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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Thoroughly Pictorial Poetic Thursday

Today we join Two  SPOILED CAT 
Angel Sammy and Teddy for their poetic pictorial poem.

Here is today's pictorial prompt

In another world, in another time earth was my home.
Me and my kind were free to roam.
Dinosaurs and all those other "saurs" and 'rexes galore.
Some of us stomped about and others soared.
We had a Smorgasbord on which to dine
Plants were plentiful, water flowed freely.
Then things changed we got greedy, the waters froze
the plants were gone. We were hungry, and thirsty
and became greedy we fought each other when we should'a loved
one another.  
Take heed friends only use what you need.

I once went on a Dig for Dino bones but I found 



I'll wash these up and we'll all tea and biscuits


Speaking of reptiles and scaly things.....
Mom saw this hissy missy  in the Driveway yesterday afternoon.

She barely escaped the clutches of its powerful (baby) jaws
She just knew it was gonna eat her alive.
But alas she survived to write this post.
She was sure it was a copperhead but dad said NOPE and not poisonous but
mom doesn't like snakes.


  1. All we ever see are lizards here.

  2. My human loves snakes! Ever since she was a kid, even before she loved kitties. And she could tell you right away that's no copperhead. Snakes are often beneficial to gardens because they catch and eat the critters that like to destroy your plants.

  3. the mama would run away with mach2 when a snake would cross her way... or she would stand like frozen while screaming like a banshee till da whole hood is alarmed ;O)))
    your poem is very wise... we are like that dinos in many ways, butt I hope there is a happy end for us ;O))

  4. Great poem. And we're so glad you escaped unharmed!

    1. On second look at that picture, what freaks me out the most is the open mouth!! EWW.

  5. Better a snake than a Tyrannosaurus Rex!

  6. Mom doesn't like snakes either. Great poem, Madi! Imagine if dinosaurs still roamed our earth!

  7. Madi that's a super poem - and it has a lesson too about taking more than we need from our world and what could happen! Speaking of TAKING - you can take that snake AWAY - FAR AWAY - my Mom is like yours - she has a "hissy fit" if she sees one. Great poem and congrats on your Mom surviving the "snake sighting"......My Mom would have fainted or screamed - or BOTH!

    Love, Teddy

  8. Hari OM
    OMC that poem today... wow!!! Hit the spot it did. Like a meteor... hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  9. The Mom here doesn't like snakes either. We had a snake in our yard the other day and the cats chased him away. It was just a black snake.That is one terrific poem. We really liked that one.Have a super duper day.

  10. dad is right, not a bad snake.. still a little scary though.. must be snake season. tell MOM great job on the poem, fits the photo perfectly. still giggling over China found by digging. brahahaha.... hope that was CLEAN litter brahahahah

  11. Yikes with the snake... Ida screamed like a little school girl!
    I am with you on your thought about us taking only what we need.
    Good Morning!

  12. I like the poem. the china in the litter box.
    I'm with Mom. I don't like snakes.

  13. Momma had to skip over your last picture because even pictures of those things make her freak out! She's glad she wasn't with your momma when she encountered it. There would be a Momma in the stratosphere.

  14. Great poem! OMC Mom here had to brush over tha last photo fast too!!!

    your guy Raz and The Florida Furkids

  15. Love the poem, hate the snake!! Run, Madi, Run!!!!

  16. Oh MY! Mommy hasn't seed a snakie on a long time. Me..I never have.

  17. madi...two dayz post iz awesum all round til ya get two de end...yur poemz epic...yur "china" is de gratest litter box art gal o did a grate job with de chalk on plastic ☺☺ N sum onez way braver N uz coz if we wooda saw that python we wooda moved.....that day !!! ☺☺♥♥

  18. Great poem, and if the world doesn't heed your message, it may be overrun by those snakes that would scare our MOm too.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  19. That was a cool poem and some unusual finds in your box sweet Madi! Oh, we don't care for snakes either.

  20. Our mom is good with all of God's creatures. Except for snakes. She said it's biblical. They're evil.
    PS: Spiders come in a close second.
    PS again: Now she's singing some song by some guy named Jim Stafford .... oh, please make her stop!!!

  21. Wow! That was a lot of stuff to write about! We love dinosaurs, and geology, and reptiles and kitty cats, and snakes too. But I have never dug a hole and found China!

  22. That is a great poem. We are lucky to not have any poisonous snakes around here. We've seen quite a few of our grass and/or garter snakes this spring. Sometimes it makes our mom jump just because they slither near her but they are harmless.

  23. small snakes are ok - not big ones though. Mom hates spiders worse than snakes
    But we loved your poem
    Hazel & Mabel

  24. What a wonderful poem!

    Our Mama doesn't mind snakes that don't have rattles....luckily, up here it's too chilly for snakes!
    Arty, Rosy & Jakey

  25. Great message in your poem!

    I'm glad that your mom survived the attack of the snake!!!

  26. Great poem! You are funny with your dig, I will pass on the tea :) I do not like snakes- scary. XO

  27. OMC! Madi, that dig is the funniest thing we’ve seen. China!! MOLMOLMOL!!!

  28. Fabulishious poem...I have never found anything in my litter but ...well the usual, china would be cool! And a SNAKE!!! Queen Penelope LOVED to catch them, bring them into the house and scare the heck out of Dad! Mom would have to rescue the snake (and Dad)

  29. FABulous poem gurl!!! We don't have many snakes around our hood, butts they are up in the hills, and they ARE the poisonous ones...RATTLERS! Butts, not around here though. I would loves to give that one a chase! I thinks it would be funs! Since snakes don't freak Ma out like spiders, I thinks she would be all in...I'll be right overs...
    Ruby ♥

  30. Good poem with great message, Madi. I don't know what that snake is, but I can tell by the head it isn't poisonous. Dug and found china, LOL! BOL!!


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