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Friday, October 30, 2020

Final Fiction, Nature and Feline Friday: Halloween from around our 'hood

Today for Nature Friday and Final Fiction Friday I have some
tales from my 'hood!!
First Up Cody my absolutely favorite K9 resident of my 'hood
I have know Cody for 13 1/2 years. His mom told me they think he is
a mix Great Pyrenes and Newfie. He never barks.
When he was younger he would stand to greet you when you approached.
He would slowly move his head until it met your hand.
Cody now holds court sitting in his official SPOT
Any time we walk in the 'hood Cody is here.

The last few weeks of October there have an unusual amount of Foggy days...which of course have made some fine Halloween Photos.  These next two were taken at 9 am from the front of our house. 

Now for some spooky photos of Halloween decorations around the 'hood.  We think the folks who live in this house are 'ghostly'!  Never ever do we see humans but they always have the best decorations
for every occasion.  Photos taken at 9 am... the pumpkin head in the center had flashing lights

This is the other side of the front yard. I have no idea where they store all these decorations.

Same house on a sunny day they had just started to decorate.  The genie is no where in sight now 

My 'hood story ends here at the Zombie Grave yard....There will be no Trick or Treating  this year but it has been fun to see that folks are still embracing the time of year.

Last but by no means least Angel Madi and I were all about fun and gaiety and 
most of all we never took/take ourselves too this if for you and I hope it makes you smile

There is a long back story to this photo. Short version: I have looked high and low for anew robe with a zipper front.  All I found in the stores were the wrong fabric and tied in the front and most pastel colors.  I was told Covid 19 had delayed winter shipments. I was so thrilled when a dear friend sent me a link to this robe.  When it arrived, I commented I felt like a queen in it.  Then another dear friend ordered me a Tiara. Of course, I had to model the Ruby my Royal Robe and my tiara.

I owe my royal attire to two dear friends who are Online shopping gurus:
My purrsonal robe shopper in Pencil Van ia
My purrsonal Tiara maker DownUnder 
My PR coach from UT
Thank you!!


  1. Happy Halloween! Bertie and I are most impressed by Cody. Thirteen and a half years is a great age for such a big dog. He cam wear his silly pink hat with pride!
    Toodle pip!

  2. we love your neighbor Cody! and we LOVE the queen mum photo that is just fab!!!! we have no decorations this year, it seems the fun has a hole in this land this time... sigh...

  3. What GREAT Halloween decorations from your neighbors and it looks like Cody is presiding over everything with a hearty hello for everyone walking by. Your royal robe and tiara look magnificent - I don't suppose you want to post a photo of you on your THRONE (haha) in that outfit right????? Tee Hee

    Hugs, Pam

  4. Love your neighborhood decorations and your beautiful new ruby robe and tiara! Cody is sure one handsome boy!

  5. We think Cody should be the official neighborhood greeter. When I was much younger, my Mom always insisted on flannel nightgowns. You think they'd be easy to find but my Dad used to go from store to store and find nothing. One year, I was working at JC Penney's and I was so excited when I saw we had some. They didn't the next year though ... because they started marketing to teens really heavily. Even back then, most teen-wear made me cringe.

  6. Hari OM
    LOL - oh this is a joyous, mysterious, spooky and fun post to celebrate this 'trifecta' day of linkies!!! Whhooohhhhhhhoooooooooooooo to you. YAM xx

  7. Those are good Halloween decorations. I love the colour of the new robe. I prefer a zip up rather than tie. There is no chance of suddenly falling apart and giving someone a fright!

  8. Ditto what yam said. Love her comment as much as I love the post and I do like that red robe it's beautiful and you do look like a queen and of course Queen Maddie always look like a queen. Your neighborhood is all ready to go I love that house the old wooden house I like Rusty can that is rustic and last but not least my favorite thing on the page is that beautiful dog

  9. How fun to be greeted by Cody on your walks. That sure is a lot of decorations at that house. You look great in your new robe and think the tiara fits perfectly too. We wouldn't recommend wearing it to bed though. BOL!

  10. Cody is king! He's very handsome. I do know if he DID bark, his side alone would scare the B-jesus out of me. Love the two Queens...the ruby (know how you like red) and the Divine Ms. M!!

    Love thy neighbors>>>decorations.

  11. Cody is adorable and so is Queen Mom! Hey, those were purrfect Halloween Hood photos!!!

  12. Cody is King of the hood and you are the 👑 QUEEN. You all need to line your street with ROYAL 🌴 PALMS.

  13. Love all the cool decorations. My next door neighbor goes all out on Halloween.

    I love your new robe and your tiara. I need to get a new tiara. Mine went sideways after so many years of wear. Every princess needs a tiara.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and weekend. Big hug.

  14. Cody is one handsome fella!! Great pics from the hood! We know that Angel Madi has approved this post!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy and Stanley

  15. Momma has a tiara that she'll just randomly put on for a little while. She says it helps remind her that she can do anything!

  16. Great photos from your "hood"....and Happy 50th birthday to your Mom!

  17. Nice robe and tiara. I love those decorations in your hood. Happy 50th to Cody's mom! XO

  18. I love Princess C!! It seems they have really ramped up the Halloween decorations here too, I'm interested to see how things unroll here for trick or treating tomorrow night.

  19. Cody looks like a really nice dog. We can tell just by his face.

    Your neighborhood has so many well-decorated homes. A lot of peeps used to do it here, but not so much this year. Mom wants to get us to pose in front of one a couple of streets over, but she needs to get on her stick and get us there.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  20. some of those people went to a lot of work...the decorations are great

    we got nada in my neighborhood !! happy halloween !!

  21. Oh Cody, it is love at first sight. I hope that Halloween isn’t too scary for you, especially with all of that fog.

  22. We love all the Halloween decorations!

  23. You look royal in that robe and tiara Cecilia.

    lol @ the Halloween decorations.

  24. Happy birthday to your neighbor. You have some scary ghosts in your neighborhood. I don't know if I would be comfortable walking around there.

  25. Dad loves the first foggy photo. He has big issues with those giant inflatable decorations, though, no matter the season. Says they're really stupid.

  26. The zombie graveyare...*shudder* I think the storage is pretty easy on those other ones, as most are inflateable, which means they de-flat them to store flat. My question is, why do they spend the hundreds of dollars on all those inflatables, that tend to get holes and have to be thrown away?

  27. What wonderful decorations there are in your neighborhood and you have some nice ones too. That Robe is very nice and we liked you and Madi in that grand photo. What a fun guy Cody is. He would make you feel safe walking with him

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