Friday, June 29, 2018

Final Friday Fiction and Flower power

Today we are once again thrilled to be pawticipating in YAM-Aunty's
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We selected lines 8, 12 and 16 from page 87 in a book as our prompts.
Book: Who's Kitten Who?
charming scene
The person
on my way 
A story/kinda poem in honor of our 9th blogaversary on June 27, 2018

Way back in '09 when I was seven 
Mom was not an Old Gray Mare,
she came upon a charming scene.
She found another world called blogspot, it was filled with animal blogs.
Back then she was a looker but in fact she was a lurker.
She went in and out into different blogs as quiet as a mouse; she never let the authors know she was in their house.  Each delighted and
amused her. She said to herself, next time on my way in,
I want to find the person who lovingly writes and snaps these precious
photos.  I know I can do this for I am a woman with a cat hear us roar.
She learned how to comment on blogs.
She made friends and asked questions and in no time at all
it was obvious she was home no more to roam.
Everyone was kind and no time at all
we had a blog spot we gave it a name.
It started out as Down Home in NC; however, it was obvious
from day one it was gonna be all about me.
It quickly became Madi and Mom: Downhome in NC.
We made friends galore
East West South and North
Even all the way across the Pond.
To all of you we say thank you for stopping by
to say hi and NOT being lurkers.
THE END Madi and Mom

Here was my very first photo mom posted.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sun Bathing beauty.....

Mom....please rub a little SPF 30 on my pink nose....and adjust the bike seat...
I'll need a little exercise after the sun moves....
Thanks Madi
It is a blog

Flower Friday with my niece Rosy SassyPants

Last Friday we featured the only thing that is blooming in our yard
three beautiful mature Crepe Myrtles....FAST FORWARD to 
Tuesday, June 26, 2018...

It rained all day just steady moderate rain..not tstorms but we rec'd 1" of rain
This is the fullest they have bloomed in 2 1/2 years but we learned some value information. Rain and fully blooming crepe myrtles cause the blooms
to become so heavy with water the limbs bent nearly touching the ground.
Thankfully none of the limbs broke off.  

  As of Thursday, June 28, the tree below is about standing up to its full height.
Dad is purrty sure some of the limbs won't recovery but we are waiting.


  1. Gail and I are so thrilled you discovered blogging, as we love your posts and your always generous comments.
    Anf the flowering myrtle is just stunning.
    Toodle pip!

  2. We're very glad you started blogging. You bring sunshine and cheerfulness to the entire Kitteh Blogosphere.

    1. PS: mom got those curtains from Pier One about two years ago. Those colors really are beautiful. Just wish they had better linings.

  3. Your crepe myrtles are just gorgeous! Mom was a lurker on the blogs for about 3 months before Miss Elaine told her to stop being such a scaredy cat and start a blog. We absolutely love your blog, Madi and Mom!

  4. Hari om
    I am proud to bd called furiend by you and mum, Madi, and am so happy you could share this celebration thro FFF!!! (I've added you to the linky as it wasn't there yet)
    Here's to many more happy and myrtle-filled posts!!! Huvs and whiskeries YAM-aunty xxx

  5. I like your story and glad your mom stopped lurking and started blogging. I lurked for a few months before I started the boys blog. The flowers are beautiful.

  6. Happy you found the streets of Blogville! It's nice that you are still celebrating your Bloggieversary and it is obvious how much you enjoy it! Your joy spreads to us who stop and read your words and enjoy the pictures! That crepe myrtle is awesome!

  7. We sure are glad that Madi and Mom started blogging. And that was such a good poem. Well done. Those crepe myrtles are so pretty. You all have one great day.

  8. The crepe myrtle will probably be okay. Now Madi, I'm pretty sure you are the ray of sunshine :)

    Happy weekend.

  9. i hope those beautiful limbs recover quickly... I love the middle photo of the flowers. so beautiful. and so glad you showed us the 2009 Madi at the beginning of your blogging time.... I think most of us share the same story you told here, alas, the new instant everything has robbed us of many friends. I am glad I still have you and my blog friends that visit daily.. I still love blogging and bloggers

  10. What a great story you told of how you came to blogging. We're sure glad you did. That sure is a lot of flowers on one branch. We hope the tree recovers.

  11. We love your Blogville "Origin Story"...and are so very happy we found your blog way back in 2009!! your heavy Crepe Myrtles!!!
    Jakey, Arty & Rosy

  12. That was a darn good story and some darn pretty flowers too sweet Madi!

  13. We love your Blogville story! Your Crepe Myrtle is beautiful too, hope it snaps back!

  14. I love your crepe myrtle!!!! The color is glorious - and I'm so glad that you got that rain!!!!! The magenta color is incredible!

  15. Happy Blogoversary, Madi...and here's hoping you received your nose sunblock! We've had lots of rain, but now it's hot, humid, and HOT!

  16. We love Crepe Myrtles, paws crossed it recovers. HOT and HUMID here.

  17. YAY! Happy Blogaversary and what a great post with details! Your crepe myrtle is amazing. Totally. WOW.

    Hugs, Teddy

  18. madi....yur headerz awesum, de flowerz fotoz iz awesum; yur furst blog post fotoz iz gorgeouz N yur storee two day total lee rockz de houz...itz epic N we reel lee N joyed reedin it N iz glad we finded ewe TWO reed it ~~ ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  19. Happy blogoversary! You bring so much happiness to all your readers, Madi ... and you make it seem so effortless!

  20. Great story and lovely photos. HaPpY Blogiversary! 💞🎈😎☀️

  21. That was a nice story. Happy Blogoversary! I am glad you started blogging, I wish I had found you sooner. XO

  22. Happy Blogoversary. Your blogs are always filled with love. What a pretty young kitty you were. Thank you for sharing your lives with us.

  23. This is a great telling of the story of your blog!!! We are so happy that your Mom became a blogger - you and she make a great team!!!

    Your crepe myrtle is beautiful - ours still has not bloomed. It is so freaking hot here we aren't much in the mood for blooming either.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  24. Happy blogiversary!! We loved finding out how you became the blogging superstar that you are today! We hope you have many, many more blogiversaries. ♥

  25. Here I am - Catching up! We remember when you started blogging! Well Mom remembers when she discovered you guys! Mom says she too was a lurker and Queen Penelope's blog actually started as an Art Blog! I am so glad that you are our furrend!
    And I am so glad that your tree is recovering from the rain!


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