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JANUARY 16, 2015

 Madi passed her senior wellness exam with flying colors 

 ..albeit it I was sent home with a feline toothbrush and 

poultry flavored toothpaste. LOL    She had tad of tartar 

on back teeth. Dr. S said  for almost 13  years old, her 

teeth are in very clean.  Below is documentation on 

exactly how Madi feels:

Giving it the tried and true Madi sniff test.

 It failed miserably

 Mom I'm watching you don't even try to put that AquaDent in my fresh flowing water fountain

Maybe I can use it in my watering hole
during the Mayorz Marathon...
I bet there will be lots of stinky breaths 
Be sure to click here for details on 
their 1/16/15 post

Note from Mom:

Should I/we fail miserably with this new 

assignment there are dental treats we will be trying. I 

might need to recruit the Blogville police for assistance.


  1. Yahoo on passing your exams, I bet you studied real hard. I passed mine too, so I think we should celebrate. I have some dental chews for doggies that I love, but I don't know about kitty kinds. I love to chew on tooth brushes.

    Loveys Sasha

  2. Toothbrushes....dental sticks....we love BONES! Glad you're healthy, Madi.

  3. Binga LOVES those dental chews! They are very expensive too, from what I hear. I let my human brush my teeth. At first I thought the toothpaste was food!

  4. Good luck for your mom !
    Miss Madi, Me couldn't imagine myself doing that too !

  5. concats that you got good news! to clean my teeth is always a challenge and my dad is always happy when his fingers are intact after that event...
    how about Greenies? I've hard cats love them as much as we dogs...:o)
    Easy Rider

  6. Did that VETman really think you were going to allow that BIG brush in you mouth!!! Silly VETman!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  7. Can I recommend liver flavoured toothpaste?

  8. Glad all is well and she tried the tooth brush thing on me too and it was an epic fail. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. We don't blame you on the whole tooth brushing thing, Madi. It was fail around here, too.

  10. Hahaahah yes the dental water stuff we got here went down like a lead balloon..and I am sure a tootbrush would end up ...well....you can fill in the rest ;) great news on your wellness panel Madi! loves Fozziemum xx

  11. Madi, we don't blame you one bit for not wanting all that tuff stuff done to you. You can believe, none of us here would allow that. I have used that stuff to put in the water and thanks for reminding us about it. You all have a great Tuesday..

  12. Oh Madi, our vet just played that trick on us too. Toby was sent home with Vanilla Mint toothpaste.He used to endure several minutes of brushing when I used Sugar's homemade toothpaste recipe - now he turns his snoot up in about ten seconds. So far nothing was sent for the drinking water but that might be next.

  13. Way to go, my long lost sister, on passing your exam!

    Hugs, Laila, your LLS and Minchie your BFF

  14. I am thinking Sarge could help your brush Madi's teeth.. BOL MOL LOL... she could always chew up a stick from outside like Jake and Baby

  15. Oh lord, I was thinking "no way" would any of my cats co-operate.......

  16. Hari OM
    Congrats Madi. ...and never mind old dogs, old cats don't fall for new tricks either eh? Don't blame ya kiddo; I do worry that humans are imprinting certain unnecessary values onto other species - though I do think the chewy dentatreats are probably a good idea! Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  17. So glad you passed your exam with flying colors! That's pawsome news. Butt seriously, a toothbrush? Maybe Mom should try that "fantastic" tasting toothpaste first and let us know how she liked it. Bet there's a really good reason you don't like it Madi. We'll be waiting for Mom's review :)

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  18. Madi, congrats on a good vet report! BTW, we love the flavour of the chicken toothpaste, but forget brushing our teeth. No way, no how. We also don't think dental chews work for cats, because unlike a dog, cats' mouths don't move side to side to get a rubbing action on the teeth. So what good is a dental chew? We don't know about the water additive, though we've heard of them. Our human has been tempted, but we don't drink enough to make it worthwhile. Let us know if it works for you!

  19. Maybe they need to make feline chewable treats for teeth cleaning WITH catnip in them. Madi, you would love that! BOL
    Hugs and nose taps,
    Molly and Kathy

  20. Hey Madi!
    Wow, concats on the excellent dogtor report! You are in purrfect feline form fur sure. I don't blame you for not cooperating with the brushing...I let my peeps do it but only because I kinda like the chix paste. Hold out for your Mom finding bacon flavor...and I'd like to try it if she finds it. BOL/MOL
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish

  21. Madi's mom just call me (gussie) to come over and hold Madi's mouf open for you, I help mom wif the grandmonsters all the times...I will require a treat and contract from Ernie though for my services.
    Angus Mac

  22. We don't do toothbrushes either! But we LOVE our dental chews. We get one almost every day, and it keeps our teeth sparkling!

  23. Good luck! It'll take M & D to get that "brush" in your mouth Madi and I know you'll give 'em a fun time while they try! (GOOD news on the Vet trip!!)

  24. That stuff doesn't look too appealing to us either and Angel Prancer Pie set a terrible standard by letting Mommy clean his teeth and actually enjoying it!
    Happy Tuesday to our favorite tuxie girl.
    XOXO from your besties at Angel Prancer Pie.

  25. Wahoo Madi! congrats on a good exam. We totally understand about the teeth brushing stuff. Do not mess with our mouths - is our motto. Butt then poor Hazel had teeth removed when she had her dental last month - ugh
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  26. You go girl! We get toothbrushes shoved in our mouth
    Lily & Edward

  27. Bravo Madi, we are sure happy all is good!

  28. Woohoo, Madi! Glad you are doing well. We don't blame you for not wanting your teeth brushed. That doesn't look like any fun!

  29. I'm not a fan of the toothbrush either but the little bits of tartar I've had on my teefies when I get my senior exam come right off when Dr. Rethman scrapes then with his fingernail! MYYYY kinda toothbrush!!!!!! Tee Hee I'm glad you passed all your tests Madi - we seniors ROCK!

    Hugs, Sammy

  30. We are very happy you passed your senior exam Madi. Yes, we don't like the teefers brush/dental chew/ anything else either!
    Dip and Elliot x

  31. We never doubted you were a kitty cat in excellent health!! Sorry about the whole teefy thing...
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  32. Madi, I can't imagine you would stand for any kind of humiliating tooth brushing! Watch out - your mom may call in reinforcements and hold you down. Run, run now! ;)

  33. madi...we canna blame ewe one bit N wood walk round with fish breath timez 10 rotten bee for we wood eat pole tree any thing !!! ♥♥♥

  34. Concats on your clean bill of health Madi. My mum uses the old head off an electric toothbrush to clean my teeth.

  35. How about you get some video of that tooth brushing BOL! Gotta keep clean teeth in case Raz wants a smooch!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  36. Yep! Mes gots the dreaded Tartar too. Yous should see what mes did to Mommy when she tried to cleans my teeths! However my hairy slobbery sister Cinnamon LOVES getting her teeths brushed!!!

  37. I admit I never brushed the cats teeth (and don't do the dogs enough). However, Baggy lived to 19.5 with no dental problems and Nin had a rotten tooth a few years back but other than that was fine. It sadly reinforced my lack of care (and now at 19.5 Nin is exempt from such torture!)

  38. Paws up in getting a good check up, Madi. The mom tried brushing our teefs. Epic fail!

  39. First off, I do not believe you are a "senior". Secondly, I won't let my mom and dad brush my teefers either.

  40. Yes! All brushie stuff should be bacon-flavored! Speaking of dental, some of us are due for a full cleaning this year. We're not sure what that means. Maybe bacon will be there!

  41. I gave up and got the Science Diet dental food that they sell at the vet for Ralphie. I put it in a separate bowl and leave it out. He actually likes it (major shock) and will eat a few pieces a day. His breath is better and I am seeing less tartar on his teeth. Everything else failed.

  42. CONGRATS MAdi!!
    About that toof brush thingy, tell her to go away and come another day like in 20 years!! bol


  43. OMD...mom is rolling around laughing...something about her wanting to see anyone brush a cats teeth and live to tell the tale.
    HIGH FIVE PAWS for the clean bill of health Miss Madi!! YAY!
    Wally & Sammy

  44. Yay Madi for a great senior check-up!


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