Saturday, October 1, 2016

Saturday Photo Hunt:Travel

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This is a passenger train.  Every Saturday my peeps see it from Seaboard Cafe which sits right by the tracks.

It has an engine on the front and the back.  WHY? because this way it doesn't have to turn around...(pardon the blurry photo)
 This train TRAVELS from Raleigh to Charlotte and back every day

Mom took photos of the passenger cars...but they were  blurry too.  The names on the cars all describe something native to NC, Sweet Potato, Plott Hound,(state dog)Core Sound, Scotch Bonnet (a sea shell), Long Leaf Pine, Cardinal (state bird) and Dogwood (state flower)
It is named after the Seaboard railroad that was located here years ago.
That is Dad's arm...
Seaboard Cafe has outside and inside dining and pups are welcomed to dine in the outside area.

  My peeps have been having lunch here nearly every Saturday for the last 20 years. The food is delicious....
This is their lunch from Saturday 9/24/16
Mom had pistachio chicken salad and yogurt fruit salad
Dad had old fashion chicken salad sandwich, on toasted wheat bread 
 They shared a cranberry and walnut  cookie.....
Rick the owner and his staff are very friendly and they all seem like family to the peeps.

The scenery is fantastic if you are a train brain like my Dad!! CSX freight train is on it's way to pick up freight to travel to who knows where.  It also passes by on these tracks during lunch

Seaboard Cafe sits in the middle of their favorite garden and gift shop Logan's Trading Company. 

Some day very soon, my peeps plan to Travel from Raleigh via car to the Cary Depot.  Where they will hop on the Piedmont to travel to Burlington, NC.
If you promise not to laugh,  I'll tell you why!!
Dad's Train buddies told him there is a fantastic Hot Dog
joint in Burlington (50 miles from Cary).  It is very near the train station.  You can hop off eat lunch then an hour later catch the train back to the Cary Depot.  I know crazy right but I hear that is what retirees do!!
No worries there will be photos to document this momentous
Hugs Madi 
PS I won't be going


  1. Trains and food they should go together but here the food on trains is awful I always take a pack from home or if I buy on the train I stick to smiths chips or lollies.

  2. Train travel is such good fun. You should try it some time Madi!
    Toodle pip!

  3. My human says I will get to take a train someday!

  4. SHE loves trains. SHE took the Indian Pacific that runs from Perth, Western Australia to Sydney. Takes 4 days! And SHE took Amtrak from Washington DC to Providence RI. Also, the XPT from Dubbo to Sydney. Unfortunately no dogs other than Guide Dogs allowed.

  5. Hari OM
    That seems like a pawfect reason for hopping a train to me Madi... hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  6. Lunch looks sooooooo yummy! We have never been on the train before and mom says that we most probably won't ever get that pleasure.

  7. I want to go with you on that train ride. I love riding trains and watching them go by. I would love to eat there where I could see the trains. I rode the Seaboard trains my whole life until I was 29. thanks for sharing this. we have a rail road car restaurant here and my friend and I are going for lunch when I get done with eye stuff...

  8. I think that is as good a reason to travel as any other! Perhaps you could sneak along and see and taste whether it is really a good reason??

    Mara from Norway

  9. Our mom has never been on a train before. She'd like to ride somewhere.

  10. It's great to watch the trains while sitting in a cafe... you can ponder about all the places the people on the train will see :o) And I like the ideas with the hot dogs...there is no place too far for good food, right? we drove 70 miles with the car for fish&chips... and we got the best ones! The mama has such a train faible too, she dreams about a trip with simplon orient or british pullman, her father said yo why not and looked for the prices... then he had a good and a bad news... 1.we can ride on this train, 2. but only when we sell the cars and efurry thing we own :o)

  11. I cannot think of anything more fun than to ride a train to lunch and then have a yummy hot dog. Trains are great fun. Wish I lived closer, I would go with you in a skinny minute. Have a good week end.

  12. We have the Amtrak that comes here but I've never seen it pretty Madi!

  13. What a neato restaurant to be a "regular" at! Food looks delish too.....I think that day trip your Mom and Dad are gonna do to visit the hot dog joint is a truly FUN idea.....good for them!!

    Hugs, Sammy

  14. That is our kind of place for lunch and we would so hop on a train and go 50 miles for a hot dog!

  15. Our favorite miniature human, Ryan, loves trains too! We'll have to show him your pictures.

  16. Lunch looks yummy! Mum agrees with your dad. When you are retired you can do things you want to just because you can.

  17. BOL! Our pawrents are laughing at the reason for your pawren't trip to the hot dog stand. They said it's what makes retirement fun! Looks like that is a wonderful cafe!!!!
    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    Pee Ess - Madi, can you sneak into a suitcase?

  18. I enjoyed the luncheon and the 'history' of the train/cars! I'd take mom's lunch from the menu too. Sounds heavenly.

    Thanks so much for the condolences of our losing Winston!! Much appreciated.

  19. Mom said she would love to do some train travel!

  20. Pistachio chicken sounds good, I usually make mine with pecans.

  21. OMC our Dad is train OBSESSED!!! Cool photos....BUTTTT....where are YOU???????

    your guy Raz and The Florida Furkids

  22. Trains are really cool. The only time the mom has traveled by train is to go to Toronto. It was fun, she said.

  23. Mom & dad are looking forward to being able to do things like that! Only a few more months! (5 for mom, 6 for dad!)
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  24. Oooooooo! I wants to come!!!! I LOVES me some tube steak!!!! And trains really are the bestest way to travel! and your peeps lunch made Ma drool...yucks! nothikn' worse than peep drool! amirite
    Ruby ♥

  25. What fun. Mom keeps talking about wanting to take a train ride but we are not allowed
    Lily & Edward

  26. OMD...How much fun your peeps are going to have!! Our Daddy would travel on a train to go anywhere too!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  27. We bet your dad will love that trip to the hot dog place.

  28. hahaha, train brain fits your dad Madi. I'm not laughing. Sounds like fun to me. I love hot dogs.

    I am doing a LOL..... about your lunch. Yours looks so healthy and in no way is what I have been posting very healthy!


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