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Friday, December 29, 2017

Final Friday F(t)hanks and Funnies

 Greetings from my white throne
I rec'd a few more cards and would like to say thank you to
1. Raz, Allie,
3.Cat Scouts Tiger, Dora, Trouble, Spooky, Holly and Jim
Mom and I shared greetings from
4.Elliot, Cricket and Mom Lynne 
5. Cody, Dakota and Mom Caren
6. Scout Denmaster Karen and family

Mom's auto correct has a serious attitude most days and she never knows what it will type.

Now for the funnies:
We expect everyone, at some point during a day, has a crazy auto correct word pop up in their email or on their blog.  We thought it would be fun to as you to leave some of  your crazy  
auto corrects in the comments today.

Here are a few classic ones from us:

Mafia instead of Madi

At least once a day mom will look at her iPad and see that it has decided to change my name to Mafia.

Precious vs. Previous
Many years ago mom send a message to her friend whose husband had been very sick.
Mom thought she typed: "how is your precious husband doing?"
Then horror upon horrors upon horrors after she hit send she saw the sentence said:
"how is your previous husband doing?"
Mom was mortified, she immediately sent a CORRECTION; however, at the same time she rec'd an email from her friend.  Saying oh my word that was the best laugh I have had in years....and boy did we need it.  Turns out precious husband was doing well.   

Finally the funniest one from my human Sissy.
Sissy keeps her grocery list on her Smart (Dumb)phone

Sissy was breezing thru Walmart buying groceries she checked the next thing on her list...
it read:

One little Ethiopian 

Sissy told mom she stopped right in the middle of the aisle and read it out loud...
(thankfully no one was around).  She thought what in the world was that supposed to be and was quite surprised she knew how to spell Ethiopian.  When she got home she was not missing anything that she needed and never to this day figured out what she meant to type.

So now tell us some of your craziest auto correct or typing faux pas!!


  1. 'One little Ethiopian' that is classic.. MOL!

  2. hahaha love it!!!! the mama once wished someone a baby instead a happy shopping trip ... they wrote back that babies were sadly not on offer that day ;O)))

  3. MOL!! Auto correct has never given mom anything that interesting but hers also seems to have a bit of an attitude.

  4. Oh dear that autocorrect gremlin is a funny guy!!
    When I first starting blogging it kept trying to change Morrie to 'messy'... seems somewhat ironic given one of my favourite hobbies is making a mess - but thankfully the autocorrect gremlin now knows my name!
    Lots of licks, your good friend Morrie :)

  5. Hari Om
    MOL... certainly some creative invention there; but Madi... TOGM does know she can switch off the auto-correct. Doesn't she??? I turned it off on my phone and my tablet because it would send me round the twist otherwise. Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  6. Your mom has us laughing out loud, Madi☺

  7. Those are pretty funny. Sure made us laugh. We don't get any auto corrects. You all have a fantastic day.

  8. Sissy's phone is funny! Your Mom's party in her head is having fun this morning. I have so many goofy auto corrects that I can't even think of one. I will be back with some if auto correct happens today!

  9. We can't think of any auto correct mishaps but yours sure were funny.

  10. Little Ethiopian?? BOL!! That's funny! We don't think that the furst one is a mistake, though -- it's just recognizing who the Don of the family is!

  11. Those are so funny - my peeps had a good laugh at the little Ethiopian BOL Nose licks and love from Moth xx

  12. We know what you mean. Crazy spell checkers!

  13. it makes me so mad when i type something, and spell it correctly and it will change it to what it thinks i want it to say. i can't remember any of them but i sure get a lot. mine is caused by me talking and it typing. but even when i type it does it. now we can call Madi Mafia.. i love it... or maybe Mafia Madi has a good ring to it. i am straining my brain to think what the tablet changed to Ethiopian. if my memory worked i have dozens

  14. Mom has a habit of misspelling words...I can't tell you how many times I had to correct her from spelling Madi -- Maid. Seriously!

  15. One of the first things Dad always does is turn off autocorrect.MOL!

  16. Previous husband. Ha roo roo roo!!!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  17. One little Ethiopian???? Maybe she would have remembered if she wanted a dozen:) That is the funniest auto correct we have heard. Mom has it happen to her all the time, but of course, she can't remember a good one now:) We will try to get her to keep track of them.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  18. The husband story was funny :) My other laptop had a stuck P so one time I asked a friend if she thought she passed her exam- except the P wasn't there. XO

  19. Those were good bloopers. The only one I remember for myself is that my cell phone always changed Lexi's name to Levi. My husband and best friend always knew who it was, though. :)

  20. I cannot even come close to matching your autocorrects! I know that my phone is convinced that Shyla is "Charlotte", and R is "Ronald". Yesterday, I tried to text my friend who I was meeting for tea that I was OMW (on my way) - and my phone texted "play" (just that one word). My friend replied to hurry up so that we could "play" with all sorts of laughing emoticons after it. I'll keep track of funnier ones so I'm ready next time that you ask. Great idea!!!!!!

  21. Your autocorrects are great! Mine are never really funny but some of the things I mean to say, it just doesn't believe me. MOL!

  22. I always turn off auto-correct when typing, because it drives me mad. not only does it corerct, it does so on Norwegian, which means it's even harder to understand. On my cupmputer I do have to use the backspace quite a but though, otherwise you get sentence s like you get right here... And often even worse than this since I am actually paying attention this time around.

  23. That is funny! My phone does it all the time too, but the only one I can think of offhand is that it will insist on calling Ivor Ivory.


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