Monday, June 20, 2016

Mews from the BAR

Today mom decided to share some funny sights and sounds from the B.A.R.

First thing Mom learned at the when one pup turns into a melodious
serenade of barks...even the ones that were  asleep barked.  It was so funny.
almost like singing Row, row, row your boat..they all chimed in at different stages!!
This was the mostest K9s my peeps have ever been around at one time.

I tell you friends I cannot let mom go anywhere...she does the craziest things!

Speaking of crazy names...Hailey and Zaphod's Dad's name is Drew....
but their Mom calls him Sam.  Sam is not part of his name either. MOL MOL
Their Mom's nickname was K-ten
If you missed their RV story: The Day we almost died click here
funny now but not so funny then!! It was their first and last RV trip!!

 Frankie and Ernie say they never leave home without fresh Tighty Whiteies

We surprised the Mayoral Assistant with a 60th Birthday Party.
DiDi (Diana's nickname) planned a Scavenger Hunt.  
We all had a list of things to find.  At the end of the trail, the Blogger's significant other was supposed to blindfold us and lead us back.
 Every buddy let Not Beth and Bob (he knew what was up) leave the shelter first.
As soon as they were far enough ahead of everyone, we all turned back around.  We waited about 
30 minutes. Bob was leading a not so trusting Not Beth back to the shelter.
We screamed surprise as she took off the say she was stunned was an understatement.

Everyone gave Not Beth something that had a 60 theme such as candy kisses.

Later we had an awards ceremony...every blogger got an award.  We had a special one for the first Mayors of Blogville Frankie and Ernie. "Not Beth" was trying to read the inscription on the plaque.
When she got to "founding fathers" , she could not get it out.
She said 
"when I was 59 I could say "Founding Fathers" 
But now that I'm 60 I can't say it."

When Mom was a wee lass one of her favorite places to eat was Shoney's.  She especially loved this little fellow, Big Boy, who was always at the front door to greet everyone.
Shoney's was known for a delicious hamburger called a Big Boy. Which is what this little guy is holding and their strawberry pie.

In Frankfort, KY it is called Frisck's

Monday June 13, 2016
HiC, B-cat and YaYa (she came to the BAR from Scotland) took a road trip to Kentucky.
This photo was taken at Crestview Hills Mall.
Aunty YaYa came to the USA in hopes of seeing her first Cardinal...which she did.
(not here though a bird did land in the tree)

Along a lovely rolling road they were greeted by the aromatic smell of a SKUNK
It was a FIRST for YaYa!!  Welcome to the USA Aunty YaYa.
The purpose of this trip was for YaYa to connect with.....Sw. William
and his Lee.  YaYa was going to spend 2 days in Cincinnati with them.
We heard YaYa had a fantastic visit with them.
She also has 2 more blogging friends she will meet before heading back across the 
pond at the end of June.

 YaYa gave mom this beautiful scarf that she designed and Dad a lovely shore bird lapel pin to thank them for driving her to Crestview Hills, KY.  The scarf has lots of RED in it too.  Sorry it is blurry but I was giving it the Madi sniff of approval...It passed.

 Sweet William and Lee sent me a wonderful packages of Temptation treats and gave mom
most useful package of Feline decorated hand sanitizer for her pocketbook.  As a thank you for
driving Yaya to meet them. I was beginning to think I'd have to use my saber teeth to get it opened
Finally TOGM opened it.  They are all my favorite flavors.
WE all love these thoughtful mementos!!

Today June 20, 2016 at 8 am workers will begin demolition on our master bath room and
powder room.  After these two rooms are finished, they will do a partial reno on the guest bath upstairs.We have never had a bath renovated so all we know is it will be messy and dirty and loud.  Madi and I will be sequestered upstairs in the blog office.  If need be, she will be put in her Condo/aka safe room.  So if we are missing we will either be under a pile of debris or hiding.
The project is expected to last 4-6 weeks
Hugs Madi and Mom


  1. Love these pics!
    Oh a bathroom redo! Our Peepaw is a plumber. We know all about that. Xxoo Maddie and Belle
    Ps love you and hope one day we can meet!!

  2. Four to six weeks of noise and mayhem? Ugh! My human has considered a bathroom redo... but she may reconsider.

  3. We hope the bathroom redo isn't too messy and noisy for you, Madi!

  4. aaah BAR-memories... I LOVE it :o)
    we cross our paws for the bathroom project, the mama said she would say not one word about chaos and mess if she would get a new bathroom... ha! as if! I bet she would be the first who would bug the construction guys .o)

  5. What a pawsome time you had at the BAR. I is soooo glad 'Not Beth' had a lovely Burfday surprise
    And, fank you fur looking after our Aunty yam so well, isn't it pawsome fur her to meet so many blogging friends.
    Good luck wiv the renovations...hope they's not too noisy
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  6. OMC, 4-6 weeks of renovation? We don't think we would like that! We aren't looking forward to the upcoming project to replace our bathroom recirculating fans with ones that actually do anything, and they will be single-day projects. Good luck with the reno, Madi!

  7. Wow, it sure sounds like you had such a great time and we so glad you surprised Beth. That was the best. Love all the pictures. The pictures were terrific. Good luck on your renovation. Have a great day.

  8. Hari om
    It was a truly memorable time we all had together and I offercup my gratitude on High for the connections made!!! Here's trusting 4 and not 6 isxthe number for the reno!!! Hugs and whiskeries YAYA-aunty xxx

  9. It feels like BAR was so far away already HiC! Wishing you patience during your renovations!

  10. oh lawdie, you will be so glad to get it finished! Congrats on getting your bathrooms redone.

    the bar looked like a lot of fun, with very nice folks and fur kids

  11. What wonderful memories!

    Your friend,

  12. I would go totally nuts with workers in the house for that long. i can't even imagine that... love your scarf and can't figure out how you remembered everyones nicname... love the not beth and not carol joining not earl story.... on our street when the mail man walks the dogs all talk, so i know what you mean, one starts the others join.

  13. 4-6 weeks for your bathroom remodel?!? Great cats! You will be sequestered for forever. It sounds like everybody had a fantastic time at BAR!

  14. BAR barking was definitely the best!

  15. We just love hearing more about the BAR! That's funny about all the nicknames! And did Zaphod really get to drive the RV?!?!? That is really cool!
    I hope the remodel goes well. Our parents are considering redoing our master bath. I didn't really care until I heard them mention this meant we'd all have to sleep upstairs during the renovations. What?!? This is crazy talk! I sure hope they change their minds!

  16. OMD OMD the MEMORIES... the memories of our FABULOUS time at BAR... it was UNBELIEVABLE...
    Furst your had Not Earl the mail man... NOW she has Not Carol and NOT BETH...??? We just HOPE beyond HOPE that she doesn't start calling you some Crazy name... like NOT Marilyn or somethingy.

  17. I thank you for getting Yam Aunty close enough so that we could pick her up and bring her into Nati City, Ohio. We enjoyed our short visit. I have a Big Boy close by and I inhale deeply when Lee drives by. We had a wonderful time with Yam Aunty. She said she felt at home here as Nati seemed to be a combo of Sydney and the UK.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  18. Such lovely BAR memories!!! We are trying to get Mama (aka NOT Carol) to go through her 87,000 pictures and get some more BAR stories told!! For sure, she will be posting about our meeting our sweeties tomorrow!!
    Dory & Arty

  19. lee awesum B.A.R. photoz....we cracked UP at Zaphod drivin de suv ☺☺☺ ~~~~~~~~~ N we hope ta cod ya due knot hasta hide out in de offiss for 6 weekz...pluz what happenz if yur mom runz outta chalk... doez her haza... dad go get sum..... bak up plan !!!! ?????? ☺☺☺ ♥♥♥

  20. Such wonderful memories made! We LOVED our visit with Dory & Arty and "NOt Carol".
    Mr bailey, hazel & mabel

  21. That looks like one heck of a good time pretty Madi!

  22. Gail is thinking of adopting the 'Not Earl' strategy for naming people she meets. At least that way she'll always be right which, let's face it, she rarely is with names these days…
    Toodle pip!

  23. The memories your maw and paw made during this time is priceless.
    But....of course, can't leave you out --- I ENJOYED your snoopervision of it all and your participation in giving everything the stamp of approval.

  24. What an amazing time you all had at the much fun and so many memories to last forever (or until the next one anyway!). GOOD LUCK with keeping sane during the will be a challenge we think!

    Love, Sammy and Mom Pam

  25. BOL stop making us jealous. Yes we love to join in the serenading
    Lily & Edward

  26. Four-six weeks of upheaval...sheesh! Good luck. Thanks for all the funny SHE tends to forget names or mishear them, SHE's right with TOGM. We're loving seeing all the pictures from BAR. Almost like we were there.

  27. Thanks for sharing more of your BAR adventure. We don't envy you all the chaos with the workers in your house for that long.

  28. Sounds like everyone had fun. That is a nice scarf and how sweet you got treats. XO


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