Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Wordy Wednesday

On Saturday our good buddy Mad  Snapper in
Florida posted this photo and the caption below it.
What is on top of your fridge? I am digging to the bottom of the barrel for this post. I have several but will wait until IRMA is gone and we are waiting on Jose..

Mom told her she thought it was not at all a bottom of the barrel post BECAUSE it gave
mom a great idea for a post.
This was mom's answer to 'what is on top of your fridge'!

Before 2006 you might have found me madi on top of the fridge(mom says she must dig out some old  photos of that for the blog. See this was a great idea you gave mom). After 2006, when the kitchen remodel was completed our new fridge slipped into its own cubbyhole. Now there is 1" clearance and probably some dust bunnies on top.

These two photos are were taken prior to kitchen reno in September of 2006.
You might see the date stamp on the photos of 1987..crazy mom had no clue how to change the date and of course I was born in 2002.

What fun I had rolling around collecting dust bunnies and resting my chin on the galley rail of the cabinets.

It has been alleged, in other post I was quite the acrobat
I would jump to the counter below the cabinets spring up to the top of the
fridge then to the top of the cabinets.  Note mom kept her cookbooks and other
things wedged in the 3" gap to keep me from getting into that area.

This photo  is of the cabinets and fridge after 2006. I still jump on the narrow counter to the left of the fridge....but alas that is as far as I can go....


  1. That looked like it was a great place to hang out. We don't have kitties (Mom is allergic to more than a small amount of Pet Dander, but every year we load up on allergy meds and a couple of inhalers and housesit her best friends rescue kitties when they go on vacation.)

    Abby Lab

  2. oh your humans removed your kitchen fitness studio? it was such a good idea to have the gym directly next to the thing what contains the most calories ... humans, huh? no sense for smart inventions...

  3. I like the old setup better - it made for an awesome perch for a kitty!

  4. Me do agree with Miss Summer & Mark Muller. Fitness studio for Diva Madi ? I think it's pawsome spot !
    Have a lovely week

  5. hari OM
    Well, what did they expect? A cat without a tree branches out!!! Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  6. Madi, that sure looks like a great place to sit before they remodeled.Hope you didn't get too much of Irma. Have a great day.

  7. I love your face in that picture Madi. You look like a super model.

  8. Madi, our refrigerator top is covered in items for The 'O' Cats, since Angel and Chuck cannot jump up there.

  9. I remember the days when 'I' could get up high. Sadly, age does change things. - Toby

  10. I only go up to my cupboard. I have never jumped on the fridge. I don't even like jumping on the kitchen counters! But my cupboard is perfect: I can see into the room and I can see out of the window. Mostly though: I can sleep in peace!!

    Miss Oswin from Norway

  11. I don't think even a teeny mouse could get on that fridge now.

  12. Wow Madi, didn't those heights worry you at all???? Its a loooooong way up there.
    I do finks the peeps are spoil sports fur filling in the gap though, it must have been the pawfect position to spy on the peeps
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  13. Wow Madi! no fear of heights with you!
    Hazel & Mabel

  14. Your mom needs to put in a trapeze for you!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  15. It's too bad you can't still get up that high. That sure was a great place to hang out and watch all the activity in the kitchen.

  16. That was quite the high jump for you, Madi - you are quite the gymnast. Even readhing that lower one is a great feat for a senior kitty.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  17. We always knew you were the top cat pretty Madi!

  18. What a treat! Rolling around in dust bunnies way up off the ground. Our fridge is also tucked too far into the cabinet (our Mom says she likes it that way - Pffft!) but there is a plastic bag with a stick of chalk in it for the kitchen blackboard. Your question reminds her of the time she found a forgotten bag of potatoes on top of Dad's refrigerator back in his bachelor days. Ewwww! What a mess!

  19. So funny, Madi! You are definitely an Up Top kinda cat. That is a great idea for a post. I once did a post for "what is in your junk drawer?"... Hahaha!

  20. You are an acrocat!! My cats were never able to get on the fridge but they loved to counter surf. The top of my fridge now has two antique cracker tins and a bird house on it.

  21. Madi, we hope you got some EXTRA special treats, for dusting the tops of furniture! Our fridge has a range of dusty things: the ceramic bowl full of odd screws, buttons and paper clips, a cake container that has been used once, one of those long arm grabber thingys to get high objects. We've never been up there. SHE now feels as if SHE must clean...

  22. madi....thatz still a grate jump !! we cal cue lated it at round 98,344 feet !!!! awesum ~~ ♥♥☺☺

  23. Wow Madi, you were quite the acrobat when you were a wee lass and OMC, we could never jump up on the counter your reaching now!!
    Jakey & Arty

  24. You were a spry girl. I am sure you could still do it if there were more space up there.

  25. When my Florida associate Miss Charlee arrived at her forever home, there was a very old (ancient!) cat named Lane living there too. To the very end of her days, Lane always jumped to the top of the fridge where she could eat her cat food whenever she wanted and no doggies could reach it.

  26. In our first apartment Angels Baggy and Non liked the top of the fridge. We have cupboards now too!

  27. Too bad the remodel took away your fun spot to hang out, Madi. We can get on top of our fridge, but the mom won't let us go up there. But we can get on top of the fridge in the laundry room. That's a fun spot for us to hang out.

  28. There are some cat toys on top of our fridge, because Pigeon loved playing on it and the cabinet tops. But she never goes up there anymore -- Momma says she might have arthur-itis because she doesn't jump much anymore -- so Momma's talking about taking the stuff down.

  29. Oh, look at you way up there! We love those photos!


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