Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tuesday Tale

Friday 1/15/16, 6 AM, started out Purrfectly...proper attention was paid to me
I was fed and my Fresh Flow water fountain had fresh water.  All was right with my world.
Fast forward to 1:30 pm when I was rudely shoved in my PTU, safety belted into the car
and off to the Vet for my mini Senior check up.  Which by the way I passed with flying 
colors.Weight 11.8 oz. I had only gained 1 ounce since July mom was sure I weight 20 lbs..., ticker fine, teeth tartar free and it was determined after some
squeezing and poking my insides were also purrfect.  They stole my blood to check my kidney 
enzymes.  We waited about 10 minutes for the labs to be run.  The enzymes were also perfect......


 while we were waiting mom happened to see an animal/human age chart.
I'll be 14 in March...72 in human years!!!
She cackled like a hyena and nearly choked as she said
Madi....seems you are NOW the reigning 
Old Gray Mare  and you are 1 1/2 months older than your 
Dad!!! To which I replied...........
and she pours salt in my wounded ego by saying
she is NOW the youngest person in the house.
WOE WITH ME,  Mom aka formerly The Old Gray Mare will never let this rest.
After being thoroughly insulted, when we were ready to leave the Vet's.  It was raining sideways big fat rain. Mom can't carry an umbrella and my carrier so she wore a slicker.
Well friends the rain came in the door of my carrier and in the holes on top
What a day...mom says Madi you might be older than dirt but you have your
H E A L T H!!!
She must not know she is supposed to respect her elders!
Respectfully submitted
The NEW Old Gray Mare



  1. Hey Sis, wow I am so happy that you are so healthy, not that I ever doubted it. I don't what your Mom is getting so silly about. You are not at all old and are so beautiful. Mommy's are silly sometimes, but don't listen to her, listen to me. Madi is not an old gray mare!!!

    I love your header.

    Ziggy your brudder Out!!

  2. Madi, Binga says older is better! She is 15-1/2 so she is even older than you!

  3. That chart has got to be wrong. 72. I think your mom "the older old gray mare" switched the numbers on the chart at the vets office when u weren't looking to make it look like she is younger than u.

    1. Another thought...you need to get even with her! Vomit in her shoe! That'll teach her for calling u old.

  4. No way either of you are old!! Too young pretty ladies!!

  5. Madi, you're only as old as you feel. Glad to hear that checkup went well. Too bad you had to get poked, prodded, and wet just to find out you're ok.
    Hope your Tuesday is much better.
    >>Smoochies<< to our favorite tuxie from us at Angel Prancer Pie.

  6. Madi, it's just a number....and one that is ESTIMATED! Just turn your back on the humans for awhile....until dinner anyway.

  7. Excellent news that your are in such fine fettle Madi, despite your great age…
    Toodle pip!

  8. Don't you listen to hers Madi...you were showing the youngsters the way on our Pub crawl, I finks yous WAY younger than your years!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xx

  9. Who cares what the stoopid charts say. It's how you FEEL, Madi! Mom says Seniors ALWAYS rule!

  10. You're just a kitten in our eyes!!

    your guy Raz and The Florida Furkids

  11. Hari OM
    I should have such healthy genes. I don't... spit hissssss... Congrats on the upgrade status Madi - take it for the honour it is... hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  12. Madi you will always be younger than springtime dear girl......glad you did well with your mini-check-up! We SENIORS (tee hee) need to stay on TOP of our game!

    hugs, Sammy

  13. congrats for being a healthy diva and for getting good news from the vet. don't be sad about that 72. in ancient times the oldest member of a furmily always was the leader and the boss in the house (or in the cave, they had that time). that makes a lot of things possible, right?

  14. So glad you passed all your tests Madi. That is such great news. It is OK to be old Madi, since the alternative is even worse. We think you look great and nothing wrong with being the old gray mare, just think of all the service you should get now.

  15. Poor Madi. I don't like getting wet either. And, my poke and prod appointment is a month away. YUCK.

  16. Madi, first I am so happy that your senior check up went so purrfectly! I mean, every test came back normal...that is pawesome. Second, I would never believe those silly aging charts. I think the OLD gray mare may be trying to pull your paw just so she can feel a bit younger for a day. BOL

  17. You are now officially old and healthy.. YAY and Yay again and you are 8 months older than me YAH... not many are older than me, except Jake's daddy. sorry you got wet, did you make any NOISE? so happy you passed all your test with flying colors.

  18. We are THRILLED to hear that you are in PAWfect Health... BUTT STUNNED by the Treatment that you have been subjected to... HOW DARE SHE??? She allowed you to be Nearly Drowned while imprisoned in that Box of Terror... and THEN Dared to INSULT you with name calling and fun making...
    THIS is OUTRAGEOUS... We are STUNNED we say... We never EVER dreamed that your mom would stoop to THIS sort of thingy. WE say that YOU are PAWFECT and that age comparison chart thingy... is just ONE MORE example of how PEEPS ... MAKE UP NONSENSE stuffs about US. The very idea!!! SHAME on your Mom... she should be put in the Closet and made to contemplate her rudeness. SHAME on HER...

  19. Oh, oh dear furriend... how could your Mom laugh at you so?? But we are glad to hear you are in fine health.

  20. Oh No, 2 startling revelations at one time!
    1) you will be the oldest in your house,
    2) your first time getting rained on!
    But Mom is right,(we always are), you are healthy at almost 14!
    Hope your naps helped to soothe you.
    Kathy and Molly

  21. Be careful, you took one title and if you are not careful she will start calling you Old Bozo! Glad you passed the vet visit with flying colors!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  22. Haven't you ever heard that age ain't nothing but a number? PAH to the number...your age is what you feel... from sounds and looks of it you will be forever young, Madi!

  23. You should have announced her age in the waiting room
    Lily & Edward

  24. OH Madi we know you still feel like a young kitten and that age thing, well it's just a number!

  25. Oh my Dog Mads, Mum laughed like a drain when she read that! We can't belive anyone would insult a diva such as yourself. You don't look a day over 21 (in human years) to us.
    Dip and Elliot x

  26. Hey pretty Madi, look on the bright side dear, seniority has its benefits so you rule the roost now! Oh, you did before, that's right!

  27. Madi, we are very happy you got all good results at your mini vet visit! And as for the age thing - you are only as old as you feel!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  28. Madi, we are thrilled that your checkup had such awesome results!!! No worries about that age thing, just enjoy your reign as the Queen. That surely gives your Highness the right to order your meals when and where and however much you want them:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  29. Oh, sweetie, just remember: You're only as old as you feel :)

  30. BOL....Poor Madi!! Look on the bright side, being the oldest means you get control of the treat jar, right???
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  31. I am glad your vet visit went well, Madi. Age is just a number so think yourself young. I am heading towards 16 and still play THoE and leap to the top of my cat tree in one go.

  32. Aaaaaaaw Madi, not to worry, sis Lxi still has ya' beat. And she sez she's no old gray mare fur sure. She's da Queen of all da is and will be. So chin up, yous just got wiser, not older. MOL

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and da Queen of all Lexi

  33. Yeah, but Madi - one question. Who makes up these charts? BIPEDS, that's who! So just how reliable are they?!!? Quite flawed, I'd say. Seriously.
    We're thrilled that your numbers are so good!!! Way to go, BFF!!!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  34. madi....

    we all say total lee awesum on yur chex up !!!! hooray...BUT......all eye gotta say iz.... best fishes tryin ta get whatz due ewe....like yur social secatitee & medicatz chex.....yea....eye haz been waitin on them everee D month for yeerz...& eye haznt seen a one yet......eye could fuzz all nite but eye knead a nap

    butter lover boomer o cat

  35. I bet your Mom can't twerk like you can. You only look about 2 years old.

  36. Hahahaha!!! You made me and The Staff MOLMOLMOL! What indignity, what injustice, what a hoot!! ;) You will, of course, rule the house with an iron paw (not that you weren't already, but now it's like kosher and all that!) I hope the young grey mare will show you the respect you are now due because of your seniority and stature and your scratchy/hissy/bitey abilities!! Pawpats and respectful headbonks, Austin Towers aged eight and three quarters! ;-) xoxoxox

  37. Well we're glad to hear you have a good health report. If you weren't a grey colored cat would you still be considered an "old grey mare"?

  38. Even cats get old, my two are older than me now, but they have always ruled the roust, I the chief cook and bottle washer plus food provider water changer, patter and even flea stuff putter on er , I know my place.

  39. Whatts??????!!!!! I thinks your Moms needs to be taught a lesson or three! I thinks we need to puts our heads together to figure out a way to gets back at our MOms! Furst, they call us OLD (yuppers! this last year, my vettie had the NERVES to call me 'senior'!!! WHAT??! ), then they make us go out in the RAIN, and gets our furs all wet and frizzy???!!! Oh man! This mistreatment has got to stop!!! Call the ASPCA, while I grab us some margaritas...
    Ruby ♥

  40. Good job on the tests at the vet! You aren't old Madi, you are vintage. If you were wine, you would be highly valued. :)


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