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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Sun Puddle Napping and Channel Surfing

Today I am the hostess for the Sun Puddle Napping Event........

Sun puddle napping can be done anywhere and in many different ways.
Sunpuddle napping in all kinds of places!!

We have carefully categorized each photo.

Four paw extension with walking string

Molly doesn't have a blog.  She is loved by my peep's friends Kathy and Grant

Four Paw Extension
Bentley says Hounds love sunpuddles and evidently the hotter the better
Barking from the Bayou

Three paw forward extension one paw folded with lumbar support
Ciara from The Chronicle of Woos says to remember to always support your back

Category: Four Paw extension with ear hangover
Sarge Speaks out

Synchronized Sunpuddle napping
2/4 paw forward extension

Walter and Millie
Wonder who has the BEST END of the deal? We think Millie

Ciara and Lightning from The Chronicle of Woos
Synchronized Napping and 4 paw forward extension while forming a purrfect letter V!!

Synchronized Napping...Sub title 3 pups in a pud(dle)
from Dory's Backyard


Over at the Idaho Pug Ranch
Mabel has covered several categories.
One paw extension, and sitting up alert and
a new one the Zebra effect. WTG Mabel


Orange striped vertical Zebra effect, front paw cross bent at the ankles.

Murphy and Stanley
Caution this is censored you must be 13 and over to view!!
Front paw and head side extension while throwing caution to the wind lower half
Van Gogh front leg air extension flat back legs

Front feet air extension while juggling Wilson
No censoring necessary the sun took care of it

Mom nearly cracked up when she saw Murphy's beloved Cherry Bomb  Ruby in the exact pawsition as her Stud Muffin
I think they are send telepathic love messages too look at those dreamy eyes.

Sitting Alert, back paw extension, great smile  and double hangover
Charlie DownUnder

Mayor Emeritus Frankie and Ernie the Attorney have their own Category

Frankie 1/4 nose hangover while his might Dachshund tail is at attention

Ernie and his Tush shadow standing alert

Bouncing Bertie
Back paw upward dog extension, belly up, triple hangover and tail flying to the right

Front paw Hang Over

Emma GBGV using two beds for 1/2 hangover

Full nose hang over!!
WTG Pierre

Full nose hang over!!
WTG Noodle

Back legs hangover we are purrty sure Boomer is dreaming of
the deep blue sea and all the fishes
 loves from
butter lover boomer o cat; chef o trout towne

1/4 Hangover, Sitting alert
from Gardening with Wyatt

One Paw forward with an itty bitty sunpuddle on his nose
Single Ladies...PSA Phod is on the prowl for a lady.  Interested ladies may click on his link
Zaphod and Hailey

One Paw hangover...and we think maybe Hailey is Dreaming of Easy Rider
Zaphod and Hailey

One Paw forward purrfectly with ears on alert for the kibble to hit the bowl

Category: 2 paw forward extension while Yawning
Bilbo is multitalented Pup!!

Category: 2 paw forward sitting alert.  And true to her beagle-ness she is sniffin' too!!
Lady Shasta

Sammy my good buddy  from One Spoiled Cat
Dual Category
One paw extension and TALK TO THE PAW THE Cat is napping
Everybuddy take a good look at Sammy's paws...he is Polydactyl!!

Princess Leah in her conservatory sunpuddle napping with a
rear paw split extension!!  Only royalty can achieve this position!!

Easy Rider 
Category:  One paw forward, sitting alert
Easy says sunpuddles are rare in Brittany, but one found the way to my face :o)
 it was just one and for two seconds then the sky showed 50 shades of gray again :o)
Easy cracks me up!!

Two Paw Extension

Gardening with Wyatt
sub title Tegan is in awe of his long legs and hoping some day hers will be long too

Sitting up/Alert two paws forward two slightly angled wit a tail wrap

My niece and nephew
Mia and Frisco,my human SIS calls them Team Cuteness
Sychronized back to tummy nap with Nose hangovers

Riley  from Lexi's 
Sitting up alert in a dome puddle 4 paw front extension
This is the first time we've seen a puddle like this WTG Riley

Sitting Up alert with a shared 3 paw front extension  BUT not all from the same kitty!!

Sitting Up Alert with Double front Tuck and ears tuned to the barn waiting for hay
Margs Donkeys

Front paw fold

2 paw, one tail front extension and Paw Shading from the sun

15 and meowing

Category: Purrfect fur ball formation
Which is the front and which is the back
Reigning Patriarch at Dory's Backyard

Two French Bull Dogs
Belly up 4 paw air extension aka Beach Blanket Twister


Back side tan/me and my shadow and what talent she is giving the camera a raspberry
Two French Bull Dogs

Jake from Four Paws
Sun puddle patience
 If you wait,  it will move around you no need to move

3/4 sunpuddle napping w/ tail in the shade
Zoey says that is how it is done in Floryada!!

Tush touching/4 feet extension and each with all four paws touching

Right side up Tongue/toothy
Addy we hope no flies land on your tongue

Upside down front paw fold and back leg stretch
Oreo remember ever how far you have to walk back

Mom and I thank everyBUDDY for entering our  event...'Cause without your
pawticipation there would not have been a Sunpuddle Napping fun day.
Please feel free to grab a Gold Medal and an honorary PhD in SPN

Thank you to Ann at Zoolatry for making this beautiful badge.

I am also pawticipating  in Christmas' Channel/Counter Surfing event

Click here to surf over to Christmas' event
Big Cat Meow to Christmas and mom Robin

for hosting this vertically challenged event.  
MOL Christmas you knew there would be a short joke somewhere!!


  1. Yeah for sun puddle napping! What a grand cast of athletes bringing home the gold medals for Blogville!!
    Wyatt and Tegan

  2. OMD..That is some top of the line Sun Puddle napping!! Blogville sure is talented!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  3. Gosh this has been a popular event.
    Well done to all the nappers - hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!
    Toodle pip!

  4. Excellent event. All the pawticipants are great! Super counter surfing too!!!

    Hugs, your guy Raz and The Florida Furkids

  5. congrats to all sunpuddle nappers and many thanks to the diva and her mom for hosting such a cute event!!! .... I love what mighty ears Lily's shadow has and how cute the ginger kitties look!

  6. OMD, there are soooo many technicalities wiv sun puddle surfing, I haf sooooo much to learn, better get sum practice in right away!!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  7. Hari OM
    What an incredible event - so very popular and very well competed!!! Hooorrraaaahhhh hoooorrrrhhhhhhhhh....... hugs wags whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  8. There must be no one in the stands watching the event ~ cause everyone in Blogville is taking part in this event! WOW! Never knew there were so many ways to nap in a sun puddle ... totally awesome collection of woofers and kitties here, and we LOVED 'EM ALL! (And big congrats to Madi and Mom for putting together the most amazing post ...)

  9. We are simply amazed at all the great entries.

  10. Wow - that is a lot of excellent sunpuddle napping going on! Congratulations on your gold medals to all!

  11. OhMyGosh! This was so dang funny! I think all the participants showed awesome flexibility and were extremely proficient at being cute in each of their positions! Oreo and Edward!!! EMMA! Stanley!!! The athletic performance of ALL these competitors is unsurpassed!!! Great pictures and a wonderful commentary!

  12. WOW!!!!!!! Lots of our friends entered this competition Madi and you did a WONDERFUL job of commenting on each one.....BRAVO - I shall take my medal and run thank you very much!

    Love, Sammy

  13. That is some mighty good sun puddle napping. Looks like all should win a gold medal for sure. Well done everyone.

  14. Now those are some pro sunpuddle nappers for sure. Thank you for hosting this fun event, Madi! Evan had a great time competing!

  15. I loved all the sun puddle napping pictures. Wow, all your friends are sooooooooo good at this event !

  16. OMD OMC OMD OMC ....HELP, I am smiling and I can't stop. these are all amazing and I LOVE LOVE LOVE every PIC.... each one is special and makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside... who knew there are so many different types of sunpuddle napping.... i should save this post for a day i am feeling down because it lifted me UP

  17. i went to my post today and added a link to this because they need to see it

  18. I give y'all a 10 [perfect score!]

  19. Wow, there are some seriously complicated techniques here!

  20. Everyone looks so pawsome! Love it! Phod thanks you for trying to set him up. He is shy😃

  21. The competition in this category was very tight. We loved all your commentary on each entry too. Thanks for hosting such a fun event.

  22. This was the event we practiced for the MOST. Glad to see all of our hard work paid off!

  23. Hilarious post, Madi and Mom! We just loved all of the categories & crazy positions our furry friends nap in!!
    Hugs and nose taps,
    Kathy and Molly

  24. BOL we see a lot of gold medalists
    Lily & Edward

  25. Too funny Madi the captions cracked me up. And so many athletes! Wow. The competition was so fierce the judges just have to give everyone a medal. As it should be!

  26. Wow! That was great! Woooohoooo! Way to go!

  27. Wow! You sure had a lot of entries in this competition! There are a lot of different styles but looks like everybody got the job done! And extra thanks for putting my entry right next to my Boo's entry. Ah . . . . feels so right!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  28. OMC OMD OMC OMD.... we are STUNNED this is AMAZING... the athletes are all SOOOOOOOOO GOOD.. they have obviously TRAINED HARD AND Quietly fur the event. There is not a single one that doesn't deserve a Pure 87 Carrot GOLDEN MEDAL.


  29. What an amazing event! I was laughing my furs off at some of those sleeping positions! Well run event, indeed!

  30. Hooray why this has to be the largest group of contestants we have seen.
    A superb performance by all. High Five! Way to Go!
    Sweet William The Scot

  31. Oh this was such a wonderful event we had to come back for a second look. And of course Bertie is still swooning over that gorgeous shot of his beloved Addi!

  32. Yes we had to watch the instant replay - what alot of great sunpuddles nappers here!!!!
    Thanks Madi For hosting this wonderful event
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  33. What brilliant photos! That is one event we can all enjoy.
    Elliot x

  34. Well, all we can say is that Blogville sure has a lot of great nappers - so many good techniques too. We are going to have to practice a lot of what we are seeing.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  35. That is some seriously good napping everyone!!!!

  36. madi...a standin ovayshunz and 984 "tenz' frum all oh uz....ewe did a GRATE JOB hostin thiz eeeevent....look at all de total lee awesum entreez !!! a pawz...a pawz... a pawz.... conga ratz two all de winners in thiz group....☺☺☺♥♥♥

  37. Those were ALL superb Madi!!! Everyone well done!!!!

  38. How do you even choose a winner?!!? So many masters of the craft! Well done!!!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  39. Hey Madi!
    Wow, you really had a ginormous group of talented athletes! Gosh, I loved the zebra techniques and Emma had me chuckling. Great job by everyone and you can tell we all put in some serious training time and talent. Thanks fur hosting!
    Grr and a Sporting Woof,
    Sarge, Athlete

  40. Great event-lots of competition.Joanie and Prancie thank you for letting them join.

  41. I think that many of these sun puddle nappers are ready to go pro! Thanks so much for hosting this fun event!

  42. Thank you all for hosting this popular event. Didn't everyone do a great job!?

  43. We're exhausted watching all that napping! We're off to find a sunpuddle and take a snooze.

  44. Crikey ... Who knew there were so many categories in sun puddle napping? AND the commentary!! Oh my ... How good was that? Sammy from one spoiled cat looks as if he should be entered in the boxing competition, aye? AND Addi ... What to say??? OMD!!!!!! Well done everyone!

  45. Wow, that was some tough competition.

    Sarah, Shadow, and Stealth

  46. I loved this event! Especially the "pretend sun" for Bilbo, Arty, and Dory BOL!


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