jury duty?  Oh and last but not least when is the next pawty and how can we misfits find dates?"  
Thank you to everyone who submitted questions...we hope we got the best bits and pieces of each question.


Our platform:  We think that Blogville is a wonderful place.  However, we feel that collectively the citizens need to further explore the various ways in which we all can gather and get to know each other.  When the citizens really care about each other, that's what makes it the bestest place ever.  And of course the best way to accomplish this is to discover areas of interest and do fun thingies together.

Thank you Mayoress.  We feel confident that we can thoroughly address your most excellent questions.  Ahem . . . here we go.  With everyone working towards the same goal and smelling rather ripe, the skunks won't make anyone feel bad.  Sometimes there aren't enough big trees for the larger monkeys to have a place to climb so we might want to consider making climbing walls with bars and ropes to swing from.  Peeing on the wall would be frowned upon in most circumstances unless of course our Public Safety Departments needed help with extra fire protection.  Combating ISIS is a tough problem but we are sure that giving them baths would keep them away.  For extra protection we could request Blogville males over the age of 2 to volunteer for guard duty and use their pee shooters against anyone who tries to invade Blogville or otherwise perpetrate an act of terrorism.  All citizens should be able to drive Subarus when wearing fur coats and seat belts.  Anyone caught stealing a fur coat will be subjected to strict fines (or possibly worse) as determined by the Blogville Justice Courts.  Cats should be welcome on all buses, just as much as dogs, and not required to ride on top. Squirrels are not allowed on buses but will be welcomed under the tires of all moving busesAll brands of nip should be served in all Blogville restaurants.  Bud will not be permitted to hold a monopoly.  In order to maintain social order, cats do need to keep their willies under control.    Cookies will be the new vegetable and all residents should have a well balanced diet including 4-6 servings of vegetable cookies each day.  Anyone caught throwing cherry bombs or any other incendiary device at Murphy, (or any other resident), will be subjected to immediate arrest and permitted to date only misfits.  Now, let's all pawty!

We hope you find our answers reflective of the clear vision we have for the future of Blogville.


The Doodz 
Mayor Madi's ice breaker question for the Doods

1.If I had an alter ego I would be.......
We recently discovered that we had hidden super powers that were released when we put on our Super Dog costumes.  We are the SUPER DOODZ.  We are just starting to learn the amazing powers we possess.  We will use our powers to fight crime and suppress evil. We are sure these amazing powers will be an asset in the Mayor's office.  2.I would like to give this piece of random advice....
Teach your hoomans to look for the goodness in everyone they meet.  This comes natural to us doggies but it might be a new thingie for your pawrents.  Oh, and never pass up a chance to play fetch.  That is very impawtent.


Good Afternoon Blogville!!! 

I would like to take this chance to tell you a bit about myself! Besides being a cute white Lhasa with natural curly hair, I also love the color pink! I have three brothers Bilbo (my grumpy campaign manager), Jakey (my BBF, ”Best Brother Forever,” and Campaign Speech Writer) and the little Squirt Arty (my Press Secret-Arty). My *alter ego, or what my Mama calls the “Before NorCal Dory”,  just loved to chase squirrels up trees when we lived in Texas. I was SO good at chasing them and taught my brothers to be ALMOST as good as me that when the squirrels heard that we were moving up to Northern California they all ran to the top of the Redwood trees to hide….we haven’t seen one since we moved up here. Now a days I keep watch for squirrels part-time and model for Mama the rest of the time. My goal as mayor is to keep all of Blogville as close, or closer, than we are now!

Now on the wonderful and immmmmm interesting questions we received…..Let’s see if I can cover this as efficiently and quickly as possible….

Yes….Yes….Definitely…Cat should be tutored not nipped; but nip should be given liberally to all kitties.….Kitties should be able to roam, but only with their humans permission…..I am in favor of squirrel jails, but I would much rather see training classes held for squirrel patrol….Cookies should be given freely with no restrictions…..I am looking forward to an election day pawty! I believe we may need to appoint a community matchmaker to the cabinet!

Mayor Madi's Ice breaker question for Dory was included
in her opening statement.  She answered
If I had an alter ego......*


SUNDAY, 11/2/14 @ 11:59pm


  1. Mayoress Madi, thank you for hosting this wonderful and very impawtant meeting. This election is very near and we need to make our final choices. It is so difficult as all the candidates are worthy of office. Please grab some food on a stick to keep your strength up. I will be listening most carefully.

    Loveys Sasha

    p.s. thank you as always for all the love and POTP for my Daddy. We appreciated it and love you for it.

  2. Oh gosh it seems Blogville is facing a problem unique to democracy. All the candidates are so wonderful, clever, talented, wise and cute, that it is going to be near impossible to choose which to vote for.
    Toodle pip!
    PS Well done Madi and Mom for your excellent work here.

  3. Great answers. We are happy the treats question was addressed by both candidates.

  4. Well, there's a lot the for a young pup to think about. I might chase a ball around the room for a bit to help focus my mind
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  5. We agree choosing is going to be impossible. Yikes. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Thank you to all the candidates for their time today.

  7. That was such a good meeting with lots of great questions and great answers. We love that Murphy and Stanley. That Dory is just too cute. You all have a great day.

  8. OMC Madi, you are all alone in front of ALL THOSE DOGS! did your feel fear? were you ok speaking cat speak to canines? the one sentence that jumpst out at me is YES BUILD a JAIL for squirrels... or make your policy
    Squirrels are not allowed on buses but will be welcomed under the tires of all moving buses. we have a few to send to you

  9. Thank you for hosting this very impawtant event. We have just returned to Blogville ( mom has some splainin' to do) and it was nice to hear each candidates vision for the future. Thank Dog the candidates are of such high standard they did not resort to negative campaign adds on the tele, the humanz should take note!
    Winston, Chloe and Cecil

  10. you are a purrfect Cat-er-rator! Many thanks for all your works for Blogville! Cookoies are the new vegetable, YAY!

  11. That was sure terrific pretty Madi and thanks for pulling this altogether!

  12. MAYORESS MADIson..... THIS is a GRAND and INFORMATIVE Event fur SURE.. and the SNACKS are some of Chef Sasha's BEST EVER...
    OMD OMC the candidates did an outstanding job of answering the ImPAWtant questions. This is going to be MOST HELPFUL for the Residents of Blogville as they step into SARGE's VOTING BOOTHS... to Cast their BALLOTS.
    We wish the Candidates well and we KNOW that Who EVER wins... Blogville will be in EXCELLENT Paws... Paws that are HONEST and CARING and Faithful to the Ideas and Ideals that the Founding Fathers of our beloved community envisioned.
    THANK YOU MADI fur hosting this Town Hall... and THANK you SASHA fur the DELICIOUS REFRESHMENTS.

  13. Whew, we are so glad that this last debate is finished. Thank you for hosting Madi. You did such an excellent job!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  14. Another great event to showcase the candidates! Thank you Madi for hosting. We are very proud of our Doods, Murphy & Stanley, And Dory did a fangtastic job too.
    We are going to have some of Sasha's great snacks
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Angel Greta

  15. Madi you are a great host. We learned a lot about all candidates.

  16. Thank you Mayoress Madi for this very informative meeting. We will be debating our choice for Mayor over the weekend. It will be so difficult to choose just one because the candidates are so well qualified. What an important decision we have to make!

  17. Wow, we have such amazing candidates! Thanks, Mayoress Madi for coordinating this fur us. Gee, this is such a tough decision!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commissioner

  18. Great information and super answers from all!!! The two candidates seem to have a lot in common, especially the pawty part!!! Let's all party now.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  19. Hari Om
    Oh my dogs and cats, this is going to be a tight-run thing. I hope we don't end up with a hung parliament - then again that can lead to coalition government... Oh dear, decisions, decisions...three sleeps to go... Hugs, whiskeries and wags to all, YAM-aunty xxx

  20. What a great meeting and very impawtant. We think there were lots of good back and forth and very good information given.

  21. Oh Madi, you did such a most wonderous job as Caterator!! We can't tell you how much fun this campaign has been!! It doesn't matter if Dory or the Doodz win...I think Blogville is the bestest place in the world!!!

    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  22. Hmmmm Me just stays a little confused by all this. But dat bein' sed, cute posty.

    Luv ya'


  23. Stomping and clapping paws!! Arrrroooo! Mayoress Madi, you did a stupendous job as caterator ♥ This is certainly going to be an exciting election.

  24. Loved reading the minutes of the meeting!

  25. Thanks Miss Madi! Sorry we didn't get to attend but only got to read the minutes also. Mom abandoned us AGAIN to go to with Grandma yesterday. Looks like it was an exciting time!
    Marty and the Gang

  26. Great meeting and agendas. After reading some of this, I wonder if maybe dogs should rule the world, with kindness and good spirits. (Cats -- do not get offended please, you are way too independent for politics,)

  27. How are we supposed to choose between friends? We think the candidates are great. Perhaps they could co-mayor? :)

  28. Good job Madi. You have been a fantastic mayor and the next one is going to have a hard time filling your place.


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