Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Wordy Wednesday


Our roaming reporter Madi(son) D. Cat has  a special announcement...she needs a new home. 
Only requirements are
1. no noise
2. no noise
3. no noise
4. she will bring her own food, bed and water

In other mews the good thing about renovations is you get to sort and clean and sometimes
find hidden treasures.  On the tip top of an old book shelf mom found a report my human sis
did in 4th grade all about vertebrae as related to Dachshunds.  Lo and Behold mom found lost photos of Toto the mighty mini Dachshund who was the first family pet 42 years ago
He was 1 year old in this photo

We'll tell you a few Toto stories with each photo.
This one especially tickled Mom. Toto is chewing away on a bone......but his all time
most favorite thing in the entire world to chew on was......
Barbie legs.  Yep never heads or arms just LEGS.  Dad called Toto a 'leg man'!
Once sis caught him chewing on her newest Barbie.  The Barbie had extremely long hair.
Mom saidToto came running up the hall.  Sis was chasing him, holding the Barbie
by the legs trying to swat him with the Barbie hair.  Mom opened the patio door so Toto could
get into the yard, Sis followed him.  Toto might have been vertically challenged but he could run like the wind.  He ran around the house and back inside.  Sis was still running trying to catch him.
She finally realized he was not in the yard.

Sis loved him to bits 
I suppose you can tell by all the avocado green and bean bag these photos were from the mid 70's.


  1. MOL - isn't it funny what you find?? We found letters from da previous owners.

  2. MOL, that Toto sounds like quite a character!

    P.S. We may not have workers here, but my human and Binga are both pretty loud (usually not at the same time), so our home is probably not suitable for you, Madi!

  3. Crikey ...... my Mum reckons she had that exact same bean bag. She also had an avocado green and pine kitchen with a cork floor. Guess that dates her too, aye?? Toto sure was a legs man. I like those barbies. I just bite their heads off.

  4. Could it be that Toto was envious of a creature with such long legs?

  5. Toto was super smart... if Barbie has no legs she can't run away :o)and otherwise the makers of barbie had anyway no clue about humanoid proportions... maybe Toto tried to fix this epic construction fail?
    btw: the mama loved the green bean bag... it would be the perfect addition for our office.... Karl Lagerfeld was right: every trend comes back :o)

  6. Guess Toto gave the Ken doll competition going after Barbie like that.

  7. Those pictures are treasures. Good to find things.

  8. So there ARE some good things about renovation projects - old treasures! Cute story too about Toto.....that green beanbag chair brings back some memories - what were humans THINKING when they decided that was a good color????!!!! HAHAHAHA

    Hugs, Sammy

  9. Those hidden treasures hold such wonderful memories! You wouldn't like our house either, Madi. It's noisy too because there are no windows and just thin foam board covering the openings.

  10. Oh Madi, we are so sorry you are having such a hard time. But just think of it this way, at least you haven't been put in a cage at the vets and your Mom is keeping company and just think about how much fun it will be to have it all done. Love the story about Toto.

  11. Hari OM
    Well done Toto, Barbie's oughtta have been deaded ages ago!!! Jus' sayin'...

    THanks for sharing this memory with us Madi - glad mum found the treasure; now history can be told! Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  12. Awwww... we had a Toto dog only her name was Dutchie! She used to hang out with me when I played with my plastic horses but she didn't chew on them. She liked chewing on a rubber hot dog! Oh man, I loved those bean bag chairs!

  13. Toto is a doll and the story is to cute... and i had many things that avocada green, including the kitchen walls. uck... i have to say A Rose by any other name is MADI.. love the cat in the rose patch header

  14. hahaha, love the story. running around the yard trying to find him to whup him and he was in the house. too cute.

    Madi, please don't leave Mom and Dad. The construction will be over soon and you'll have a practically new home.

  15. Dear Madi,
    Please teleport over here....there is lots of quiet, sun puddles and you will be treated like the Diva you are!!
    your guy Raz and The Florida Furkids

    ps - Toto is adorable!

  16. Madi, you can come stay with us! The only noise is when Jessie decides to start barking, but we'll keep it down for you. We'll clear a space in the cat room just for you!

  17. Oh No, has all of the renovations gotten that bad, Madi, you are looking for a new home?! Hang in there, it will onlky be a few weeks more!
    I hate noise too, especially 4th of July!
    Molly and Kathy

  18. BOW WOW, what lovely photos! Thanks for sharing! It's always pawsome to see I'm not the only Dachshund who can be a bit mischievous. BOL! Did you know that Toto in the Wizard of Oz was originally a Dachshund, but because of conflicts between America and Germany at the time they changed it to a Cairn Terrier?

    1. And I forgot to add, the Dachshund's name was originally Otto! ;)

  19. BOL! I have never known a dog to chew on Barbie legs. That Toto was a pip!

  20. OH, that is a great find, Madi!!! Toto??? Really???? Was Toto from Kansas???

    We can't guarantee no noise, Madi, but the door is always open here and we will leave the light on:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  21. Woofs! MADI :-) Precious photos <3 BOL! leg man :-) Golden Woofs

  22. That little girl looks JUST like your momma. Well you would not want to EVER come to our house Madi cos it is the nosiest house on the block. For Sure. stella rose

  23. How fun to find some treasured memories!
    sorry about all the noise Madi - hope it will be over soon
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & mabel

  24. What wonderful treasures you found! Toto was a leg man - BOL! B-cat is so funny!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  25. madi...ewe iz welcome ta chillax heer in de land o trout... we will send a boat for ewe at 3:17 pm, howz that sound ? all sew yur long ago cuzin iz way kewl...we cracked UP bout de barbie legs ! ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  26. No noise works for me pretty Madi!

  27. Oh no, you had me fooled for a second there. Glad you are not really moving! Hoping all the noise is finished soon.

  28. What special photos!
    We can't help you on the "no noise" thing. There is someone called "a plumber" downstairs going BANGBANGBANG. Mom said to be very happy about it. Our air conditioning is broken and it's currently 84 degrees in the house. Outside, we're about to hit 100, so I should be grateful for that. It's HOT Madi. We don't like HOT!!!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  29. Awww....he was cute and so is your human sister. We had avocado green appliances.
    :) Madi, you can stay with us if you don't mind 13 other cats :)

  30. BOL!!! Oh, I LOVES those photos and the stories!! Ma's brudder used to behead Ma's barbies..yeah, he was a different one...☺ Anyhu, Oh gurl, i am so sorry abouts the noise! Furst the BOOMERS, now the BANGERS??! I thinks you need to use your transport tunnel and come over heres! Quiet, and cool (can you believes it was only 75 today??! OMD, we're in heaven!!!) We gots a cool seabreeze and I can stoke up the margarita machine! Lets me know....time for another cookie, and a tunnel roll...hehehe
    Ruby ♥

  31. Oh you poor angel. You need your quiet back !! Insist the noisy people go away!

  32. Avocado green bean bag! Wow, that really takes our mom back to the dark ages when she was a pup too. It's a good thing your sis loved little Toto or she wouldn't have been so forgiving about the barbie legs. We can't offer you any accommodations around here. We've heard there will be a day long sequester here on Monday for some new carpet. We bet there will be lots of barking.

  33. OMD...That Toto was a fiesty little guy!!
    Dory, Jakey, Bilbo and Arty


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