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Tuesday, August 29, 2017



Friday night 8/25/17 I was looking out the octagonal window 
#1 position
My peeps were sitting on the love seat.  Mom got up to get the camera Dad was still on the love seat
I move to #2 position...then lickety split Mom heard Dad say you MISSED IT all
in one swift move I jumped from position #2 to #3 landing in the middle of the rug
position #4 is about 2' short of my actual landing.  
I think I will change my name to SuperDiva

MOM missed every single nano second of it.  That is what she gets for 
going to get the flashy beast.  Dad says he has not seen me jump that far
in FUREVER and the said WTG Madi!!!

Madi UPDATE from Madi:
Well as you can see from  above, I  was flying high as a kite on Friday;
and throughout the weekend I ate well.

Then the dreaded MONDAY arrived.  How I felt over the weekend was 360 degrees different from how I felt when I woke up Monday which was way less than purrfect.  My tummy was unhappy.
I had a wee bit of breakfast.  Mom and Dad are hoping my 4-5 week slow acting 1 time only cortisone shot has not already worn off.  This Thursday will be 3 weeks.
So any way that is how it stands now.
No worries though 'cause my peeps are taking very good care of me
and making sure I don't EVER get in the condition I was in back in June.
My peeps say one day at a time
As always
Hugs Madi your bfff
Guess what I got fine white albacore tuna packed in water for supper and I loved it.

 Mom Says maybe this is my new normal some days I feel good some days I'm mellow.
After all they are in uncharted territory with me. I'm 15 1/2 their oldest pet.  I'm the only one that has ever had kidney issues and on SUBq fluids. Mom for sure must mean ANXIOUS or Worry in some language.  My mom is Queen of Anxious and Worry


  1. I'm sending purrs your way, Madi! Feel better, my friend.

  2. Miss Super Madi, I hope you feel better and better so soon. Sending purrs to you.
    Lots of love ❤️

  3. I'm glad the tuna was like a med too... and even one what is super tasty ;o) I'm dep impressed about that giant leap! the mama tried to copy you an sunday but it was a pitiful pawformance hehehehehe

  4. Madi that was a magnificent move. Gail and I are hoping to hear that your tummy is happy again very soon. Meanwhile, we send extra hug to Mom (and to all anxious Mums everywhere. Which we believe is rather a lot of hugs.
    Toodle pip!
    PS Gail says: the news from Houston is causing much concern in Aberdeen, given we too are an 'oil town' and many of us (including me) have spent time in Houston for work, and have friends and colleagues there. Our thoughts go out to all the folk suffering from the dreadful floods.

  5. Hari OM
    Oh Madi, reliving your days as an acrocat?!! the thing that happens when we aging types over extend outselves one day is that the next day we have to pay the fee... and it takes longer to recover. You take care little darlin'... am send POTP to you, extra big huggies to TOGM and adding in some of the Love for those in Texas affected by Harvey's shenannigans. Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  6. I share Moms title of queen of worry, only I call mine queen of fretting. I hope you feel better today. hope that shot gives you another burst of energy. I am old to and I have good/bad days. hope your bad day yesterday was age related.

  7. Wow - maybe I need to eat tuna to be able to do superLeaps like that, Madi!
    The photos that mom sees on facbook coming out of Texas are HEARTBREAKING. We continue to keep them in our thoughts and prayers.

  8. Oh Madi, so glad to see you jumping all around. We cats do have bad days. Hope you start eating well again. Glad you got some nice tuna. Sending lots of good thoughts to you Madi.

  9. I understand all about worry! I am an Olympic worthy worrier... :) I was worried last night about you what with the cyclone and all! I love white albacore tuna and I eat it right out of the can AND I am a peep! Hopefully Monday was just an off day... I have a few of them! Fingers crossed that you feel better today.

  10. Sometimes you get ups and downs. We hope they're mostly ups.

  11. Well I is hoping fur lots of GOOD days fur you Madi...oh and lots more of that fine white albacore tuna, yum, yum, just pawfect in a Diva's tum, tum
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  12. Raz's hyperventilating at that fabulous move!

    We're purring for loads of great days ahead.

    Hugs, your guy Raz and The Florida Furkids

  13. Raz's hyperventilating at that fabulous move!

    We're purring for loads of great days ahead.

    Hugs, your guy Raz and The Florida Furkids

  14. Yep Madi; hoomins just hover and worry and fret! Love does that.

  15. Madi, hope it was just an off day and your tummy is better today. We think you were just holding out for that Albacore tuna! Paws crossed for you sweetie!
    Hazel & Mabel

  16. Dear Ms Madi,
    I am purraying that you just had an not so good day. Mommy says she understands about older cats as she has had so many. She says to cherish the good days.
    Love and Purrs
    Marv (and Mommy)

  17. You show 'em, Madi! Kitty had a ton of medical problems at 15 ... and I hadn't seen her jump or run in quite a while ... but one night we had crickets inside and I saw her streak across the room, launch off the back of the love seat and take off down the hall after a cricket. A month later, we had to move the refrigerator out and there were a bunch of toy micey under there. I never even saw her play with one ... but there was the proof!!! You kitties always know how to keep us on our toes, don't you, Madi?

  18. Oh Madi we think you are just doing grand. It is so good that your parents are on top of what is going on, and even though they may worry that is just part of being a part, whether two or fourlegged. Did you know stellie ended up having 24 stones and she never even cried to let us know. So pet parents even have it harder. Hugs from all of us to you Mags

  19. Well, we guess that's what Moms are for, somebody has to do the worrying. But we know she does more than worry, she takes action when it is needed. We hope today is a much better day for you.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  20. We hope the much better shows up at your place sweet Madi and we all send you purrs.

  21. Way to Jump before the flashy beast could catch you! We hope you have more jumpin' days coming up.....though snoozing photos are good, too.

  22. madi....sum dayz will bee better N otherz....N heerz hopin de good far out wayz de knot sew lee awesum jump bye de way; which we see in R mindz eye ~~~ ♥♥♥☺☺

  23. We luff how you are keeping a few steps ahead of the flashy beast. We hope you feel much better tomorrow.

  24. Madi, we hope you're feeling better soon and jumping again. It's tough when us kitties get older...seems like there's good days and bad days...just like with humans. But you did score some tuna and that's a plus. Oh, and we think our mom will rival your mom for that Queen of Worry title. :)

  25. That was quite the move Madi. I am sorry you didn't feel well Monday. I am on a roller coaster with Phoebe, I highly recommend the anti -nausea medicine cerenia.If you haven't tried it, you should.I don't recommend the appetite enhancer, mirtazapine though. xO

  26. Oh Madi - one day at a time is all any of us can deal with ! Purrs to you and your humans.

  27. We know all about Carpe Diem Madi, and you are living each and every day as the Super Diva you are!! We hope you are feeling a bit better today!
    Jakey and Arty who send hugs and snuggles!!

  28. You did a good job of avoiding the flashy beast. Be careful or your mom will keep that flashy beast attached to her so she doesn't miss a thing.

    We are keeping our paws crossed that you feel better soon.

  29. Madi I'm sorry you have having some bad days after so many GOOD ones but I think you're right - your new normal might be good AND bad mixed together to make "I'm glad I'm still HERE" kind of days. Know what I mean? Your leap from the chair was epic so that proves you've still "got it" dear friend so let's hope you are feeling better, keep getting treats like albacore tuna in water (yummers) and get perky again! Sending you some POTP just in case!

    Love, Teddy

  30. Well Mom, if you are the Queen of anxious and worry..........I'm married to the King of anxious and worry. The Redneck is a worry wart.

    I think you will have days that you just don't feel as well. But, glad that you bounced back.

  31. I hear ya, Madi! Some days I feel totally fine, other days I don't want to eat my meals and just want to laze around a bit. Don't worry about it, Mommas know how to take care of us. One day at a time!


  32. We always worry about our babies. It's a mom thing! You take good care of yourself and I'm sure you will be Madi jumping all over your house! XXOO

  33. I always worry about Miss Oswin, that's what we do! Hopefully you have picked up the being well again!

    Mara from Norway

  34. Thats right, live in the present. Still praying miss Madi!

    Puppy Growls,


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