Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Two TUESDAY TALE: Bangers and painters

These photos were all taken on Friday 12/11/15...
Mom and I were sequestered in my blog office A G A I N.
There were painters and bangers and who knows what all running all over my house.
Mom decided she would wrap some Christmas Presents 'cause she knows how much I enjoy
redesigning wrapping paper and tissue paper.  

 We were having a ton of fun until the banging commenced
The bangers were replacing some wood on the house gables that had been
totally destroyed by Carpenter Bees during the spring and summer.  This time 
they replaced the wood with some type of composite  material that bees cannot destroy
 While I was in hiding, I sent Stuffy Santa out to snoopervise mom.
Stuffy Santa did a good job
 All of a sudden the banging stopped long enough for me to hear
music to this kitty's ears
 the sound of kibble gently falling in my office food bowl
 I had a chance for a quick nibble

 then the bangers returned, I told Stuffy Santa he was in charge 
 'cause I was going back in the closet and I was not coming out
until at least Spring.
Oh woe with me when will this remodeling be over?

2nd TUESDAY TALE inspired by a comment left on our blog yesterday:

Mom here: Yesterday our good buddy Mad Snapper commented that Madi called me Mom she asked if Madi called her Dad, Daddy.  This was Mom's reply:
"TRUTH BE TOLD...MY DAUGHTER HAS ALWAYS CALLED ME MA...with the exception of 6 months between age 2 1/2 and 3 when she called me Old Bozo. NO CLUE WHY...I never had red curly hair.
My daughter has always called her Dad,  Daddy."

When I started the blog Madi and Ma didn't have quite the ring that Madi and Mom does.

The rest of the story is: Her daddy knew every so often she called me 
old bozo, but he had not heard her do it.  Once when we were all shopping my daughter must have asked me something.  I didn't respond immediately so she BELLOWED 'old bozo'.   I immediately gave her all my attention.  Her daddy said why do you answer her.  I replied, I don't want her to bellow 'old bozo' a 2nd time.
I always cracked up when she called me 'old bozo'. Eventually, I realized she was doing it because I laughed.
Finally I stopped laughing (it was hard to do) and she stopped calling me 'old bozo'!!  I kinda missed it too.
My daughter has always marched to the beat of her own drum.
MS thanks for the question yesterday.  It reminded me of the old bozo, story. 



  1. Madi, I hope all that noise is all done so you can relax and get ready for Santa Paws. I don't like a lot of banging either, it makes me bark bark bark!

    Ziggy your brudder Out!!

  2. Well, it's a good thing those workers are finally done!

  3. Old Bozo!! MOL MOL Me and The Staff are cracking up here!! "Madi and Old Bozo" has a definite ring to it!! ;)

    Good job those noisy interlopers have skedaddled now! You can now enjoy your kibble free of indigestion! xoxoxox

  4. We love the old Bozo story! Peace and quiet now that the painters and bangers are gone!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  5. Hahaha oh MADI i ahate renos..with a passion..and i would not even come out for the sound of mac.n cheese falling in my bowl...ugh..that bad! glad it is all over soon..yikes..and pee ess thankyou for the beautiful cardie we got from the postman..made our day it did :) and will be popping it in a slideshow soon with other cardies..off for a swim it is rotten hot tonight! loves Fozziemum xxxxx

  6. Oh, having contractors banging and stomping around is the worst! We hide in the closet when that happens, too. Hope they're all done and won't be bothering you again for a long, long time.

  7. Oh gosh Madi, that pounding and so on, sounds really scary. We would have hidden in the closet too. Glad it is all over now. And Christmas isn't far off. Have a great day.

  8. I imagine all that banging and strangers is indeed enough to get on your sensitive kitty nerves Madi.

    Old Bozo. I think I would have thumped her :)

  9. Guess it would be hard to find an "Old Bozo" greeting card for Mother's Day. Glad she stopped calling you that.

  10. thanks for sharing the story of old bozo LOL.... I'm glad all that workers finished their work and they are on the way to another house now... hope your Meowgraine is better soon, now if your castle is yours again :o) my mom has to wrap all gifts this year too... she said that's my fault, because I shredded all packages and boxes... not sure what she means...

  11. you can tell Old Bozo i loved this story... and i would have laughed to. who knows what goes through children's minds. it is fun to hear others memories. so glad the bangers are done on the inside. what are the two things in the doorway. i hope mom was not trying to keep you in because we know you can leap very high. love the stuffie santa

  12. Hi Madi, I am so glad that all of those workers have gone and all that noise has stopped so you can relax and enjoy sleeping in those sun puddles, I have heard that you are on Santa Paw's NICE LIST this year so i'm glad that you are being good and helping get ready for Santa Paws to come! Love and licks from your furiend Frank xxxxxxxx

  13. Thank cod for that closet! Hoping all that racket stops soon!\

    Hugs, Laila, your LLS and Minchie, your BFF

  14. Merry Christmas Madi
    xo Cinnamon

  15. WE hope that you did NOT get indigestion from the Banging and Clanging and needing to Eat on the RUN... BUTT if you DO ... just ask Ol' Bozo to give you some TUMS...

  16. We can not believe she is sealing up all of your boxes!! What is the woman thinking
    Lily & Edward

  17. Dang pretty Madi, quiet is much, much better!

  18. Whew! They've finally all finished and you will be free to roam again...that's great news! BOL at 'Old Bozo'..that is a very cute story. It made MY mom laugh and smile to hear it!

  19. That is the funniest story ever! Kids know how to make their parents cringe, don't they!
    Poor Mads - will the chaos never end. Hope it is a bit quieter in the cupboard.
    Dip and Elliot x

  20. Oh Madi, we are glad that things are going to quiet down at your house. We would have been barking our heads off. Love the Ol'Bozo story!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  21. madi.....pleez ta tell old bozo de food servizz gurl called her gram paw....bum ... frum de time her waz a wee one & abe bull ta speek.... til him leeved thiz earth !!♥♥♥ { N hay...at leest OB rememburred ta bring de chalk inta de room with her !! }

  22. I bet you will be so glad when all of the painters, bangeing and carpenters have left, Madi!

    Old Bozo?!!! When our oldest son was old enough to stand in the crib, I would come into his room. He'd yell: DAD!! "No, I am Mommy, not Dad!" It took 3 months for him to finally learn the difference! LOL
    Hugs and nose taps,
    Kathy & Molly

  23. Did you get to play with the tissue paper, Madi? Or did the Old Bozo keep it all away from you like the Momster does here? She has been wrapping and wrapping and wrapping - we sure hope some of those pressies are for us!!!

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  24. Snoopervise....hysterical! One of my cats (Mocha) gets so scared with loud noises that she has "accidents" So sad they get so scared.

  25. Old Bozo! Bwahahaha!! I am glad the quiets have returned Madi, so you can enjoy your kibble in peace.

  26. Our mom LOVED the "old Bozo" story!
    We will apparently be having some bangers and painters here some day soon. (Apparently they were supposed to come last week, but don't mention that around my mom. Her face turns funny colors when the subject is brought up.) Anyway, we'll have to be kept on lead or behind a closed door so we don't try to help too much. Mom's concerned about us doing too much. Yeah. I'm sure that's what it is.
    Yours sincerely,

  27. Cute Old Bozo story. I am glad you will finally get some peace and quiet.

  28. We laughed so hard about Old Bozo! Madi, it is clear your peace was being WRECKED! We were in the middle of commenting and then the power went out. Oh, and the new washer is having troubles too so mom thinks she is living Ground Hog Day. I don't know what that means but she said to type it. We got a new Christmas tree today and me and Stanley decorated it.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  29. Madi, we're glad you and your mom are making the best of a noisy situation. We hope the bangers go away soon.

  30. OMD...We are glad they finished the indoor work...sheesh, they must have been real loud for you to have put Stuffed Santa in charge!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

    PeeEss...Mama and I love the Old Bozo story, we also love MS..she makes Mama giggle bunches!!

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  32. Oh Madi! We are so sorry you had to go into hiding again. I hope they really really really are finished now. But on the plus side: you seem to be waaaaay more popular than your two-leggers. The amount of cards you have had so far: AMAZING!!! I wonder how many we will have when we get back home...

    Brom from Norway (but on holiday in Northern Ireland)

  33. Old Bozo! LOL! Madi I am so happy the noise and construction dudes are gone!


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