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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tuesday Tale from Mom's Past: Driving Part I

Title:  Why I learned to drive a 5 speed

I learned to drive in 1963-64 in Driver's Ed during the summer.
Our driving portion was done in the early morning before it got too hot
no a/c's in the cars.  The cars also had 3 on the column. No matter how many times I was told to picture an "H", I never saw it but some how I managed to pass Driver's Ed...swearing never
to drive a manual shift A G A I N!!
Fast forward the summer of 1967, I was in summer school (taking algebra and Religion)
at Campbell Collage (a private Baptist college).  I lived on campus in a girl's only dorm 
w/o any parental units. We did have house mothers who watched us like hawks though.  One of my dorm mate's boyfriend was coming to see her for the weekend and bringing a friend.  I (foolishly) accepted a blind date with said friend.  We had to jump through hoops to get off campus and we had to be back home by midnight. (My curfew at home was 11 pm so I was
F R E E).
The 'boys' arrived to pick us up in  a 1967 GTO 4 speed muscle car.
I don't remember the exact color but I think this is close enough.

Once in the car,  I found out we were driving from Buies Creek to 
Raleigh (~50 miles) and the destination was Player's Retreat (still in operation today)
or PR which was a major hang out for all college students.  Pool tables, probably the first place where today's 'sports bars' got their idea.  It had tvs over the bar and YES it was a BAR sold beer and food.
At 18 1/2 I had never set foot in a bar.  If my parents had known I was there, I would still be grounded.  Daddy knew lots of Raleigh policemen who did security for the PR.  I just knew one of them would see me.  Mama and Daddy were Raleigh natives.  They  always told me to behave because someone they knew would see me.  When it was time to leave, my dorm mate and I realized the 'boys' were drunk as skunks and smelled like them too.  OH my word I just knew I was going to have to call Daddy to come get us at the PR.....but Glory be my dorm mate was a farm girl.  She knew how to drive tractors and trucks and basically anything manual.  We got the 'boys' out to the I don't remember. Pushed them in the back seat and off we drove.  We arrived at our dorm with 15 minutes to spare.  The boys were asleep,we got out of the car, left them a note that they car keys were with our dorm mother (LOL).
I never saw those 'boys' again, nor did she.  She was Hot and so embarrassed.
never be caught in a situation like this again.



  1. THat is a funny story! I was 17 in 1976, from a small town and every one knew my parents. I could not get away with anything!

  2. Hari om
    The best of memories, the ones where wr recall doing a bit of growing uo!!! YAMxx

  3. 'Drive 5 in the floor'. That expression is new to me! Assuming from the context it means a manual shift? (I learned to drive in my grandmother's Mini, and changing from second to third gear was an exceptionally tricky operation. In the UK everyone learned on manuals as automatics were very rare here when I was a teenager).

  4. But at least the two of you were responsible, even after you got home!

    I learned to drive in the UK and it was manual all the way. I know that in the Netherlands and Norway it's the same. The only people driving automatics were people who were not able for some reason to use manual.
    In fact, when I got my buslicence, it was in a manual! Even though most transit buses are automatic, a lot of the tour buses were not. And still today, part of the fleet I am driving is manual and I must admit I quite like it.

  5. Madi you look so cool. I want to go fur a ride with you!
    Your Furend
    Louis Dog Armstrong

  6. wow what a story... and I'm glad the farm girl brought you home. Love the idea with the car keys, ha! guess what? we have this case vice versa... the mama is probably the only living thing on this earth who can't handle an automatic car. her daddy thought it is the best for her because she wasn't able to start a car with using the hand brake on a hill or mountain. butt the mama ruined the automatic gearbox of a poor R5 within 3 weeks. the car guy said he never saw a thing like that... that means the mam is unique and she will stick with the stick till it rains upwards ;O)))

  7. Your mom's story had our mom laughing out loud and remembering her first experience with stick shift. It didn't go well for her either but eventually, push came to shove and she HAD to learn! You look so hot in your GTO, Madi!

  8. LOL! Can't wait to hear more about your driving.

  9. I do so remember the days of the clutch and the shifting in the cars. It was kind of fun to do. You all have a great day.

  10. Oh what an adventure! My Mom was laughing but only because she totally identified with the FEAR FACTOR when your Mom realized the boys were drunk and couldn't drive - good thing your Mom's friend COULD. Can't wait to hear more of this story!

    Hugs, Angel Sam

  11. smiled and laughed all the way through your post from the past. I learned on a 3 on the column, then bought an automatic, then my brother went to Vietnamm and left me his 1950 chevy with 3 on the column for a second car. I drove it while he was in the army, then he sold it. my next was 3 on the floor, he bought a 68 Camaro when he came home, when his wife got pregnant he sold it to me. with that knob on the floor I went out of every single stop wide open, married with 2 kids and mother would say DO YO HAVE TO DO THAT? Yes was my answer. I never did the thing like your story because of FEAR of my dad, he would have taken a belt to me if he caught me.

  12. Great story. We pictured every move. Looking good, now go cruise
    Lily & Edward

  13. Madi your mom was one wild and crazy girl back then. BOL! Our mom can drive a stick too although it's been quite a while since she tried.

    P.S. We don't know why you haven't gotten the email notices about our blog. Our mom just realized she can see the email addresses for anyone who gets it by email and your email address isn't listed. Maybe you need to re-enroll for some reason.

  14. That is a great story! Such a different time.

  15. Ohhhh My, I love this! I am a CAR GAL! Got it honest from both my Mom and Dad. I learned to drive a stick when my Dad bought me my first car... a turquoise VW Bug and that was in 1970. There is nothing like driving a car with a 5 speed on the floor! You were good girls to dump those guys in the back seat and get back to the dorm! I will be waiting for nest Tuesday's post!

  16. My, that was quite the adventure!

  17. this made me laugh and brought back memories for me. :) my parents knew so many people in Orlando and it made me feel like my dad had eyes everywhere. lol my dad taught me to drive stick shift first. :)

  18. The first car that I purchased for myself was a stick-shift, and my big brother taught me how to drive it by finding a hill, and teaching me how to find the clutch point as the car rolled downhill slowly. He also taught me how to down-shift, but that was the only stick-shift car I've owned, and it's been a loooooonnnnnggggg time. I look forward to Part 2 of your story!

  19. Wow, we had no idea your Mom had a wild side to her:) Mom can't drive a stick shift either, but that is because she is a chicken. Her Mom took driving lessons when our Mom was only 5 or 6 years old. Mom knew all the steps to tell Mom to do to get the car rolling, but she was absolutely terrified when her Mom had to stop on the way UP a steep hill. For whatever reason, her Mom couldn't do it and they were always rolling backwards. And that's why Mom only drives automatics:)

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  20. What a wonderful story about your wild mother! Our mom also can drive a stick shift but did not have a fun story to compel her.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  21. OMD OMC MADI.... you and your mom are BOTH.... WILD WIMMEN.

  22. Now we know where you get your wild side Madi!! Mom's first car was a stick shift. She bought the car, a VW bug, and then learned to drive it!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  23. What an adventure! When you're 18 you get up to the funniest things.
    Over here it is all manual so you don't have much choice what to drive. I have never driven an automatic and wouldn't know where to start. Bet those boys got quite a shock when they woke up (probably with very stiff necks) in the car :)
    Elliot and Cricket x

  24. food servizz gurls friend drived a stix bak when they waz still in ther yooth N her tried ta teech de food gurl ta drive one....they practizzed ina parkin emptee one thanx bee ta cod...N de hole H thing just dinna seem ta sinkz inta DFSG one point a horrifix noize waz made... N her friend transmizzion iz on de pavement !!!! food gurl got outta de car N checked.... thinkin it reel lee WAZ .....

  25. Ready for this? ALL I DRIVE and ALL I HAVE EVER DRIVEN is 4 or 5 speeds. I learned in a 5 speed in 1987. I CANNOT drive an automatic and I am NOT KIDDING!! I have to shift, love it! catchatwithcarenandcody

  26. That is quite a story. I don't know how to drive a 5-speed.

  27. I had three older brothers...manual shift was a given. Easy peasy [I STILL don't like clutches & hills tho!]

  28. Ha roo roo roo!!!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  29. TeeHeeHee...That sounds like something OUR Mama would do!! We are so glad your Mama didn't have to call her Daddy!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  30. Mom's first car was automatic and then every car after that was manual....until her current one. She'll never forget trying to learn how to shift on the hill!!!

    Great Story!

    your guy Raz and The Florida Furkids

  31. MOL! Your mom is a hoot, Madi! Our mom has never learned how to drive a manual speed car.

  32. Thank goodness your friend was able to drive manual and get you all home safely. And thank goodness you didn't run into any of your dad's police officer friends! I think it is just as well you never saw those boys again.


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